Season 4

#913, aired 1988-07-20 Bruce Naegeli vs. Bryce Maritano vs. Christine Dibble Bruce Naegeli game 5.
#902, aired 1988-07-05 Kevin Frear vs. John Tranquill vs. Andrea Michaels Kevin Frear sets a new single-day cash winnings record of $27,800.
#897, aired 1988-06-28 Bill Gellert vs. Lew Barlow vs. Brian Aronson
#887, aired 1988-06-14 Stephen Lebowitz vs. Keith Richards vs. Charles McBride Stephen Lebowitz game 3.
#886, aired 1988-06-13 Stephen Lebowitz vs. Tom Straczynski vs. John Chivers Stephen Lebowitz game 2.
#885, aired 1988-06-10 Greg McIntosh vs. Stephen Lebowitz vs. Rick Kitchen Stephen Lebowitz game 1.
#884, aired 1988-06-09 Michael Rankins vs. Kristie Ackerman vs. Richard Fond Michael Rankins game 5.
#883, aired 1988-06-08 Michael Rankins vs. Paul Donnelly vs. Naomi Yavneh Michael Rankins game 4.
#882, aired 1988-06-07 Michael Rankins vs. Bill Henner vs. Steve Silva Michael Rankins game 3.
#881, aired 1988-06-06 Michael Rankins vs. Margaret Bellisario vs. Mark Meyerson Michael Rankins game 2.
#880, aired 1988-06-03 Jack Koenig vs. Michael Rankins vs. Tom Hudak Michael Rankins game 1.
#879, aired 1988-06-02 Jack Koenig vs. Lauri Donahue vs. Todd Hueta
#878, aired 1988-06-01 Jack Koenig vs. Bob Palitz vs. Pam Brown
#877, aired 1988-05-31 Jim Berkowitz vs. Ted Killory vs. Jack Koenig
#876, aired 1988-05-30 Jim Berkowitz vs. Rob Pierce vs. Sharon Beattie
#875, aired 1988-05-27 Jim Berkowitz vs. George Bufford vs. Lynn Mauk
#874, aired 1988-05-26 Janelle Kauffman vs. Jim Berkowitz vs. Clyde Ayer
#872, aired 1988-05-24 Mark Lowenthal vs. Joshua Kosman vs. Bill Pawlak Mark Lowenthal game 5.
#871, aired 1988-05-23 Mark Lowenthal vs. Jack Dumpert vs. Elle Hood Mark Lowenthal game 4.
#860, aired 1988-05-06 Mark Lowenthal vs. Michael Edelstein vs. Joe Sansonese Mark Lowenthal game 3.
#859, aired 1988-05-05 Mark Lowenthal vs. Debra Malki vs. Paul Hjelmervik Mark Lowenthal game 2.
#854, aired 1988-04-28 Rob Pold vs. Mike Harris vs. Mario Mainero
#853, aired 1988-04-27 Blaze Newman vs. Rob Pold vs. Dave Drew
#852, aired 1988-04-26 Blaze Newman vs. Scott vs. Liz Missing first 17 clues.
#851, aired 1988-04-25 Jeff Brown vs. Blaze Newman vs. Ed Levin
#847, aired 1988-04-19 Tom Lawrence vs. Dale Armstrong vs. Fred Bernstein
#846, aired 1988-04-18 Linda Lewis vs. Alan Weiss vs. Tom Lawrence
#842, aired 1988-04-12 Bob Beers vs. Ron Karr vs. Dorothy Craig Missing introduction and first 10 clues of the Jeopardy! round.
#840, aired 1988-04-08 Bob Beers vs. Gordon Brown vs. Ruta Larson
#839, aired 1988-04-07 Joe Weidinger vs. Rick Filloy vs. Bob Beers
#838, aired 1988-04-06 Bob Sutton vs. Peter Sagal vs. Joe Weidinger
#837, aired 1988-04-05 Bob Sutton vs. Greg Sullivan vs. Marianne Durgavich
#836, aired 1988-04-04 Cynthia Heller vs. Bob Sutton vs. Johanna Pick
#835, aired 1988-04-01 Steven Popper vs. Heather Wood vs. Mary Jane Eager Steven Popper game 5.
#834, aired 1988-03-31 Steven Popper vs. Michael Kannellos vs. Daniel Lubin Steven Popper game 4.
