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#8083, aired 2019-10-30BORROWED FROM OTHER LANGUAGES $2000: From Yiddish, for "juicy", this end-of-the-alphabet word means pleasingly plump or buxom zaftig
#8080, aired 2019-10-25FOREIGN WORDS & PHRASES $600: Oy, you're so clumsy--in fact, you're this Yiddish word for a clumsy person, from a word meaning "wooden beam" a klutz
#7999, aired 2019-05-23MUSICALS BASED ON LITERATURE $800: In 2018 "Fiddler on the Roof" was staged in NYC in this language of Sholem Alechiem's original stories Yiddish
#7970, aired 2019-04-12MOOLAH $800: This bill is sometimes called a fin, from finf, the Yiddish word for its numerical value five
#7946, aired 2019-03-11YIDDISH WORDS $200: Bubbe refers to this member of the family, often quick with a treat the grandmother
#7946, aired 2019-03-11YIDDISH WORDS $400: To kvetch is to do this, possibly because your knish is too dry to complain
#7946, aired 2019-03-11YIDDISH WORDS $600: One definition of this trait involves a man who kills his parents & then begs the mercy of the court as he's an orphan chutzpah
#7946, aired 2019-03-11YIDDISH WORDS $800: To do this is to mingle & make chit-chat; to do it (to) someone is to sweet-talk him to schmooze
#7946, aired 2019-03-11YIDDISH WORDS $1000: Spritz, "to spray", rhymes with this similar word for to sweat, like one does in a steam bath to schvitz
#7943, aired 2019-03-06HIGH-SCORING SCRABBLE WORDS $1600: It's worth 23, it's from Yiddish meaning "dirt" or "filth" & you'e got a little on your shoe schmutz
#7941, aired 2019-03-04FOREIGN WORDS & PHRASES $400: The parody this language "With Dick and Jane" explains words like plotz, shnorrer & ibbledick Yiddish
#7563, aired 2017-06-28BAGELS $1000: The cream cheese practically spreads itself if it's this, from the Yiddish for "grease" schmear
#7555, aired 2017-06-16LAST "-IEL" $1600: Yiddish word for a born loser a schlemiel
#7539, aired 2017-05-25THE LITERATURE OF ISRAEL $2000: Aharon Megged's "Foiglman" looks at the conflicts between fathers & sons, Israel & the Diaspora & these 2 languages Hebrew and Yiddish
#7517, aired 2017-04-25EAT THIS VERB $1200: Enjoy a snack, Yiddish style nosh
#7449, aired 2017-01-19IF THEY MARRIED $1200: The union of 2 Smiths, the Colts lineman & the "On Beauty" novelist, would get this Yiddish pair of grandparents Bubba and Zadie
#7346, aired 2016-07-18LANGUAGES $600: On the dance floor I'm a klutz, from a word meaning "wooden block" in this Germanic language Yiddish
#7340, aired 2016-07-08A PETITE DEJEUNER $200: From the Yiddish for "ring" or "bracelet" comes the name of this chewy breakfast item a bagel
#7306, aired 2016-05-23THINGS THAT MAKE YOU GO "HM" $1200: This Yiddish word means "to gossip idly" schmooze
#7283, aired 2016-04-20ZED'S DEAD, BABY $1600: Oy, I could just take the "Z" off the end of a word from Yiddish meaning "to burst" & get the story of a book or movie plotz & plot
#7246, aired 2016-02-29LONG 1-SYLLABLE WORDS $1600: 9 letters: From Yiddish, how we lugged that suitcase upstairs schlepped
#7223, aired 2016-01-27"Z" WORDS $1600: This Yiddish adjective meaning plumply voluptuous zaftig
#7216, aired 2016-01-18FOREIGN WORDS & PHRASES $400: In Yiddish a shvitz is a sauna or steam bath; to shvitz is this, what you do in those sweat
#7073, aired 2015-05-20"EBB" & "FLO" $1600: It's from the Yiddish for a luckless sap a nebbish
#7008, aired 2015-02-18NAME CALLING $1600: Call someone a schlimazel or this similar Yiddish word; they both mean "inept" & "unlucky" a schlemiel
