Jeopardy! Round, Double Jeopardy! Round, or Tiebreaker Round clues (289 results returned)

#8040, aired 2019-07-19MOM & DAD CONFUSE ME $200: Mom says in the election, Pennsylvania will be this pivotal kind of state; I want to go there & have Daddy push me--whee! a swing state
#8032, aired 2019-07-09FAMOUS AMERICAN WOMEN $800: In 1777 the Pennsylvania State Navy Board paid her for making "ship's colours, &c" Betsy Ross
#8005, aired 2019-05-31COLONIAL PENNSYLVANIA $400: To settle a land dispute in the 1760s, Mason & Dixon marked the border between Penn. & this state to the south Maryland
#7959, aired 2019-03-28PUT A "RING" ON IT $400: On a state postal abbreviation to get this act of taking off an apple's skin paring
#7918, aired 2019-01-30VALLEYS $400: AKA "Happy Valley", it's the valley where Penn State sits; its athletic teams' name provides a hint the Nittany Valley
#7910, aired 2019-01-18AUTHORIZED FICTION $400: "The Moneypenny Diaries" series was authorized by this writer's estate (Ian) Fleming
#7904, aired 2019-01-10SCHOOL WITHIN A SCHOOL $4,400 (Daily Double): Heinz College (a 2-name school) Carnegie Mellon
#7891, aired 2018-12-24THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION $800: (Sarah of the Clue Crew delivers the clue from the Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.) The standard for military training in the United States through the War of 1812 was a manual of regulations written by this Prussian officer whom Washington employed to train and discipline the troops von Steuben
#7872, aired 2018-11-27BRIDGE BURNERS $400: The Union burned the Columbia-Wrightsville Bridge to keep the rebels from advancing on Harrisburg in this state Pennsylvania
#7847, aired 2018-10-23STUPID ANSWERS ACROSS AMERICA $600: (Hi, I'm Rob Fukuzaki from ABC7.) At the first major football game played in this stadium, USC rose up & bowled over Penn State 14-3 the Rose Bowl
#7787, aired 2018-06-19THE 27 LANDLOCKED U.S. STATES $2000: Bordering a Great Lake but no ocean, it was the first on the list to become a state Pennsylvania
#7726, aired 2018-03-26AMERICAN POLITICAL HISTORY $800: This keystone state's name is spelled incorrectly in the U.S. Constitution Pennsylvania
#7702, aired 2018-02-20OF DIMES $1000: Popular & cheap books of the late 19th century were called dime novels in the United States & by this other coin term in the UK penny dreadfuls
#7686, aired 2018-01-29NATIVE SONS $800: Mayberry Days is a September festival in Andy Griffith's hometown of Mount Airy in this state North Carolina
#7676, aired 2018-01-15STREET SMARTS $400: (Alex presents the clue from the Canadian Embassy in Washington, D.C.) Reflecting the close relationship that exists between our two countries, Canada is the only one to have its embassy on a section of this stately Washington avenue that connects the White House to the U.S. Capitol Pennsylvania
#7650, aired 2017-12-08FOSSIL FUELS $1600: Nearly all of the anthracite coal in the U.S. comes from this second state Pennsylvania
#7597, aired 2017-09-26LET'S SET SOME BOUNDARIES $6,500 (Daily Double): The Mason-Dixon Line was originally the boundary between these 2 states Pennsylvania and Maryland
#7588, aired 2017-09-13HIGH WATER $1600: A dam collapse in this state led to the deadly 1889 Johnstown flood Pennsylvania
#7578, aired 2017-07-19NATIVE AMERICANS $2,000 (Daily Double): To mark a 1683 treaty, this tribe with a state-ly name gave William Penn a wampum belt of 18 strings of beads the Delaware
#7545, aired 2017-06-02THE 50 STATES $400: This "Great" breed has been the state dog of Pennsylvania since 1965 the Great Dane
#7458, aired 2017-02-01PULITZER PRIZE JOURNALISM $200: Local Reporting, 2012: the Patriot-News of this state capital for coverage of Penn State Harrisburg
#7416, aired 2016-12-05MOTTOES $1000: Its state motto is "Virtue, liberty, and independence" Pennsylvania
#7415, aired 2016-12-02NATIONAL HISTORIC SITES $800: A national historic site since 1964, the Allegheny Portage Railroad linked this state's canal system with the West Pennsylvania
#7368, aired 2016-09-28COLLEGE FOOTBALL STADIUM NICKNAMES $400: Here's a white-out at Beaver Stadium, also known as Happy Valley, the home of this Keystone university Penn State
#7336, aired 2016-07-04STATE CAPITALS $1000: The state museum here is often called the William Penn Memorial Museum due to the statue of Penn in the central hall Harrisburg
