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#7800, aired 2018-07-06U.S. GEOGRAPHY $2000: Rome & this city, whose name was drawn from a hat, form a metropolitan area in New York state Utica
#7786, aired 2018-06-18ISLAND HOPPING $2000: The South Pacific's Iles du Vent & Iles Sous le Vent translate as the islands of these 2 nautical directions Windward and Leeward
#7681, aired 2018-01-22LIGHT HEADED $1200: It's the nautical-sounding term for the device in a fluorescent lamp that provides starting voltage & regulates current a ballast
#7660, aired 2017-12-22WEIGHTS & MEASURES $1000: Ahoy! it's equal to 6,076.11549 feet a nautical mile
#7629, aired 2017-11-09MANGA $200: The heroine's nautical school uniform puts the "sailor" in the title of this manga series Sailor Moon
#7607, aired 2017-10-10THE NEWSPAPER GAME $800: Nautical term for the list of editors, owners & staff the masthead
#7410, aired 2016-11-25CEOs $400: In 2016 ex-Turing CEO Martin Shkreli appeared before Congress to testify about price hikes in this industry the pharmaceutical industry
#7349, aired 2016-07-21HISTORICAL FICTION $1600: "Pitcairn's Island" was the third novel in a trilogy that began with this one about a nautical rebellion Mutiny on the Bounty
#7344, aired 2016-07-14STOCK SYMBOLS $1600: GSK: This big pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline
#7343, aired 2016-07-13LEARN TO FLY $1200: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew shows an aeronautical animation on the monitor.) Flaps are on the inside of a wing, while these hinged sections control the balance from side to side; when one is raised, the other is lowered, banking the plane to enable a turn ailerons
#7282, aired 2016-04-19FIRST NAMES IN THE DICTIONARY $400: There are statute ones & nautical ones miles
#7279, aired 2016-04-14THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF SYDNEY $800: The Sydney Opera House is on the harbor; the shells of its roof are known by this nautical name sails
#7257, aired 2016-03-15THE NAVY ASHORE $600: A Navy footrace held annually in Millington, Tennessee covering 11.8061 miles is called the 10 these units race nautical miles
#7221, aired 2016-01-25BILLS, BILLS, BILLS $200: The very tip of the fluke on this heavy nautical item is sometimes called the bill an anchor
#7212, aired 2016-01-12WISCONSIN $600: Wisconsin has no seacoast, but has this 8-letter type of nautical museum, featuring the World War II sub Cobia maritime
#7209, aired 2016-01-07SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT! $600: A roast is being served, so this nautical-sounding item makes anchor on the dinner table a gravy boat
#7149, aired 2015-10-15STARTS WITH "D" $800: Nautical word for a hunky guy dreamboat
#7087, aired 2015-06-09COLLEGE KNOWLEDGE $2000: In 1946 this N.Y. university founded Utica College, which became independent in 1995 Syracuse University
#7083, aired 2015-06-03COURSES AT CALTECH $1000: Master the introduction "to guidance, navigation, and control" & you'll get an "A" in this "engineering" aerospace
#7066, aired 2015-05-11NO MORE HALF-MEASURES $800: It's time to comprehend it's the nautical term for a measure of 6 feet a fathom
#7018, aired 2015-03-04NOT-SO-DESPERATE MEASURES $1000: This standard unit of length is equal to about 6,076 feet, captain a nautical mile
#6999, aired 2015-02-05OTHER BIBLE BOOKS $400: "Nautical", "Girls", "Tribal" & "Lower Back" are categories in the "Bible" for this art tattooing
#6985, aired 2015-01-16ARCHITECTURE & BUILDING $2000: In the early 1500s, this country's Manueline architecture used nautical motifs like chains & ropes Portugal
#6903, aired 2014-09-24CROSSWORD CLUES "X" $1600: Palindromic pharmaceutical (5) Xanax
#6869, aired 2014-06-26THEY OWN IT $1000: Xanax & Lipitor (don't get them mixed up): This pharmaceutical giant Pfizer
#6849, aired 2014-05-29COMMON BONDS $1000: Nautical, statute, Standish miles
#6785, aired 2014-02-28THE COOKIE AISLE $600: These nautical cookies come in chunky as well as chewy varieties Chips Ahoy!