#833, aired 1988-03-30 Steven Popper vs. Ron Abbott vs. Christine Heely Steven Popper game 3.
#832, aired 1988-03-29 Steven Popper vs. Mary Haney vs. Terry Sheldon Steven Popper game 2.
#831, aired 1988-03-28 Dave Gramling vs. Cheryl Stein vs. Steven Popper Steven Popper game 1.
#830, aired 1988-03-25 Pat O'Connor vs. Margie Melby vs. Dave Gramling
#829, aired 1988-03-24 Larry Frantz vs. Pat O'Connor vs. Arthur Hanks, Jr.
#825, aired 1988-03-18 Cheryl van Middlesworth vs. Dan Zellman vs. Bob Twillman
#824, aired 1988-03-17 Ron Trigueiro vs. Michael Folz vs. Cheryl van Middlesworth Ron Trigueiro game 5.
#823, aired 1988-03-16 Ron Trigueiro vs. Scooter Lowe vs. Kate Coe Ron Trigueiro game 4.
#822, aired 1988-03-15 Ron Trigueiro vs. Tom Brothers vs. Jeanne Douglas Ron Trigueiro game 3.
#821, aired 1988-03-14 Ron Trigueiro vs. Gary Amundson vs. Susan Steade Ron Trigueiro game 2.
#820, aired 1988-03-11 Jack Lowe vs. Ron Trigueiro vs. Jackie Ron Trigueiro game 1. Missing introduction and first 27 clues...
#810, aired 1988-02-26 Michael Shutterly vs. Tom Gazzola vs. Blanca Gallardo
#805, aired 1988-02-19 Michael Block vs. David Graham vs. David Javerbaum 1988 Teen Tournament final game 2.
#804, aired 1988-02-18 Michael Block vs. David Graham vs. David Javerbaum 1988 Teen Tournament final game 1.
#803, aired 1988-02-17 Stefanie Wulfestieg vs. Chris Capozzola vs. David Graham 1988 Teen Tournament semifinal game 3.
#802, aired 1988-02-16 Michael Block vs. Mark Wong vs. Jason Albert 1988 Teen Tournament semifinal game 2.
#801, aired 1988-02-15 Sascha Dublin vs. Neil Gronowetter vs. David Javerbaum 1988 Teen Tournament semifinal game 1.
#800, aired 1988-02-12 David Graham vs. Sascha Dublin vs. Gene Hayes 1988 Teen Tournament quarterfinal game 5.
#799, aired 1988-02-11 Jason Albert vs. Sarah Fanning vs. Chris Capozzola 1988 Teen Tournament quarterfinal game 4.
#798, aired 1988-02-10 Neil Gronowetter vs. Delaine Foss vs. Eric Reid 1988 Teen Tournament quarterfinal game 3.
#797, aired 1988-02-09 Julie Robichaux vs. Michael Block vs. Stefanie Wulfestieg 1988 Teen Tournament quarterfinal game 2.
#796, aired 1988-02-08 Mark Wong vs. Mia Diamond vs. David Javerbaum 1988 Teen Tournament quarterfinal game 1.
#795, aired 1988-02-05 Barbara-Anne Eddy vs. Cynthia Green vs. Mike Lerner Barbara-Anne Eddy game 5. Final Jeopardy! logo flashes on the...
#794, aired 1988-02-04 Barbara-Anne Eddy vs. Cynthia Green vs. Karen Conley Barbara-Anne Eddy game 4. Final Jeopardy! logo flashes on the...
#793, aired 1988-02-03 Barbara-Anne Eddy vs. John Yudelson vs. Pam Blank Barbara-Anne Eddy game 3. Final Jeopardy! logo flashes on the...
#792, aired 1988-02-02 Barbara-Anne Eddy vs. Sue Wulfestieg vs. Robin Harkleroad Barbara-Anne Eddy game 2. Final Jeopardy! logo flashes on the...
#791, aired 1988-02-01 Judy Flannery vs. Barbara-Anne Eddy vs. Jim Costello Barbara-Anne Eddy game 1. Final Jeopardy! logo flashes on the...
#790, aired 1988-01-29 Steve Kravitz vs. Doug Petroff-Tobler vs. Judy Flannery Final Jeopardy! logo flashes on the game board's monitors instead...
#789, aired 1988-01-28 Steve Kravitz vs. Ernest Bonner, Jr. vs. Christine Beauregard Missing first nine clues. Final Jeopardy! logo flashes on the...
