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#8201, aired 2020-04-13LESSER-KNOWN COLLEGE SPORTS $200: The Ladyjacks of Stephen F. Austin were queens of the lanes in 2019, rolling to the NCAA women's title in this bowling
#7950, aired 2019-03-15SIGNIFICANT OTHERS $200: Sharing the nickname the "Father of Texas" are Stephen Austin & this first president of the republic of Texas Sam Houston
#7776, aired 2018-06-04LOOKIN' BACK TEXAS $400: In 1822, this man, called the father of Texas, founded the first American colony in the Mexican province of Tejas Stephen Austin
#7271, aired 2016-04-04TEXAS HISTORY $600: The 1836 election for president of Texas pitted Sam Houston against him (Stephen) Austin
#6063, aired 2011-01-12HALL-ELUJAH! $400: Stephen F. Austin, John H. Rogers & John Coffee Hayes are Lone Star lawmen in this group's hall the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame
#5690, aired 2009-05-08A STATE OF COLLEGE-NESS $200: Baylor, Stephen F. Austin, Rice Texas
#5526, aired 2008-09-22A BIT OF EVERYTHING $800: When Texas became a republic in 1836, he became its first Secretary of State; capital! (Stephen) Austin
#5225, aired 2007-05-04FIRST NAMES $800: Real first name of U.S. president Grover Cleveland; it was also that of Texas pioneer Austin Stephen
#5095, aired 2006-11-03MOSESES $1600: In 1821 he got an OK from Mexico to bring U.S. settlers into the Texas area; his son Stephen carried on his work (Moses) Austin
#4862, aired 2005-11-01EVEN STEPHEN $400: In 1836 he bacame the first Secretary of State for the new republic of Texas (Stephen) Austin
#4712, aired 2005-02-15THE MAMAS & THE PAPAS $600: It's the last name of Moses, the father of Stephen, who settled 300 families in Texas in the 1820s Austin
#4508, aired 2004-03-24FAMOUS AMERICANS $200: This man for whom a large city is named became governor of Tennessee in 1827 & governor of Texas in 1859 Sam Houston
#4488, aired 2004-02-25EPHEN STEPHEN $1200: The state university in Nacogdoches, Texas is named for him Stephen (F.) Austin
#4395, aired 2003-10-17"A" MEN $800: In 1836 Sam Houston appointed him secretary of state of the Republic of Texas Stephen F. Austin
#3420, aired 1999-06-18FATHER'S DAY $100: Sam Houston & Stephen Austin are both called the father of this; let's have a paternity test Texas
#3328, aired 1999-02-10U.S."A"s $500: He was Secretary of State in Sam Houston's cabinet Stephen F. Austin
#3264, aired 1998-11-121820s AMERICA $300: In December 1821 he established the first American settlement in Texas Stephen F. Austin
#2841, aired 1996-12-30AMERICAN HISTORY $600: In 1834 Stephen Austin was held in prison for 8 months in this country Mexico
#2484, aired 1995-05-25O PIONEERS! $1000: This pioneer for whom a state capital is named organized the Texas Rangers (Stephen) Austin
#1091, aired 1989-05-08U.S. HISTORY $200: When this state was a republic, Stephen Austin, for whom the current capital is named, was Sec'y of state Texas

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#2031, aired 1993-06-0719th CENTURY ELECTIONS: In 1836 Van Buren ran against Harrison for U.S. president & these 2 ran for president of Texas Sam Houston & Stephen F. Austin

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