#6762, aired 2014-01-28GETTING NAUTICAL $400: Heavy weight or weights put in the bottom of a ship to increase stability ballast
#6762, aired 2014-01-28GETTING NAUTICAL $800: A long spar fastened horizontally across a mast to hold a sail; half of one is an "arm" a yard
#6762, aired 2014-01-28GETTING NAUTICAL $1200: A naughty sailor may cool his heels in this 4-letter place, the ship's jail the brig
#6762, aired 2014-01-28GETTING NAUTICAL $1600: This type of "tower" is a heavily fortified pilothouse on a warship or submarine a conning tower
#6762, aired 2014-01-28GETTING NAUTICAL $7,600 (Daily Double): The lowest compartment of a ship's inner hull; there's a special pump for the yucky water often found there a bilge
#6746, aired 2014-01-06"U". "S". CITIES $1000: Seat of Oneida County, between Albany & Buffalo Utica
#6746, aired 2014-01-06MEYER TO NAUVOO $200: In 1954 the U.S. accepted 1.852 kilometers as the length of a nautical one of these mile
#6693, aired 2013-10-23AT THE TRACK $400: The tracks of these mountains' "Scenic Railroad" run from Utica, New York to Lake Placid the Adirondacks
#6681, aired 2013-10-07ETYMOLOGY $1200: This word that follows "land" in a term for a nautical newcomer is from the Middle English for "lazy lout" lubber
#6668, aired 2013-09-18BUTTON HOOK $600: This nautical device is depicted on the buttons of genuine navy pea coats an anchor
#6652, aired 2013-07-16WRITERS' HOBBIES $800: It proved fatal for Percy Shelley, but he enjoyed this nautical pursuit until the very end sailing
#6590, aired 2013-04-19WEIGHTS & MEASURES $600: This measure of a ship's speed equals 1 nautical mile per hour a knot
#6566, aired 2013-03-18PAN AM $400: In 1948 he quit his Pan Am pilot job & moved to L.A., where he used his aeronautical knowledge to create "Star Trek" (Gene) Roddenberry
#6501, aired 2012-12-17"MAIN" $1200: Also a nautical term, it describes one who acts as a chief support a mainstay
#6468, aired 2012-10-31WORLD EXPLORATION $800: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew presents the clue.) In 1909, from a supply base on Canada's Ellesmere Island, this American naval officer set out across the ice, covering 413 nautical miles to the North Pole Robert Peary
#6446, aired 2012-10-01THE COURSE OF TRUE LOVE $1000: A nautical adjective meaning upright, or a person you're going out with exclusively steady
#6427, aired 2012-07-24NAUTICAL TALK $400: A warning is sometimes referred to as a "shot across" this the bow
#6427, aired 2012-07-24NAUTICAL TALK $800: Ship cooks saved & later sold the fat from the meat they cooked--hence this "fund" slush fund
#6427, aired 2012-07-24NAUTICAL TALK $1,400 (Daily Double): (Jimmy of the Clue Crew shows us pictures of two large sailing ships.) In the Age of Sail, each country had its own cut, or style, of these triangular sails that enhanced the steering abilities of large ships. the jib
#6427, aired 2012-07-24NAUTICAL TALK $1600: This term for an unpredictable person referred to a shipboard weapon that had rolled free of its restraints a loose cannon
#6427, aired 2012-07-24NAUTICAL TALK $2000: If the front surface of a sail was suddenly exposed to the wind, a ship was this 2-word term meaning surprised taken aback
#6409, aired 2012-06-28THIS & THAT $1000: Richard Wagner adapted a story by Heinrich Heine to create this nautical opera The Flying Dutchman
#6360, aired 2012-04-20THE "IX" FACTOR $1600: A pharmaceutical solution, or a cure-all an elixir
#6202, aired 2011-07-26WEIGHTS & MEASURES $400: The name of this nautical measure also means "comprehend" fathom