#788, aired 1988-01-27 Steve Kravitz vs. Cheryl Lieberman vs. Tom Nelson Final Jeopardy! logo flashes on the game board's monitors instead...
#787, aired 1988-01-26 Lennie Edwards vs. Steve Kravitz vs. Joan Kurland Final Jeopardy! logo flashes on the game board's monitors instead...
#786, aired 1988-01-25 Stephanie Scott vs. Lennie Edwards vs. Sue Kelly Final Jeopardy! logo flashes on the game board's monitors instead...
#782, aired 1988-01-19 Jonathan Santore vs. Paul Tidwell vs. Jenny Church
#781, aired 1988-01-18 Bob Bearse vs. Jonathan Santore vs. Jake Edelman
#780, aired 1988-01-15 Leah Greenwald vs. Steve Morris vs. Michelle Lellouche Leah Greenwald game 5.
#779, aired 1988-01-14 Leah Greenwald vs. Debbie May vs. Eytan Mirsky Leah Greenwald game 4.
#778, aired 1988-01-13 Leah Greenwald vs. Jim Stevenson vs. Todd Leopold Leah Greenwald game 3.
#777, aired 1988-01-12 Leah Greenwald vs. Pete Peterson vs. Mary Ann Meyers Leah Greenwald game 2.
#776, aired 1988-01-11 Sarah Workman vs. Leah Greenwald vs. Robin Hoffmann Leah Greenwald game 1.
#775, aired 1988-01-08 Janet Holzer vs. Sarah Workman vs. Bruce Wolfe
#773, aired 1988-01-06 Bruce Seymour vs. Mike Ollins vs. Janet Holzer Bruce Seymour game 5.
#772, aired 1988-01-05 Bruce Seymour vs. Robert Michaels vs. Eric Elfman Bruce Seymour game 4.
#771, aired 1988-01-04 Bruce Seymour vs. Steven Chinn vs. Jamie Campbell Bruce Seymour game 3.
#770, aired 1988-01-01 Bruce Seymour vs. Anne Kahn vs. Barbara Baernstein Bruce Seymour game 2.
#769, aired 1987-12-31 Barry White vs. Bruce Seymour vs. Susan Greatorex Bruce Seymour game 1.
#768, aired 1987-12-30 Barry White vs. Keith Jaeger vs. Sally Ritch
#765, aired 1987-12-25 Bea Cottrell vs. John Sobiski vs. Eben Price
#763, aired 1987-12-23 Jeri Anderson vs. Howard Groopman vs. Gary Tarpinian
#762, aired 1987-12-22 Karen Dauphin vs. Leah Krinsky vs. Jeri Anderson Every clue was written by Harry Eisenberg, who had each...
#761, aired 1987-12-21 Ralph Biancalana vs. Kurt Webber vs. Karen Dauphin
#760, aired 1987-12-18 David Nagy vs. Lee Steward vs. Ralph Biancalana
#759, aired 1987-12-17 David Nagy vs. Tom Grant vs. Kathy White
#758, aired 1987-12-16 Robin Maisel vs. Jody Hess vs. David Nagy
#757, aired 1987-12-15 Stephanie Johns vs. Winona Phillips vs. Robin Maisel Missing first 10 clues of the Jeopardy! Round.
#756, aired 1987-12-14 Sandra Gore vs. Linnie Blattner vs. Pat McAnaney Sandra Gore game 5.
#755, aired 1987-12-11 Sandra Gore vs. John Zanier vs. Joanne Seran Sandra Gore game 4. Missing introductions.
#754, aired 1987-12-10 Sandra Gore vs. Debby Christiana vs. David Castro Sandra Gore game 3.
#753, aired 1987-12-09 Sandra Gore vs. Maggie Cambron vs. Russ Donnelly Sandra Gore game 2.
#752, aired 1987-12-08 Alice Cohen vs. Ron Cratty vs. Sandra Gore Sandra Gore game 1.
#750, aired 1987-12-04 Bob Harrenga vs. Paul Katz vs. Alice Cohen
#743, aired 1987-11-25 Michael Compton vs. Ira Kirschner vs. Julie Rutherford
#740, aired 1987-11-20 Dave Traini vs. Eugene Finerman vs. Bob Verini 1987 Tournament of Champions final game 2.