#7325, aired 2016-06-17A SIZEABLE CATEGORY $600: At 2.4 mil. sq. ft. the King of Prussia Mall in this state claims to have more retail space than any other mall in America Pennsylvania
#7311, aired 2016-05-30THE CONSTITUTION $400: The name of this state hosting the Constitutional Convention is misspelled on the document: one "N" was left out Pennsylvania
#7298, aired 2016-05-11DIVISION I SPORTS TEAMS $400: Its Nittany Lions roar their approval Penn State
#7276, aired 2016-04-11STATE SONG LYRICS $400: This state is "Birthplace of a mighty nation, keystone of the land" Pennsylvania
#7188, aired 2015-12-09A CATEGORY WITH GAPS $800: Route 61 passes through Schuylkill Gap just north of the city of Hamburg in this state Pennsylvania
#7178, aired 2015-11-25U.S. MOUNTAINS $800: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew reports from a view of Mount Misery at Valley Forge Nat'l Historic Park.) Mount Misery & Mount Joy, which make Valley Forge's valley, are said to have gotten their name from a miserable night this Quaker & state founder spent lost surveying the area, & the joyful next day where he could see his way William Penn
#7175, aired 2015-11-20HOW MANY MILES? $600: Distance in miles from Middletown, Pennsylvania that gave the state's most famous nuclear plant its name 3
#7142, aired 2015-10-06STATE OF EMERGENCY $2,200 (Daily Double): On March 28, 1979 a nuclear plant in this state suffered a massive core meltdown Pennsylvania
#7095, aired 2015-06-19WE SUGGEST BIOGRAPHY TITLES $200: In 1682 he drew up a frame of government for a new American colony: "Quaker State of Mind" William Penn
#7072, aired 2015-05-19WHISKEY $600: The Whiskey Rebellion of 1794 against taxes on booze took place in this state's Monongahela Valley Pennsylvania
#7064, aired 2015-05-07UTOPIA $1200: Lutherans led by George Rapp left Pennsylvania to found a utopia in 1814 at New Harmony in this state Indiana
#7049, aired 2015-04-16POLITICIANS $800: As a senator from this state, 1985-2015, Jay Rockefeller pushed for health & safety measures for coal miners West Virginia
#7037, aired 2015-03-31INSTRUMENTAL IN SCIENCE $1000: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew, at Harvard University's Historical Scientific Instruments, shows a machine.) Harvard lost most of its scientific equipment in a 1764 fire; state-of-the-art replacements, like an electricity-generating machine, were bought by this man in London on business for the colony of Pennsylvania Benjamin Franklin
#7030, aired 2015-03-20LADIES & GERMS $800: The first medical school for women was the Female Medical College of this state, founded by Quakers in 1850 Pennsylvania
#6993, aired 2015-01-28YES, VIRGINIA $1000: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew shows a map on the monitor.) When West Virginia split off in 1863, Virginia no longer shared borders with these two states Ohio & Pennsylvania
#6981, aired 2015-01-12HIT THE ROAD $400: Completed in 1795, this state's Lancaster Turnpike was the USA's first major paved road Pennsylvania
#6962, aired 2014-12-16ERNIE $600: Famous Ernie's in State College, Pennsylvania is famous for the sandwiches "wit or witout onions" a cheesesteak
#6960, aired 2014-12-12STATE MOTTOES $1200: 2 states have the words "liberty" & "independence" in their mottoes: Pennsylvania & this "First State" Delaware
#6945, aired 2014-11-21COLONIAL AMERICA $800: Since Pennsylvania had no coastline, in 1682 William Penn was granted land that later became this state Delaware
#6925, aired 2014-10-24COLLEGE TEAM NAMES $400: They roar for Penn State the Nittany Lions
#6904, aired 2014-09-25AMERICANA $800: Hex signs are found in the Dutch community In this state's Lancaster County Pennsylvania
#6901, aired 2014-09-22A PLACE FIT FOR A KING $400: In Pennsylvania you'll find the city called "King of" this former German state Prussia
#6884, aired 2014-07-17MYTHS BUSTED BY MYTHBUSTERS $800: One of these dropped from the Empire State Building is unlikely to kill someone or to penetrate the ground penny
#6875, aired 2014-07-04NEWBIES $600: James Franklin is this U.'s new head football coach, following 2 years of Bill O'Brien & 46 years of another guy Penn State
#6812, aired 2014-04-0817th CENTURY THINKERS $1200: Before founding the "Quaker State", he upheld Quaker doctrines in a pamphlet called "Truth Exalted" William Penn
