Suggest correction - #980 - 1988-12-02

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    $500 16
This phrase from the '30s means to succeed in a trick or a swindle

Show #980 - Friday, December 2, 1988


Steve Burns, a psychologist from Culver City, California

Donna Levin, an attorney from Chicago, Illinois

Jack Lechner, a freelance writer originally from Arlington, Virginia (2-day champion whose cash winnings total $12,201)

Jeopardy! Round

    $100 17
Now usually green, they've been called the world's most widely used visual aid
    $100 15
A popular annual event in this state is the crowning of "Alice in Dairyland"
    $100 1
He first shaved his head to play Pontius Pilate in "The Greatest Story Ever Told"
    $100 26
In all members of the equidae family except the domestic horse, this hair stands erect
    $100 5
Saroyan & Wordsworth
    $100 11
Adjective describing the swift-moving L.A. Lakers, or a quick-developing news story
    $200 18
It used to be a student who kept order in the halls; now it's a screen for your computer
    $200 22
Washington & Rhode Island have the shortest ones in the U.S., "Alki" & "Hope" respectively
    $200 2
Evan Kim, a former tae kwon do champion, plays Dirty Harry's new partner in this 1988 film
    $200 27
Type of gait in which diagonally opposite legs move forward together
    $200 7
Crane & Leacock
    DD: $700 12
Title of the following, men take note:

"As the midnight moon was drifting through /
The lazy sway of the trees..."
    $300 19
The viewing of these is reported to be superseding Cliff Notes for quick cramming
    $300 23
In 1802 the Tlingit Indians massacred many of the Russian settlers in what is now this state
    $300 3
10 years after playing "The Greek Tycoon", he turned up in a miniseries as Onassis' dad
    $300 28
A yellowish horse with a black mane & tail, or the hide of a male deer
    $300 8
Baudelaire & Lamb
    $300 13
Moral of the story, "The Tortoise & the Hare"
    $400 20
A student has to take the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test to qualify for this scholarship
    $400 24
The state where you're most likely to get invited to a dance party called a "fais dodo"
    $400 4
A b-girl in "From Here to Eternity", Mary Carver plays mom to this pair of TV detectives
    $400 29
This breed called "drinkers of the wind" is still used to develop & upgrade other breeds
    $400 9
Ruskin & Bunyan
    $400 14
Fabric that does not "bleed" when washed or worn is said to be this
    $500 21
From the Latin for "running", it's a run-down of the courses the school offers
    $500 25
This "Equality State" granted its women political equality when it was still a territory
    $500 6
A hunchback in "The Name of the Rose" & a prehistoric man in "Quest for Fire", he's now a beast on TV
    $500 30
The Jockey Club registers only this breed of horse
    $500 10
Werfel & Kafka
    $500 16
This phrase from the '30s means to succeed in a trick or a swindle

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 12):

Jack Donna Steve
$3,400 -$100 $400

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Jack Donna Steve
$6,500 $300 $700
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