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    $1000 25
The CDC urges flu victims to play it "cool" & stay home at least 24 hours after this symptom is gone

Show #6042 - Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tom Nissley game 1.
Alex announces The IBM Challenge.


Tom Nissley, an online books editor from Seattle, Washington

Judy Arnold, a technical writer from Sunnyvale, California

Jonathan Corbblah, a chess teacher from Harlem, New York (1-day champion whose cash winnings total $13,000)

Jeopardy! Round

    $200 26
Yupik is a native language spoken by about 15,000 in Siberia & the western part of this state
    $200 1
In 2004 she published "Confessions of an Heiress: A Tongue-in Chic Peek behind the Pose"
    $200 6
According to the bell on this, we've reached your floor
    $200 21 says this is the best protection against contracting the flu--not scared of needles, are you?
    $200 17
In 2009 the price for a medallion on one of these driven in NYC was over $750,000
    $200 11
...with a Z
    $400 27
(Kelly of the Clue Crew shows a map on the monitor.) Of France's many languages, Breton, introduced by the Celts, & Gallo, developed from Latin, serve this coastal region
    $400 2
In a book for kids, he tells "How to Train with a T. Rex and Win 8 Gold Medals"
    $400 7
You better pay up after hearing the bell on this
    $400 22
To reduce your chances of getting the flu, the CDC recommends doing this often, for 15 to 20 seconds at a time
    $400 18
In a Beach Boys song, a female driver will have "fun, fun, fun" until her daddy takes this away
    $400 12
...with the most Is
    $600 28
Paul's letters in the New Testament were written in a version of this language called Koine
    $600 3
He's the man behind the books "I'm Only One Man" & "Who Wants to Be Me?"; need a lifeline?
    $600 8
Originally it was a Chinese gong, but since 1903, business here has begun with a bell ring similar to this
    DD: $2,000 23
This U.N. agency issues annual recommendations for the composition of new anti-flu drugs
    $600 19
If you drive the only Disneyland park attraction that can be boarded outside the park, you're driving this
    $600 13
...with the most Es
    $800 29
In the 17th century Jesuit missionaries developed a written form of this Asian language known as Quoc Ngu
    $800 4
In "My Word is My Bond", he talks about some of his memorable roles from The Saint to Beau Maverick to 007
    $800 9
At certain times the bell heard here warns you to stay out of this area
    $800 24
The DHHS says to help protect yourself from the flu, you should avoid touching these 3 parts of your face
    $800 20
It can mean a person who drives 2 or more draft animals, or a union truck driver
    $800 14
...with 2 Ks
    $1000 30
The semitic language of Akkadian was spoken in this land whose name means "between rivers"
    $1000 5
Lynette Scavo on "Desperate Housewives", she co-authored "A Practical Handbook for the Boyfriend"
    $1000 10
Walking on a country road in a winter wonderland, keep your ears pealed for these--are you listening?
    $1000 25
The CDC urges flu victims to play it "cool" & stay home at least 24 hours after this symptom is gone
    $1000 16
A mahout is the traditional term for a driver of one of these
    $1000 15
...with the most Os

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Jonathan Judy Tom
$1,600 $200 $800

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Jonathan Judy Tom
$3,200 $3,000 $6,200
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