#6786, aired 2014-03-03BOOM! $800: 1907's Monongah mine explosion in this state buckled streets, collapsed buildings & claimed 362 lives West Virginia
#6776, aired 2014-02-17AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY $800: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew presents the clue from Valley Forge Nat'l Historical Park in Pennsylvania.) Honored with a monument, the 500 black soldiers at Valley Forge included the U.S. military's first African-American unit of free men, the regiment known as the First of this Ocean State Rhode Island
#6763, aired 2014-01-29OFFICIAL STATE THINGS $1200: John James Audubon declared the ruffed type of this, Pennsylvania's state bird, delicious a grouse
#6728, aired 2013-12-11"P"s ON EARTH $1,800 (Daily Double): The grave of this founder of a U.S. state is at Old Jordans Cemetery, Buckinghamshire, England William Penn
#6709, aired 2013-11-14U.S. HISTORY: THE FIRST 100 YEARS $600: In the first census, 1790, New York was America's largest city & this was the most populous state Virginia
#6688, aired 2013-10-16WASHINGTON, NOT D.C. $1600: Home to the Pony League World Series, Washington is in this state that also hosts the Little League World Series Pennsylvania
#6686, aired 2013-10-14STATE THE STATE UNIVERSITY $800: This university's college of medicine is located at the Milton S. Hershey Medical Center Penn State
#6672, aired 2013-09-244-LETTER U.S. CITIES $1200: One of Pennsylvania's largest cities, it's also the state's only Great Lake port Erie
#6662, aired 2013-07-30EARLY AMERICAN HISTORY $1,000 (Daily Double): This Quaker leader spent only 4 years in the colony & future state with his name on it, leaving for good in 1701 William Penn
#6647, aired 2013-07-09UNOFFICIAL STATE NICKNAMES $400: "The Steel State"& "The Quaker State" Pennsylvania
#6608, aired 2013-05-15STUFF ABOUT STATES $7,200 (Daily Double): Of the 4 states officially called commonwealths, it's alphabetically last Virginia
#6603, aired 2013-05-08YES, THEY WILL $400: In his 1788 will this Philadelphian called himself a printer & president of the state of Pennsylvania Benjamin Franklin
#6592, aired 2013-04-23TASTE BUDS $600: These 2 junior high buddies split the cost of a $5 correspondence course on ice-cream making from Penn State Ben & Jerry
#6590, aired 2013-04-19EARLY AMERICAN HISTORY $2,400 (Daily Double): In 1677 he drafted the first charter guaranteeing separation of church & state in the Quaker Colony of West New Jersey William Penn
#6578, aired 2013-04-03QUICK PRESIDENTIAL STOPS $400: Gettysburg wasn't Lincoln's first visit to this state; in 1861 he was in Leaman Place for 4 minutes Pennsylvania
#6574, aired 2013-03-28STATES THAT BORDER CANADA $400: This state's Erie county has a 42-mile border with Canada; don't try to drive across it Pennsylvania (New York also accepted)
#6558, aired 2013-03-06KNOW YOUR AREA CODES $400: 712 gets you Iowa, 412, Pennsylvania & 212, this state New York
#6530, aired 2013-01-25small state capitals $400: The dome of the state capitol in this Pennsylvania city is a copy of St. Peter's in Rome Harrisburg
#6476, aired 2012-11-12YOU'RE HISTORY! $600: Known as the father of the Keystone State, he also fathered 14 children William Penn
#6399, aired 2012-06-14ALMOST HEAVEN: WEST VIRGINIA $600: The city of Weirton in the narrow northern panhandle borders Ohio on the west & this state on the east Pennsylvania
#6370, aired 2012-05-04KNOW YOUR STATE BORDERS! $600: Heading over Delaware's southern border? See you in this state Maryland
#6358, aired 2012-04-18THAT'S WHERE I DRAW THE LION $1600: The nice lion in "The Peaceable Kingdom" helped support Edward Hicks' vocation preaching in this state's Bucks Cty. Pennsylvania
#6326, aired 2012-03-05ESSAYS $1200: H.L. Mencken wrote a notorious essay on the "unbroken and agonizing ugliness" of this state's steel towns Pennsylvania
#6264, aired 2011-12-08SCHOOLS OF THE HEISMEN $800: 1973: John Cappelletti of this school; Jo-Pa had been head coach for 7 years even then Penn State
#6259, aired 2011-12-01MINER CLASSICS $1200: "Marching Men" by Sherwood Anderson recounts the tribulations of coal miners in this eastern state Pennsylvania
#6223, aired 2011-10-12BUCHANAN, JAMES BUCHANAN $200: Still the only president from this state, Buchanan died near Lancaster in 1868 Pennsylvania