#6126, aired 2011-04-11MEASURE THIS! $400: Used by junks & schooners alike, it's about 1.15 miles a knot (or a nautical mile)
#6084, aired 2011-02-10NAUTICAL TERMS $400: This lookout platform is named for the bird that would be released to find the nearest land in bad weather the crow's nest
#6084, aired 2011-02-10NAUTICAL TERMS $800: The bow is the front part of a ship; this is the rear part the stern
#6084, aired 2011-02-10NAUTICAL TERMS $1200: Collectively, it's the 7-letter word for all the ropes & chains used to support & work the masts, booms & sails rigging
#6084, aired 2011-02-10NAUTICAL TERMS $1600: These walls are built between the decks to form watertight compartments bulkheads
#6084, aired 2011-02-10NAUTICAL TERMS $2000: It's the triangular blade at the end of the arm of an anchor fluke
#6056, aired 2011-01-03SCENTSATIONAL! $800: This brand's colognes for men include Blue, Island Voyage & White Sail Nautica
#5976, aired 2010-09-13BILL CLINTON & THE CLINTON FOUNDATION $400: (Ex-President Clinton gives the clue) My foundation & pharmaceutical companies negotiated price reductions in antiretroviral drugs as part of an initiative to combat this pandemic HIV or AIDS
#5961, aired 2010-07-12ADD A TREE $400 (Daily Double): Put a tree after "H" & you get this nautical wheel helm
#5919, aired 2010-05-13THE FINAL "FORE" $800: In front of, nautically (5 letters) afore
#5820, aired 2009-12-25TERMS OF ENGINEERMENT $1000: Georgia Tech's School of Aeronautics, founded in 1930, is now called the School of this engineering Aerospace Engineering
#5710, aired 2009-06-05NAUTICAL RHYME TIME $200: A dateless but nevertheless Jolly Roger a stag flag
#5710, aired 2009-06-05NAUTICAL RHYME TIME $400: A lively dance in the ship's prison, mateys a brig jig
#5710, aired 2009-06-05NAUTICAL RHYME TIME $600: A civil suit brought because of damage to the left side of a ship a port tort
#5710, aired 2009-06-05NAUTICAL RHYME TIME $800: Pirates' treasure containing kiwi & apple a fruity booty
#5710, aired 2009-06-05NAUTICAL RHYME TIME $1000: Gravy served with Coleridge's "lucky" seabird an albatross sauce
#5703, aired 2009-05-27STATES' GEOGRAPHIC CENTERS $800: 12 miles south of Oneida & 26 miles southwest of Utica New York
#5680, aired 2009-04-248-LETTER WORDS $800: Relating to ships, as in a type of mile nautical
#5627, aired 2009-02-10FROM A TO Y $200: The name of a brand of chocolate chip cookies includes this nautical word ahoy
#5529, aired 2008-09-25IN THE VALLEY OF ELI $1000: In May 1876 this pharmaceutical chemist founded the global research-based company that still bears his name Eli Lilly
#5500, aired 2008-07-04I SAID "NO", "NO", "NO" $400: His nautical exploits are outlined in Genesis 6-9 Noah
#5491, aired 2008-06-23RATS $800: This nautical & rat metaphor refers to people abandoning a losing side rats fleeing a sinking ship
#5475, aired 2008-05-30CAPTURE THE FLAG $1600: A flagpole is also called a staff or this nautical term a mast
#5344, aired 2007-11-29YOU'RE GOING TO WIN A PULITZER! $400: Julia Keller won in 2005 for her reporting on a 10-second event: the destruction of Utica, Illinois by this tornado
#5287, aired 2007-09-11BOYFRIENDS & GIRLFRIENDS $1600: Lady Hamilton's nautical loverboy Horatio Nelson
#5221, aired 2007-04-30"E"COLLEGEY $1200: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute has majors in 14 types of this, including aeronautical engineering
#5159, aired 2007-02-01I'M SURPRISED $600: Remarkable news may throw you for one of these, also the name of an aeronautical maneuver loop