#6998, aired 2015-02-04SOLVE THE MYSTERY TITLE $1200: Michael Chabon: "The ____ Policeman's Union" (oy!) Yiddish
#6980, aired 2015-01-09GREEK LETTERS TODAY $800: This letter also means "So what?" in Yiddish nu
#6940, aired 2014-11-14FROM THE... $800: Yiddish, it means gall, audacity or nerve; you've got a lot of it, pal! chutzpah
#6872, aired 2014-07-013-NAMED AUTHORS $2000: This Yiddish writer's short story "Gimpel the Fool" was translated into English in 1953 Isaac Bashevis Singer
#6826, aired 2014-04-282-LETTER SCRABBLE WORDS $400: Yiddish expression of dismay oy
#6784, aired 2014-02-275-LETTER WORDS $800: From Yiddish, it's a clumsy person klutz
#6744, aired 2014-01-02WORD ORIGINS $1600: This type of fish is not a separate species but a Jewish delicacy whose name is Yiddish for "stuffed fish" gefilte fish
#6730, aired 2013-12-13LANGUAGES BY ANY OTHER NAME $1000: Judeo-German Yiddish
#6701, aired 2013-11-04PUP FICTION $1200: This Yiddish author wrote "Rabchik, a Jewish Dog", or as we like to call it, "Piddler on the Rug" Sholom Aleichem
#6689, aired 2013-10-17LANGUAGES IN THE USA $800: Oy! U.S. home speakers of this language dropped by 50% between 1980 & 2010, to around 150,000 Yiddish
#6585, aired 2013-04-12"G" PLUS 3 $1200: For Hanukkah your grandmother might give you a little this, Yiddish for "money" gelt
#6583, aired 2013-04-10GIVING US THE TIME OF DAY $2000: Elie Wiesel first wrote this Holocaust memoir in Yiddish as "And the World Has Remained Silent" Night
#6525, aired 2013-01-18LANGUAGES & DIALECTS $600: If you kibitz in this language, you should know it's also called Judeo-German Yiddish
#6415, aired 2012-07-06RHYME QUICK $1200: Yiddish for a comic's act schtick
#6379, aired 2012-05-17HAUL $1600: Also meaning a dopey person, it's from the Yiddish for "to haul", as in "for this I ____ed those books all the way here?" schlep
#6359, aired 2012-04-19G TO H $800: From the Yiddish for "lapse", it's a minor malfunction, often of a computer a glitch
#6342, aired 2012-03-27ADLER-TIZING $800: This woman! This woman! The daughter of Yiddish actors, she taught Marlon Brando "The Method" Stella Adler
#6326, aired 2012-03-05CHESS ME, YOU FOOL! $600: To give unwanted advice about another player's game is to do this, a Yiddish term for offering intrusive commentary kibbitz
#6278, aired 2011-12-28ORANGE YOU HUNGRY? $2000: In Yiddish tsorres (trouble) should not be confused with tsimmes, a stew containing mern, these veggies carrots
#6252, aired 2011-11-22A DISH OF YIDDISH $200: Hand me the kreplach: to nosh is to do this to eat
#6252, aired 2011-11-22A DISH OF YIDDISH $400: Congratulations! This 2-word phrase used to offer congratulations means "good luck" in Yiddish mazel tov
#6252, aired 2011-11-22A DISH OF YIDDISH $600: You've got this word meaning guts, nerve or brashness chutzpah
#6252, aired 2011-11-22A DISH OF YIDDISH $800: 6 letters in English, it means nothing, nada, zip, zero bubkes
#6252, aired 2011-11-22A DISH OF YIDDISH $1000: You'd have to be this not to know that meshugga means this in Yiddish crazy
#6239, aired 2011-11-03TRANSLATION EXERCISES $400: Yiddish to French: The polite "a sheynem dank" merci beaucoup
#6143, aired 2011-05-04"Y"s UP $800: If I'm kibbitzing or kvetching & saying things that are just plain schmaltzy, I'm using words from this language Yiddish
#6085, aired 2011-02-11WRITING FUNNY $2000: Peace be with you! 2009 was the 150th birthday of this great Yiddish comic writer Sholom Aleichem
#6067, aired 2011-01-18"Y" ASK $400: It's a Germanic language with a mixture of Hebrew vocabulary Yiddish