#6203, aired 2011-07-27COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES $2000: This university in a borough named State College was founded in 1855 as a 4-year college called Farmers' High School Penn State
#6174, aired 2011-06-16IT'S A DISASTER $200: A coal mine explosion in this state's town of Monongah claimed 362 lives in 1907 West Virginia
#6161, aired 2011-05-30PENNSYLVANIA DREAMIN' $400: The Pennsylvania state Capitol dome rises 272 feet above this city Harrisburg
#6140, aired 2011-04-29STATE PARKS $400: Pocahontas State Park Virginia
#6131, aired 2011-04-18FORBES' MOST-EDUCATED SMALL TOWNS $600: No. 15: This Pennsylvania town that's also known for some football, Nittany Lions style State College
#6130, aired 2011-04-15MALLS OF AMERICA $1000: All hail this state's King of Prussia Mall, one of the largest shopping complexes on the East Coast Pennsylvania
#6118, aired 2011-03-30UNIVERSITY SPORTS TEAMS $400: Penn State's teams, they were named partly for a mountain & partly for a creature that could defeat Princeton's Tigers the Nittany Lions
#6058, aired 2011-01-05CONTRARY TO POPULAR BELIEF $800: Some argue there are 46 states, not 50, as Virginia, Kentucky, Pennsylvania & Massachusetts are all these Commonwealths
#6018, aired 2010-11-10COLLEGE BEFORE & AFTER $1200: Paterno sends his "Happy Valley" boys to get some "neighbor"ly life insurance Penn State Farm
#5999, aired 2010-10-14GENERAL SCIENCE $1600: In the U.S. the "stately" time divisions in the Carboniferous Period are called the Mississippian & this the Pennsylvanian
#5946, aired 2010-06-21OTHER GRAND CANYONS $800: The Allegheny Plateau is home to Pine Creek Gorge, a.k.a. the Grand Canyon of this state Pennsylvania
#5943, aired 2010-06-16SCIENCE CLASS $1200: The geologic period named for this coal-producing U.S. state is also called the Late Carboniferous Epoch Pennsylvania
#5891, aired 2010-04-05ENGINEERING $2000: In 1865 the world's first oil pipeline was constructed in this state & ran a straight course of about 5 miles Pennsylvania
#5867, aired 2010-03-02WHERE AM I? $1200: (Kelly of the Clue Crew sits amongst boxes of crayons.) I'm at the Crayola factory in this state's city of Easton, part of an industrial complex with Allentown & Bethlehem Pennsylvania
#5819, aired 2009-12-24GO GREYHOUND $800: Dedicated to the adoption of ex-racing greys, First State Greyhound Rescue places dogs in N.J., Penn. & this state Delaware
#5814, aired 2009-12-17"ARG"!!! $1600: John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park lies on the east coast of this Florida island Key Largo
#5787, aired 2009-11-10TOURING USA $200: Enjoy a glass-bottom boat ride at John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park near Key Largo in this state Florida
#5774, aired 2009-10-22SLIP-POURRI $2000: You'll find Slippery Rock State University in this U.S. state Pennsylvania
#5716, aired 2009-06-15PENNSYLVANIA $800: 60% of Pennsylvania is covered by this, which gives the state part of its name woods (or forests)
#5713, aired 2009-06-10TAILGATE CUISINE $400: Slice into pieces & grill in butter to prepare grilled stickies, a pastry delight for this school's Nittany Lions Penn State
#5668, aired 2009-04-0818th CENTURY AMERICA $1200: Yum! Chocolate manufacturing in the American colonies began in 1765 in what is now this state, in Dorchester Massachusetts
#5652, aired 2009-03-17USA TODAY $800: They're the Rose Bowl champs, having beaten Penn State 38-24 USC
#5613, aired 2009-01-21THEME PARK FUN $600: A kiss to the chocolaty characters seen here who delight visitors to Hershey Park in this state Pennsylvania
#5578, aired 2008-12-03WHICH CAME FIRST? $400: In U.S. statehood: Indiana, Pennsylvania, Maine Pennsylvania
#5567, aired 2008-11-18MSAs $400: This state's MSAs include Harrisburg-Carlisle & Scranton-Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania
#5505, aired 2008-07-11YOUR STATE IS PARKED $2000: Fort Necessity State Park, now a part of the Fort Necessity National Battlefield Pennsylvania
#5491, aired 2008-06-23STATE OF THE UNION $1000: Big Pocono State Park is found in this state Pennsylvania
#5460, aired 2008-05-09COLLEGE STADIUMS & ARENAS $400: This school's Nittany Lions play home football games at Beaver Stadium Penn State