#5036, aired 2006-07-03A MIGHTY WIND $400: In April 1934 Mt. Washington had a wind gust reach 201 of this unit equal to 1 nautical mile per hour knots
#5036, aired 2006-07-03A MIGHTY WIND $600: 2-word "aeronautical" term for the strong, generally westerly winds in the Earth's upper troposphere the jet stream
#5023, aired 2006-06-14WHAT THE "H" $1200: The calyx, that leafy part you pick off a strawberry, also has this "nautical" name the hull
#4940, aired 2006-02-17TEEN CUISINE $800: Nautical name for a sandwich made from a long roll cut horizontally submarine
#4857, aired 2005-10-25HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN $600: (Jon of the Clue Crew reads from Nyhavn, Denmark.) Hans Christian Andersen lived at several addresses here in Nyhavn, a nautical neighborhood whose name means "new" this harbor
#4852, aired 2005-10-18LET'S GO CRUISING $800: You can sail from Southampton on this Cunard liner that has covered 5.3 mil. nautical miles, a record for any ship the QE2
#4711, aired 2005-02-14AMERICAN HERSTORY $1600: The motto "semper paratus" game us this nautical acronym for the WWII Women's Coast Guard Reserve SPAR
#4679, aired 2004-12-30DESIGN $400: In 1965 aeronautical engineer Owen MacLaren made a folding aluminum one of these for his parents a stroller
#4677, aired 2004-12-28"BERT"DAYS $2000: A pharmaceutical magnate: May 15, 1886 in St. Louis (Gerard Barnes) Lambert
#4666, aired 2004-12-13RHYME TIME $800: To tell someone to relax, you can use the slang phrase "take a" this rhyming pharmaceutical term a chill pill
#4612, aired 2004-09-28A BRIEF HISTORY OF THYME $1000: Thyme contains about 1% this type of "oil" used in fragrances & pharmaceuticals essential oil
#4571, aired 2004-06-21PRESCRIPTION DRUGS $800: This brand is the nasal-spray version of Fluticasone for those with allergies Flonase
#4569, aired 2004-06-17ADVERBS $2000: As a nautical adverb, it means "completely", as when it precedes "a-starboard" hard
#4495, aired 2004-03-05I LIKE "U" $1600: This pharmaceutical company was founded in Kalamazoo, Michigan in 1886 Upjohn
#4485, aired 2004-02-2019th CENTURY AMERICA $1200: On October 22, 1819 the first boat travelled on this canal, from Rome to Utica, New York the Erie Canal
#4467, aired 2004-01-27NAUTICAL TERMS $400: Seamen dread something that could "shiver" these, the ribs in the ship's frame the timbers
#4467, aired 2004-01-27NAUTICAL TERMS $800: A worm gear transmits motion from the steering wheel to this direction controller at the stern the rudder
#4467, aired 2004-01-27NAUTICAL TERMS $1200: This type of Coast Guard vessel, seen here, used to have "Revenue" before its name cutter
#4467, aired 2004-01-27NAUTICAL TERMS $1600: As the name says, this spar from which the jib is set is found in the bow the bowsprit
#4467, aired 2004-01-27NAUTICAL TERMS $2000: (Sarah of the Clue Crew in Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts) As well as cancelling, the name of this pin can also mean fastening belay/belaying
#4420, aired 2003-11-21ELIs $800: This pharmaceutical company introduced Prozac to a grateful world in the 1980s Eli Lilly
#4367, aired 2003-09-09GRAPHICS $1200: Named for their large storage tray, these proofs with a nautical name are checked before pages are made up galleys
#4277, aired 2003-03-18WE'VE GOT ISSUES $2,000 (Daily Double): In 1776 Adam Smith defended makers of these against charges of excessive profit, charges still made today pharmaceuticals/drug companies
#4225, aired 2003-01-03EROS MYTH $400: In the epic "Argonautica", Eros' arrow makes Medea fall in love with this man Jason