#739, aired 1987-11-19 Dave Traini vs. Eugene Finerman vs. Bob Verini 1987 Tournament of Champions final game 1.
#738, aired 1987-11-18 John Ryan vs. Bob Verini vs. Eric Berman 1987 Tournament of Champions semifinal game 3.
#737, aired 1987-11-17 Doug Molitor vs. Michael Galvin vs. Eugene Finerman 1987 Tournament of Champions semifinal game 2.
#736, aired 1987-11-16 Richard Cordray vs. Dave Traini vs. Roger Storm 1987 Tournament of Champions semifinal game 1.
#735, aired 1987-11-13 John Ryan vs. Doug Molitor vs. Roger Storm 1987 Tournament of Champions quarterfinal game 5. All Jeopardy! Round...
#734, aired 1987-11-12 Bob Verini vs. Keith Walker vs. Zeke Sevilla, Jr. 1987 Tournament of Champions quarterfinal game 4.
#733, aired 1987-11-11 Eugene Finerman vs. Keith Bell vs. Jonathan Fellows 1987 Tournament of Champions quarterfinal game 3.
#732, aired 1987-11-10 Richard Cordray vs. Frank Hughes vs. Michael Galvin 1987 Tournament of Champions quarterfinal game 2.
#731, aired 1987-11-09 Dave Traini vs. John Podhoretz vs. Eric Berman 1987 Tournament of Champions quarterfinal game 1.
#730, aired 1987-11-06 Kate Waits vs. Dorothy Dunnion vs. Pete Stark Kate Waits game 4.
#729, aired 1987-11-05 Kate Waits vs. Hallie Greenburg vs. Michael Moreno Kate Waits game 3.
#728, aired 1987-11-04 Kate Waits vs. Carmela Izzo vs. Elizabeth Costello Kate Waits game 2.
#727, aired 1987-11-03 Ken Freedman vs. Kate Waits vs. Bruce Howarth Kate Waits game 1.
#726, aired 1987-11-02 Rich Kenney vs. Ken Freedman vs. Delores Teus
#725, aired 1987-10-30 Mark Holmes vs. Alan Smith vs. Rich Kenney
#724, aired 1987-10-29 Richard Miller vs. Chris Morris vs. Mark Holmes
#723, aired 1987-10-28 Richard Miller vs. Dave Higgins vs. Martha Adams
#722, aired 1987-10-27 Carol Cling vs. Richard Miller vs. Laurel Altman
#721, aired 1987-10-26 John Lamb vs. Tim Kozel vs. Carol Cling
#720, aired 1987-10-23 Beth Phillips vs. Tom Gray vs. John Lamb
#719, aired 1987-10-22 Beth Phillips vs. Brian Nelson vs. Laura Glendinning
#718, aired 1987-10-21 Judith Seeger vs. Beth Phillips vs. Steve Ripley
#717, aired 1987-10-20 Judith Seeger vs. Denise Rossi vs. J.P. Duffy
#716, aired 1987-10-19 Judith Seeger vs. Tim Dicarlo vs. Mark Allen
#715, aired 1987-10-16 Judith Seeger vs. Barbara Herington vs. Neil Plakcy
#714, aired 1987-10-15 Suzee Vlk vs. Lewis Grossman vs. Judith Seeger
#713, aired 1987-10-14 Bob Imsande vs. Suzee Vlk vs. Judi Owens
#712, aired 1987-10-13 Richard Perez-Pena vs. Chloe Ross vs. Gerry Cook Richard Perez-Pena game 5.
#709, aired 1987-10-08 Richard Perez-Pena vs. Mary vs. Gregg Horn Richard Perez-Pena game 2. Missing J! Round.
#705, aired 1987-10-02 Heywood Sobel vs. Jim Terry vs. Dr. Betsy Suits
#704, aired 1987-10-01 Heywood Sobel vs. Eileen Harrsch vs. Brian Lipson
#703, aired 1987-09-30 Cinthea Stahl vs. Colleen Patten vs. Heywood Sobel
#702, aired 1987-09-29 Judi Greenberg vs. Lance Williams vs. Cinthea Stahl
#697, aired 1987-09-22 Roy Holliday vs. Peggy Friedman vs. David Shapiro Roy Holliday game 2.
#690, aired 1987-09-11 Ted Cooperstein vs. Sharon vs. Denny Golden Missing introductions and first 20 clues of the Jeopardy! Round.

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