#5453, aired 2008-04-30WILL...OF...FORTUNE! $600: In 1666 this Quaker who founded an American colony went to Ireland to manage his father's estates William Penn
#5430, aired 2008-03-28ALMOST BEFORE & AFTER $800: This rabid Stephen King dog has been coachin' Penn State since 1966 Cujo Paterno
#5391, aired 2008-02-04COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES $1600: The website for Bucknell, a college in this state, includes a section on life in the Susquehanna Valley Pennsylvania
#5370, aired 2008-01-04NOTHING SPECIFIC $800: One of this university's graduate centers is the Milton S. Hershey Medical Center Penn State
#5355, aired 2007-12-14MONOPOLY $1000: A railroad & an avenue are both named for this state Pennsylvania
#5316, aired 2007-10-22UNOFFICIAL STATE NICKNAMES $1000: "The coal state" & "The birth state of the nation" Pennsylvania
#5311, aired 2007-10-15SPORTS JOES $1000: In 1950 he became an assistant coach for Penn State football; in '66, he took over as head coach (Joe) Paterno
#5298, aired 2007-09-26U.S. BODIES OF WATER $800: Although only about 1.5 square miles in area, Lake Conneaut, south of Erie, is this state's largest natural lake Pennsylvania
#5281, aired 2007-07-23COLLEGE TEAM NICKNAMES $1,000 (Daily Double): This word describing Penn State's Lions comes from an Algonquian term meaning "single mountain" Nittany
#5254, aired 2007-06-14MARYLAND $200: Maryland's longest border with another state is with this one to its north Pennsylvania
#5223, aired 2007-05-02COLLEGE HODGEPODGE $1000: Bryn Mawr is Welsh for "high hill", but Bryn Mawr isn't in Wales; it's in this U.S. state Pennsylvania
#5195, aired 2007-03-23WOMEN WRITERS $4,000 (Daily Double): She wrote for the Nebraska State Journal & the Pittsburgh Leader before penning "My Antonia" Willa Cather
#5187, aired 2007-03-13"P"LACES ON THE MAP $200: On the Liberty Bell, this state's name is missing one of its "N"s Pennsylvania
#5183, aired 2007-03-07STATES FREAK $1600: The 3 states on Michigan's southern borders Indiana, Ohio, & Wisconsin
#5170, aired 2007-02-16U.S.A. $1,000 (Daily Double): In Pennsylvania, 2 rivers meet to form this third one that shares its name with a state the Ohio River
#5124, aired 2006-12-14MOVERS & QUAKERS $400: Thomas Mifflin, a Constitution signer from this state, irritated fellow Quakers by fighting in the Revolution Pennsylvania
#5102, aired 2006-11-14SEE "NN" $5,000 (Daily Double): 2 of the 4 states with "NN" in their names (2 of) Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, & Minnesota
#5053, aired 2006-07-26MAKE $$$ IN YOUR SPARE TIME! $800: Go halfsies in the lottery with Donna Goeppert, from Bethlehem in this state; in 2005 she won $1 million 2 different times Pennsylvania
#5049, aired 2006-07-20ABBREVIATED U.S. STATES $1,200 (Daily Double): The 2 states whose abbreviations are informal words for father & mother Pennsylvania, PA & Massachusetts, MA
#5014, aired 2006-06-01BINGO $2000: The first recorded use of bingo for charity fundraising was in 1930 at a church in Wilkes-Barre in this state Pennsylvania
#5013, aired 2006-05-31LIQUIDS $600: The Quaker State Company was founded in 1931 in a Pennsylvania city named for this liquid oil
#4916, aired 2006-01-16GROVER CLEVELAND ROCKS $2000: Born there in 1837, Grover is the only president native to this state New Jersey
#4891, aired 2005-12-12FOR THE BIRDS $1600: This "ruffed" state bird of Penn. is famous for the drumming sound its wings make when proclaiming its territory a grouse
#4890, aired 2005-12-09ABBREV. $400: Joe Paterno has over 330 coaching wins coaching here: This is PSU Penn State University
#4883, aired 2005-11-30GOVERNMENT & POLITICS $400: As a result of the 2000 Census, 4 states gained 2 House seats; New York & this "Keystone State" lost 2 Pennsylvania
#4878, aired 2005-11-23CITY SEALS $600: The portrait on this state capital's seal resembles the one on the penny Lincoln
#4873, aired 2005-11-16STATE OBJECTS & SYMBOLS $1200: The state motto of Pennsylvania is "Virtue, liberty, and" this, quite a declaration "independence"
#4841, aired 2005-10-03COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES $600: Seton Hill University is in Greensburg, Penn.; Seton Hall University is in South Orange in this state New Jersey
#4834, aired 2005-09-22FUN ACROSS AMERICA $600: Indulge in a cocoa massage or a chocolate sugar scrub at the Hotel Hershey's spa in this state Pennsylvania