#6047, aired 2010-12-21"B" KEEPING $400: If you're pondering your pupik, you're staring at this body part, for which pupik is the Yiddish word bellybutton
#5953, aired 2010-06-30REAL "PA"s $600: This film, theater & "Criminal Minds" actor is also an interpreter of song standards, sometimes in Yiddish Mandy Patinkin
#5912, aired 2010-05-04FROM THE YIDDI"SCH" $2000: "The whole" this is the Yiddish-derived version of another culture's "the whole enchilada" the whole schmear
#5792, aired 2009-11-17BEEFEATER $2000: This dry-cured, smoked deli meat with a Yiddish name can be made from brisket or round pastrami
#5720, aired 2009-06-19NAME CALLING $800: You keep dropping things! Oy, you're such a this, Yiddish for "wooden block" a klutz
#5620, aired 2009-01-30EPIGRAPHS $800: "The heart is half a prophet", Philip Roth's epigraph to "Goodbye, Columbus", is a proverb from this language Yiddish
#5598, aired 2008-12-31FUNNY-SOUNDING FOOD $1000: From Yiddish for "stuffed", this dish is small pieces of whitefish, carp or pike mixed with seasonings gefilte fish
#5577, aired 2008-12-02NOBEL LITERATURE PRIZE WINNERS $2000: 1978: This Yiddish tale-teller Isaac Bashevis Singer
#5497, aired 2008-07-01FOREIGN WORDS & PHRASES $1200: Yiddish for a "gossipy woman", it's derived from a woman's name a yenta
#5368, aired 2008-01-02"Z" END $800: The name of this, a thin pancake filled with cheese or fruit, is from the Yiddish a blintz
#5190, aired 2007-03-16"LEP"RECHAUN $400: This Yiddish word means "to lug" or "to move in a tedious fashion" schlep
#4912, aired 2006-01-10"GRAND" PRIX $800: In Yiddish bubbie is this relative grandmother
#4892, aired 2005-12-13CHESS PAINS $1200: A guy looking over a game making annoying suggestions is doing this, from a Yiddish word kibitz
#4827, aired 2005-09-13COMMUNITIES $1600: Anatevka in "Fiddler on the Roof" is this, a Yiddish word for a small Jewish village a shtetl
#4814, aired 2005-07-07A FOOD ATTITUDE $400: Describing food that is unclean, "treyf" is the Yiddish opposite of this term kosher
#4794, aired 2005-06-09"N" THE KNOW $400: Derived from Yiddish, it means to snack, or the snack itself nosh
#4720, aired 2005-02-25DOUBLE "D"s $400: If someone wishes you "zay gezundt", he's blessing you in this language Yiddish
#4691, aired 2005-01-17AUTHORS $1200: The Yiddish greeting for "peace be with you" gave Solomon Rabinowitz this pen name Sholom Aleichem
#4622, aired 2004-10-12COMEDY CENTRAL $800: On "Coffee Talk", on "SNL", Linda Richman (this man in drag) would get "farklempt" ("choked up" in Yiddish) Mike Myers
#4544, aired 2004-05-13WASHINGTON SCHLEPPED HERE $200: The location of Washington, D.C. was actually chosen by G.W., & it's a nice little commute from this estate of his Mount Vernon
#4544, aired 2004-05-13WASHINGTON SCHLEPPED HERE $400: Rumor has it a former owner once let her dog wear this diamond; now it "springs eternal" at the Smithsonian the Hope Diamond
#4544, aired 2004-05-13WASHINGTON SCHLEPPED HERE $600: "Rome had... Anita Ekberg splashing in the Trevi Fountain; we got Wilbur Mills and Fanne Foxe" in this "Basin" the Tidal Basin
#4533, aired 2004-04-28"W"RITERS $1600: This Holocaust survivor's semi-autobiographical first book was published in Yiddish in 1956 Elie Wiesel
#4530, aired 2004-04-23FROM WHAT LANGUAGE $800: To kvell Yiddish
#4510, aired 2004-03-26"Z" END $200: An instructional book is "Juggling for the Complete" one of these, a word from Yiddish meaning "clumsy person" Klutz
#4487, aired 2004-02-24I'M "L__X" $800: From Middle High German, this Yiddish word means "salmon" lox