#3876, aired 2001-06-11COMING TO A CLOTHES $500: It's the nautical name of this hat popular with 19th century men: Boater
#3813, aired 2001-03-14LET IT "B" $300: These "nautical" refugees began fleeing Vietnam in the late 1970s Boat people
#3795, aired 2001-02-16BUSINESS & INDUSTRY $500: The Boulevard des Invalides is home to this French pharmaceuticals company, the maker of RU-486 Roussel Uclaf
#3682, aired 2000-09-12THE HOLLYWOOD STOCK EXCHANGE $100: One of the hottest stocks of summer 2000 was for this nautical action film starring George Clooney The Perfect Storm
#3617, aired 2000-05-02FLAG TERMS $400: A flagpole is also called a staff or this nautical term mast
#3534, aired 2000-01-06THAT'S NO LADY... $400: Before he was a Yippie leader & one of the "Chicago Seven", he was a pharmaceuticals salesman Abbie Hoffman
#3534, aired 2000-01-06TWO $200: In pharmaceuticals: William Bristol &... John Myers
#3513, aired 1999-12-08MAIDEN $300: Nautical term for a first launch maiden voyage
#3508, aired 1999-12-01ART FOR ART'S SAKE! $400: Some of this impressionist's works like the one seen here have nautical themes: ("The Rowers' Lunch") Pierre-Auguste Renoir
#3446, aired 1999-09-06CEREALS $500: This "nautical" favorite should fill your sails in the morning Captain Crunch
#3415, aired 1999-06-11JOE DiMAGGIO $300: DiMaggio earned this nautical nickname with his graceful outfield play "The Yankee Clipper"
#3404, aired 1999-05-27PUT A "CAP" ON IT $500: A nautical spool-shaped cylinder rotated to wind up a cable or rope Capstan
#3265, aired 1998-11-13WEIGHTS & MEASURES $300: This international standard is equal to approximately 3,281 feet kilometer
#3265, aired 1998-11-13WEIGHTS & MEASURES $400: Hold your breath! If you traveled 20,000 leagues under the sea, you'd go 60,000 of these miles
#3263, aired 1998-11-11COLONIES $500: By 700 B.C. these people had established Mediterranean colonies at Utica & Carthage Phoenicians
#3236, aired 1998-10-05EVERYDAY SYMBOLS $400: It's the "happy" nickname for the nautical flag seen here "Jolly Roger"
#3180, aired 1998-05-29AT GREAT LENGTHS $800: You're at sea if you know this length is 1 mean minute of arc on the meridian a knot (or nautical mile)
#3180, aired 1998-05-29AT GREAT LENGTHS $1,000 (Daily Double): This distance used in astronomy is abbreviated pc & is equal to 19.2 trillion miles a parsec
#3176, aired 1998-05-25LITERARY EPICS $400: The "Argonautica" by Apollo of Rhodes tells the story of the quest for this object golden fleece
#3159, aired 1998-04-30PINPOINTS ON THE MAP $800: Utica in this state chose its name in 1798 by drawing it out of a hat New York
#3083, aired 1998-01-14WEIGHTS & MEASURES $400: When at sea, use this measurement equal to about 6,076 feet a nautical mile
#3067, aired 1997-12-23PHARMACOLOGY $600: This annual pharmaceutical guide for doctors is abbreviated PDR Physician's Desk Reference
#3033, aired 1997-11-05SODA POP QUIZ $500: Pharmaceutical company G.D. Searle developed the soda sweetener Aspartame, marketed as this NutraSweet
#3006, aired 1997-09-29SAUCE $200: This small pitcher with a nautical name is used to pour sauces over your food Gravy boat
#2972, aired 1997-07-01RESTAURANT POTPOURRI $800: Planet Hollywood's Chicken Crunch is coated with a batter made from this "nautical" cereal Captain Crunch
#2969, aired 1997-06-26FOOD & DRINK $300: Quaker Oats created this nautical character before it created the cereal he represents Cap'n Crunch