#4823, aired 2005-07-20RESCUE ME! $600 (Daily Double): When sent down, the rescue capsule for the Quecreek miners in this state carried water, Skoal & Hershey bars Pennsylvania
#4819, aired 2005-07-14POSTAL ABBREVIATIONS $400: Sometimes the principal uses this state as an electronic amplification apparatus to get the word out Pennsylvania
#4811, aired 2005-07-04STATE NICKNAMES $200: The "Quaker State" Pennsylvania
#4778, aired 2005-05-18PULITZER-PRIZE WINNING WOMEN $1200: Her Cross Creek farmhouse where she penned "The Yearling" is part of a state historic site in Florida Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings
#4773, aired 2005-05-11BOBBING FOR POETS $2000: The USA's first Poet Laureate, he taught at Louisiana State from 1934 to 1942 & edited the Southern Review (Robert Penn) Warren
#4770, aired 2005-05-06ALL ABOARD! $1,000 (Daily Double): Ride in restored 1930s passenger cars on the Oil Creek and Titusville Railroad in this state Pennsylvania
#4766, aired 2005-05-02STATE FIRSTS $200: This state had the first hospital, the first circulating library & the first scientific society, endowed by Ben Franklin himself Pennsylvania
#4765, aired 2005-04-29THE CIVIL WAR $1,000 (Daily Double): In area, Texas was the largest of the Confederate states; this was the largest of the 24 Union states California
#4762, aired 2005-04-26LIBRARIES $400: The community of Darby in this state claims the USA's oldest free library, founded in 1743 Pennsylvania
#4709, aired 2005-02-10PENN. NAMES $600: As its governor from 1995 to 2001, he kept his home state of Pennsylvania secure Tom Ridge
#4682, aired 2005-01-04PLANETS ON EARTH $400: There is life in Mars, 30 miles from the confluence of the Monongahela & Allegheny Rivers in this state Pennsylvania
#4681, aired 2005-01-03"HALL"s OF FAME $800: Primarily designed by Edmund Wooley & Andrew Hamilton, it has also been called the State House of Pennsylvania Independence Hall
#4671, aired 2004-12-20POINTS OF "LIGHT" $200: Pennsylvania must be all aglow with this state insect, also called a firefly a lightning bug
#4667, aired 2004-12-14HEADQUARTERS $400: Since 1988 J.C. Penney has been firmly planted in Plano in this state Texas
#4645, aired 2004-11-12COLLEGE FOOTBALL $400: In 1993 Penn State became the 11th member of this conference, which didn't change its name the Big Ten
#4636, aired 2004-11-01AMERICAN HISTORY $1,600 (Daily Double): In the first census conducted in 1790, this state, with nearly 692,000 people, was the most populous Virginia
#4626, aired 2004-10-18PALINDROMIC PLACES $400: Hannah is in this state that is the center, or keystone, of the original 13 colonies Pennsylvania
#4610, aired 2004-09-24AMERICANA $2,000 (Daily Double): It was in this state in the late 1800s that Standard Oil & National Cash Register rang up their first sales Ohio
#4602, aired 2004-09-14SECONDS $600: On Dec. 12, 1787 this "Keystone State" became the second U.S. state to ratify the Constitution Pennsylvania
#4582, aired 2004-07-06CORAL REEF LIFE $800: John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, the USA's first underwater park, is just off the coast of this Florida key Key Largo
#4578, aired 2004-06-30BROWN $400: Famous Brown alumni include Charles Evans Hughes, Mary Chapin Carpenter & this Penn State football coach Joe Paterno
#4505, aired 2004-03-19NEAR DISASTERS $800: In July 2002 9 men were dramatically rescued from a flooded mine in this state Pennsylvania
#4501, aired 2004-03-15NAZARETH $1200: Near Bethlehem, the town of Nazareth in this U.S. state was founded by the Moravian Church around 1740 Pennsylvania
#4439, aired 2003-12-18SCREEN PLAYS $400: Jason Miller went back home to Scranton in this state to make the '82 film of his play "That Championship Season" Pennsylvania
#4416, aired 2003-11-17ENDS WITH 2 VOWELS $200: It's the "Keystone State" Pennsylvania
#4413, aired 2003-11-12POTPOURRI $800: Excluding the state quarter, they're the 2 current pieces of money with the likeness of Abraham Lincoln the penny & the 5-dollar bill
#4377, aired 2003-09-23WE WANT SECONDS $200: In 1787 Pennsylvania was the second state to ratify this important U.S. government document the Constitution
#4360, aired 2003-07-11JOE COLLEGE $1600: Brown (not Penn State), 1950 Joe Paterno
#4354, aired 2003-07-03STATE STUFF $800: Almost all of the anthracite coal produced in the U.S. comes from this state Pennsylvania