#4472, aired 2004-02-03ENDS IN "CH" $1000: Derived from Yiddish, it means to complain, with a little whining thrown in for good measure kvetch
#4414, aired 2003-11-13"ARF" $1000: From the Yiddish, it's a noodle dough in small granules farfel
#4197, aired 2002-11-26SUFFIXES $2,000 (Daily Double): From Yiddish, this suffix identifies people who support a cause such as peace -nik
#4155, aired 2002-09-272-LETTER SCRABBLE WORDS $200: It's used to express dismay or pain, especially in Yiddish oy
#4087, aired 2002-05-14MOTHER'S DAY $1000: This "Last of the Red Hot Mamas" was famous for belting out "My Yiddishe Momme" Sophie Tucker
#4035, aired 2002-03-01WORDS FROM OTHER LANGUAGES $800: (Hi, I'm Alan Dershowitz.) This title of a book of mine is a Yiddish term for nerve or effrontery chutzpah
#4004, aired 2002-01-17YIDDISH WORDS $600: Traditionally, a Jew might daven, do this, 3 times a day; a Muslim does it 5 times a day pray
#4004, aired 2002-01-17YIDDISH WORDS $800: A Yiddish art critic might describe Rubens' women as this, meaning "plump" zaftig
#4004, aired 2002-01-17YIDDISH WORDS $1000: To answer the question asked in song by Linda Ronstadt, it's Yiddish for "So?" or "Well?" What's nu?
#3952, aired 2001-11-06PUDDING $1000: It's a Yiddish word for noodle pudding Kugel
#3849, aired 2001-05-03CREAM CHEESE $500: Yiddish term for a thin pancake folded around a filling of cottage & cream cheese blintz
#3839, aired 2001-04-19FOREIGN WORDS & PHRASES $200: Yiddish for "a gossipy woman", it's derived from a woman's name Yenta
#3790, aired 2001-02-09FOREIGN WORDS & PHRASES $300: From Yiddish, it can mean liquid chicken fat or a sappy, sentimental story schmaltz
#3714, aired 2000-10-262-LETTER WORDS $400: This Yiddishism means "So?" or "Well?" Nu
#3603, aired 2000-04-12SHORT STORIES $800: Saul Bellow was responsible for translating this Yiddish writer's short story "Gimpel the Fool" into English Isaac Bashevis Singer
#3586, aired 2000-03-202-LETTER TERMS $200: Random House defines this Yiddishism as an interjection of "dismay, pain, annoyance, grief, etc." "Oy!"
#3537, aired 2000-01-11TELL ME "Y" $200: "Meshugge" means crazy in this language of Europe's Ashkenazic Jews Yiddish
#3503, aired 1999-11-2420th CENTURY NOVELS $800: "The Magician of Lublin", by this Yiddish language Nobel Prize winner, is set in his native Poland Isaac Bashevis Singer
#3459, aired 1999-09-23ON THE DELI TRAY $400: Look for rye bread on the tray near this cured beef cold-cut with a name from the Yiddish pastrami
#3306, aired 1999-01-11FOREIGN WORDS & PHRASES $300: This Yiddish word can mean to lug a load, or to drag oneself Schlep
#3164, aired 1998-05-07"N" THE DICTIONARY $200: This term for a between-meal snack comes from Yiddish nosh
#3099, aired 1998-02-05SOUNDS LIKE YIDDISH $200: This word derived from "nose" means the projecting spout of a hose Nozzle
#3099, aired 1998-02-05SOUNDS LIKE YIDDISH $400: Ground dry dog food, or what you do to prepare it kibble
#3099, aired 1998-02-05SOUNDS LIKE YIDDISH $600: FM radio broadcasts at 88 to 108 of these units, each one equal to 1 million cycles per second megahertz
#3099, aired 1998-02-05SOUNDS LIKE YIDDISH $800: 2-word term for a woven container capable of holding a 4-peck measure bushel basket
#3099, aired 1998-02-05SOUNDS LIKE YIDDISH $1000: It means improbable, remotely linked or perhaps brought from a great distance by Rover farfetched
#3093, aired 1998-01-2820th CENTURY SLANG $600: A shmatte in Yiddish, it meant "to dance" early in the century & "to make fun of" in the '20s & '90s Rag
#3053, aired 1997-12-03LANGUAGE $500: All the words in our Webster's Collegiate Dict. that begin with "sht" are borrowed from this language Yiddish