#2953, aired 1997-06-04U.S. GEOGRAPHY $500: Chief cities on the banks of this Hudson River tributary include Rome, Utica & Schenectady Mohawk River
#2905, aired 1997-03-28WINDMILLS $600: Nautical term for the canvas-covered blades of a windmill Sails
#2894, aired 1997-03-13COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES $800: Utica College is affiliated with this university in upstate New York Syracuse University
#2841, aired 1996-12-30WORDS $600: Nausea comes from the same root as nautical & originally applied to this syndrome Seasickness
#2749, aired 1996-07-11NAUTICAL TERMS $100: Bird term for a small platform below the masthead light used as a lookout station crow's nest
#2749, aired 1996-07-11NAUTICAL TERMS $200: A VLCC, very large crude carrier, is this type of ship supertanker
#2749, aired 1996-07-11NAUTICAL TERMS $300: An escutcheon is a board on the stern of a vessel that lists its port of registry & this it's name
#2749, aired 1996-07-11NAUTICAL TERMS $400: Wigwag is a simpler type of this, signaling with coded hand-held flags semaphore
#2749, aired 1996-07-11NAUTICAL TERMS $500: This word can mean a vessel's national flag or the most junior commissioned officer in the U.S. Navy ensign
#2680, aired 1996-04-05NAUTICAL TERMS $100: To snub is to let this heavy device drop on a short cable, bringing the ship to an abrupt halt Anchor
#2680, aired 1996-04-05NAUTICAL TERMS $200: The helm of a small boat may just consist of a tiller & this in the water Rudder
#2680, aired 1996-04-05NAUTICAL TERMS $300: Collective term for all the lines used to support masts & raise & lower sails Rigging
#2680, aired 1996-04-05NAUTICAL TERMS $400: On shipboard it's opposite starboard Port
#2680, aired 1996-04-05NAUTICAL TERMS $500: This 4-letter word means to adjust & you do it to sails & ballast Trim
#2339, aired 1994-11-03HIGH SOCIETY $200: "Nautical" nickname of Cornelius Vanderbuilt, who bought his 1st boat when he was just 16 "Commodore"
#1839, aired 1992-09-10WEIGHTS & MEASURES $500: At the speed of 1 knot, you travel 1 nautical mile in this length of time an hour
#1558, aired 1991-05-15COOKING $200: These "nautical" legumes are often used to make soup Navy Beans
#1317, aired 1990-05-01WEIGHTS & MEASURES $600 (Daily Double): You're not wet behind the ears if you know this international unit equals 6,076.11549 feet Nautical Mile
#1311, aired 1990-04-233-LETTER WORDS $400: Nautically speaking, if you don't like the look of someone, you don't like "the cut of his" one of these jib
#1303, aired 1990-04-11REFERENCE BOOKS $1000: All doctors in the U.S. receive a free copy of the PDR, this book of pharmaceutical information Physicians' Desk Reference
#1286, aired 1990-03-19SCIENTISTS $1000: An Air Force base in Virginia is named for this astronomer & aeronautical pioneer Samuel Pierpoint Langley
#1271, aired 1990-02-26FAMOUS FOLKS $200: Though unrelated, aeronautical record-breakers Jeana & Chuck both have this last name Yeager
#1208, aired 1989-11-29FAMOUS NAMES $400: This astronaut studied aeronautical engineering, not woodworking. at the U. of Colorado Scott Carpenter
#1207, aired 1989-11-28BUSINESS & INDUSTRY $200: Merck & Co., Inc. is the largest manufacturer in this field pharmaceuticals
#1145, aired 1989-07-21GOLF $300: Originally a nautical term for a channel between rocks, it's now the stretch between the tee & green the fairway
#1128, aired 1989-06-28"L.A." $1000: Found in sour milk, it's used in adhesives, preservatives & pharmaceuticals lactic acid
#1068, aired 1989-04-05RHYME TIME $100: Way up there, aeronautically speaking sky high