#4347, aired 2003-06-24AMERICAN HISTORY $1200: What was once the proposed state of Franklin became part of this new state in 1796 Tennessee
#4331, aired 2003-06-02STATE NICKNAMES $1600: Though nicknamed "The Constitution State", it was actually the fifth state to ratify the Constitution Connecticut
#4326, aired 2003-05-26PEN-SYLVANIA $400: Among Pennsylvania state pens, this is "medium" at Rockview but "maximum" at Frackville security
#4310, aired 2003-05-02OH, THE AMENITIES! $800: Frolic in a 7' tall champagne glass hot tub at Caesars Cove Haven Resort in the Poconos in this U.S. state Pennsylvania
#4264, aired 2003-02-27THE ARMED FORCES $200: The "Keystone" National Guard division is in this state Pennsylvania
#4210, aired 2002-12-13TRAVEL & TOURISM $400: This state's John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park features an underwater bronze statue, "Christ of the Deep" Florida
#4196, aired 2002-11-25ERIE COINCIDENCE $400: A major promoter of the Erie Canal, De Witt Clinton was governor of this state in 1825 when it was opened New York
#4196, aired 2002-11-25ERIE COINCIDENCE $1200: By population, Erie is the third-largest city in this state Pennsylvania
#4190, aired 2002-11-15STATE FACTS $2,200 (Daily Double): Of the 4 states called commonwealths, the 2 that are farthest south Kentucky & Virginia
#4149, aired 2002-09-19THE U.S. CONSTITUTION $1200: The Constitution was signed on September 17, 1787 at Philadelphia's Pennsylvania State House, now known as this hall Independence Hall
#4137, aired 2002-09-03STATE OF THE UNION $400: You'll find one of the world's largest chocolate factories 20 miles north of York in this eastern state Pennsylvania
#4121, aired 2002-07-01STATE CAPITALS $1000: It's the only "burg" that's a state capital Harrisburg (Pennsylvania)
#4120, aired 2002-06-28THE MEADIA $2000: A college in Meadville, Penn. shares its name with this mountain range that rises across the state's central region Allegheny
#4090, aired 2002-05-17JOE-PARDY! $600: Legendary Joe Paterno has coached this school's football team for 36 years Penn State
#4065, aired 2002-04-12BEAUTY TREATMENTS $400: Treat yourself to a whipped cocoa bath or a chocolate fondue wrap at the Hotel Hershey Spa in this state Pennsylvania
#4040, aired 2002-03-08COLOSSUS $1600: The most famous U.S. timber span bridge was "The Colossus" that spanned the Schuylkill river in this state in 1812 Pennsylvania
#4013, aired 2002-01-30THE AMISH $1200: (Cheryl of the Clue Crew standing outside in Amish country.) Old order Amish speak English, German, and this stately language --a dialect of German. Pennsylvania Dutch
#4010, aired 2002-01-25PENNSYLVANIA $1000: The 6 states that border Pennsylvania are Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware & these 2 New Jersey & New York
#3998, aired 2002-01-09STATE QUARTERS $600: There's a keystone & an outline of the state on its quarter Pennsylvania
#3990, aired 2001-12-28I'M TALL ENOUGH TO RIDE THAT! $200: 36" tall? You're big enough for Racing Rapids at Kennywood, near Pittsburgh in this state Pennsylvania
#3989, aired 2001-12-27BODIES OF WATER $2000: This "stately" river forms the boundary between New York & Pennsylvania Delaware
#3982, aired 2001-12-18FIRST THINGS FIRST $1000: (Hey, it's Gary Dell'Abate from The Howard Stern Show.) Before producing Howard's show I attended Adelphi University, which in 1896 became the first co-educational college in this state New York
#3971, aired 2001-12-03D.C. $600: It was in L'Enfant's original plan to name the diagonal avenues for states with this avenue as the major one Pennsylvania Avenue
#3954, aired 2001-11-08LICENSE PLATE MOTTOES $200: "" Pennsylvania
#3920, aired 2001-09-21AMERICA-PODGE $1000: Born in Mexico in 1907 to expatriate American Mormons, George Romney served as gov. of this U.S. state in the 1960s Michigan
#3905, aired 2001-07-204 "N" WORDS & PHRASES $200: It's any native or resident of the Keystone State Pennsylvanian
#3898, aired 2001-07-11TRAIN STATIONS $200: In the movie "The Clock", Judy Garland finds love in this "stately" NYC station Penn Station
#3823, aired 2001-03-28AS WE KNOW IT $400: In 2000 Penn State's faculty senate denounced football fans' "negative cheering", or this activity Booing
#3809, aired 2001-03-08WHAT THE "H" IS IT? $500: Das kapital of das Keystone State Harrisburg (Pennsylvania)