#3011, aired 1997-10-06LOANWORDS $400: Body part terms schnozzle & tuchis come from the body of words in this language Yiddish
#3005, aired 1997-09-26WORD ORIGINS $400: From Yiddish, for a wooden beam, it describes a person so clumsy he might bump into one Klutz
#2989, aired 1997-09-04"ITZ" AT THE END $1000: Synonymous with "meddle" or "snoop", this Yiddish word means to offer unsolicited advice kibitz
#2891, aired 1997-03-10SHORT STORIES $1000: Saul Bellow translated this writer's Yiddish short story, "Gimpel The Fool" into English Isaac Bashevis Singer
#2856, aired 1997-01-20EDUCATORS $200: Author & scholar Ruth R. Wisse is the 1st person to teach Yiddish literature at the Cambridge, Mass. university Harvard
#2856, aired 1997-01-20LANGUAGES $400: This language whose name means "Jewish" arose between the 9th & 12th centuries in southwestern Germany Yiddish
#2855, aired 1997-01-17IN THE DICTIONARY $800: Meaning shapely or desirably plump, the word "zaftig" comes from this language Yiddish
#2791, aired 1996-10-21GREETINGS $500: This Yiddish writer's pen name was a traditional greeting meaning "peace be with you" Sholem Aleichem
#2762, aired 1996-09-10DOUBLE D WORDS $300: In 1908 it was proclaimed a national Jewish language Yiddish
#2487, aired 1995-05-30LANGUAGES $1000: The novel "Enemies: A Love Story" was originally written in this Germanic language Yiddish
#1723, aired 1992-02-12ISRAEL $1000: These 3 languages appear on Israeli coins & postage stamps English, Hebrew & Arabic
#1634, aired 1991-10-10FOREIGN WORDS & PHRASES $100: If you can tell me what "gelt" means in Yiddish, you'll earn some right now money
#1620, aired 1991-09-20ODDS & ENDS $400: Yiddish for "stuffed fish", it's a mixture of ground fish, eggs, matzo meal & seasonings gefilte fish
#1262, aired 1990-02-13LANGUAGES $800: You don't have to be crazy to know "meshugga" is from this language Yiddish
#1230, aired 1989-12-29WORLD LITERATURE $600: Written in Yiddish, his novels such as "The Family Moskat" are often set in Poland Isaac Bashevis Singer
#894, aired 1988-06-23FOOD & DRINK $800: The name of this meat is Yiddish from the Romanian word for "to preserve" pastrami
#816, aired 1988-03-07STARTS WITH "K" $800: In Yiddish slang, it's a constant annoying complainer kvetcher
#796, aired 1988-02-08WISE GUYS $200: Reb, the Yiddish for Mr., comes from this Hebrew word for "my master" rabbi
#668, aired 1987-07-01BEGINNINGS $200: Language that had its beginnings in the 10th c. when the Jews were forced from northern France Yiddish
#660, aired 1987-06-19BOOKS & AUTHORS $500: Elie Wiesel writes his books in this language; his wife translates them into English French
#660, aired 1987-06-19HATS $100: Yiddish term for the skull cap won by orthodox male Jews a yarmulke
#607, aired 1987-04-07LANGUAGES $600: Israel's official languages are Hebrew & this Arabic
#569, aired 1987-02-12LANGUAGES $800: While Yiddish is derived mainly from German, Ladino is a Jewish language based on this one Spanish
#563, aired 1987-02-04FOREIGN WORDS $200: Hybrid Yiddish word combining Hebrew for "luck", "mazal", & Germanic for "bad", "schlimm" schlemazel
#528, aired 1986-12-17LANGUAGES $600: The film "Shoah" credits translation of this language to "Mrs. Apfelbaum" Yiddish
#12, aired 1984-09-25FOODS $200: Deli delight, from Yiddish for Ring a bagel

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#4044, aired 2002-03-14RECENT FILMS: The name of this character means "fear" in Yiddish Shrek

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