#1003, aired 1989-01-04NUMERICAL PHRASES $500: Stewed to the gills, nautically speaking three sheets to the wind
#961, aired 1988-11-07DOLLS $500: Barbie has had a friend named Francie, a boyfriend named Ken, & a sister with this nautical name Skipper
#600, aired 1987-03-27NAUTICAL TRIVIA $100: Sailors once believed tattoos of pigs & roosters would prevent this, since both hated water drowning
#600, aired 1987-03-27NAUTICAL TRIVIA $200: "Fiddler's Green" is where old sailors go after doing this dying
#600, aired 1987-03-27NAUTICAL TRIVIA $300: If you're on a "Nantucket sleigh ride", 1 of these is pulling your boat whale
#600, aired 1987-03-27NAUTICAL TRIVIA $400: A "crimp"s criminal specialty was doing this to sailors - even if they didn't end up in China Shanghaiing them
#600, aired 1987-03-27NAUTICAL TRIVIA $500: San Francisco's infamous harbor district, it was the setting & title of a 1975 William Shatner TV series Barbary Coast
#550, aired 1987-01-16POLI SCI $600: The high seas territorial limit for U.S. was originally set at this, their range of cannons at the time 3 (nautical) miles
#521, aired 1986-12-08BUSINESS & INDUSTRY $300: Lee Pharmaceuticals saw 1986 earnings up some 250% from selling fakes of these to women Lee Nails
#511, aired 1986-11-24HATS $400: Nautical name for a stiff straw hat with a flat crown boater
#504, aired 1986-11-13FAMOUS FIRSTS $500 (Daily Double): In 1896, Thomas Sperry & Shelly Hutchinson started 1st independent Co. to provide these trading stamps
#2, aired 1984-09-11TRANSPORTATION $500: Changing lines, you could have at one time ridden these from Freeport, IL to Utica, NY streetcars

Final Jeopardy! Round clues (3 results returned)

#6870, aired 2014-06-27BRITISH AUTHORS: The Pharmaceutical Journal praised her 1920 first novel, saying it dealt "with poisons in a knowledgeable way" Agatha Christie
#4344, aired 2003-06-19FRUIT: From Greek for "finger", the Arabs claim it has as many culinary & pharmaceutical uses as days in a year the date
#3520, aired 1999-12-17NAME'S THE SAME: Name shared by a British film company & an American who made millions in oil & pharmaceuticals Hammer (Hammer Films/Armand Hammer)

Players (12 results returned)

Mandi Hale, a pharmaceutical dispenser from Ruddingham, Nottingham England
Peggy Nomland, a pharmaceutical representative from San Diego, California Season 16 player (2000-05-26).
Kevin Larkin, a pharmaceutical territory manager from Jupiter, Florida Season 16 player (2000-05-05).
Lisa Makar, a senior from University of Maryland "As a seventh grader, she was planning a career as a...
Bradley Silverman, a junior from Alpharetta, Georgia 2008-B Teen Tournament 1st runner-up: $44,600. Jeopardy! Message Board user name:...
Peter Latouf, a state fair coordinator from Utica, Michigan Season 25 player (2009-04-24). Jeopardy! Message Board user name: WallsofJericho
Aaron Wicks, a planning and evaluation manager from Rochester, New York Season 26 1-time champion: $18,001 + 1,000. Aaron Wicks Rochester, NY...
Roger Craig, a graduate student of computer science from Newark, Delaware 2014 Battle of the Decades 2nd runner-up: $50,000. 2011 Tournament of...
Kathleen Lee, a pharmaceutical scientist from Palo Alto, California Season 27 1-time champion: $29,601 + $1,000.
Charlie Brown, an attorney from Utica, New York Season 5 1-time champion: $15,601.
Brad Shumel, a pharmaceutical medical director from Chappaqua, New York Season 33 player (2017-04-07).
Justin Torello, a pharmaceutical research associate from Monroe, New York
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