#3799, aired 2001-02-22STATE OF MINE $200: This state's Wilkes-Barre district won a mine reclamation award for its Upper Lehigh site Pennsylvania
#3763, aired 2001-01-03STREET SMARTS $100: It's the stately street where the U.S. president lives Pennsylvania Avenue
#3725, aired 2000-11-10BORE & GUSH $500 (Daily Double): This company now better known for motor oil takes its name from the state where petroleum was found in 1859 Pennzoil (Pennsylvania)
#3645, aired 2000-06-09MIDDLE AMERICA $100: Lititz, Ephrata & Strasburg are communities in this state's Amish Country Pennsylvania
#3619, aired 2000-05-04AIN'T THAT AMERICA $1000: From 1784 to 1788 the eastern part of this state was a separate state called Franklin Tennessee
#3583, aired 2000-03-15BE A ROADS SCHOLAR $800: You'll find many embassies on this Washington, D.C. avenue bearing the name of the sixth state to join the Union Massachusetts Avenue
#3560, aired 2000-02-11U.S. STATE NAMES $200: Literally, this state's name means "Penn's Woods" Pennsylvania
#3539, aired 2000-01-13COLLEGE FOOTBALL COACHES $200: On August 28, 1999 he began his 34th season as Penn State head coach by defeating Arizona, 41-7 Joe Paterno
#3460, aired 1999-09-24UNITED "STATE"S $1000: A Nittany Lion could tell you this city is home to Penn State's main campus State College
#3416, aired 1999-06-14BETSY ROSS $500 (Daily Double): Betsy's dad helped build Pennsylvania's old state house, better known by this name Independence Hall
#3397, aired 1999-05-18U.S. HISTORY 101 $100: In 1779 this Pennsylvania city was a state capital as well as the national capital Philadelphia
#3343, aired 1999-03-03THE 50 STATES $500: 2 of the 4 states officially called commonwealths Kentucky, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Virginia
#3328, aired 1999-02-10COLLEGE SPORTS TEAM NICKNAMES $400: Penn State Nittany Lions
#3320, aired 1999-01-29COLLEGE SPORTS $300: This Penn State legend is the only coach to win all 4 traditional bowl games Joe Paterno
#3318, aired 1999-01-27STATE BIRDS $1000: Some call it a pheasant & others a partridge; as a state bird Pennsylvania calls it the ruffed this grouse
#3316, aired 1999-01-25STATE FACTS $100: "Got" this drink? It's Pennsylvania's state beverage Milk
#3274, aired 1998-11-26COLLEGE FOOTBALL $300: Even after Penn State joined it in 1990, this conference retained its numerical name The Big Ten
#3273, aired 1998-11-25THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT MARYLAND $400: At Hancock, the state is less than 3 miles wide between West Virginia on the south & this state on the north Pennsylvania
#3240, aired 1998-10-09THE 50 STATES $1,500 (Daily Double): This state saw the birth of America's first hospital & first circulating library Pennsylvania
#3239, aired 1998-10-08GO SEE A PLAY OUTSIDE $1000: Follow the Coal Heritage Trail to Beckley in this state to see the outdoor drama "Honey In The Rock" West Virginia
#3201, aired 1998-06-2912-LETTER WORDS $200: This state led the U.S. in the production of iron & steel for more than a century Pennsylvania
#3184, aired 1998-06-04BUCHANAN...JAMES BUCHANAN $400: Buchanan was born in the town of Stony Batter in this state; he died & was buried in Lancaster there Pennsylvania
#3182, aired 1998-06-02STATE FLAGS $800: Its state motto, "Virtue, LIberty and Independence" is on its flag; Ben Franklin would approve Pennsylvania
#3110, aired 1998-02-20ARTISTS $200: American primitive artist Edward Hicks did his painting in Bucks County in this state Pennsylvania
#3106, aired 1998-02-16STATE NICKNAMES $200: "The Quaker State" Pennsylvania
#3093, aired 1998-01-28AMERICANA $300: Instead of Oktoberfest, Carlisle in this "Keystone State" has an Octubafest Pennsylvania
#3047, aired 1997-11-25MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS $400: In 1761 this Pennsylvania statesman invented the glass harmonica Benjamin Franklin
#2982, aired 1997-07-15NAME THE DECADE $100: "American Bandstand" debuts, Federal troops sent to Little Rock, Alaska becomes a state 1950s
#2977, aired 1997-07-08U.S. GEOGRAPHY $2,000 (Daily Double): At one point this state is less than 2 miles wide between its borders with Pennsylvania & West Virginia Maryland
#2974, aired 1997-07-03ANNUAL EVENTS $300: Flag Day is a legal holiday only in this Keystone State Pennsylvania
#2966, aired 1997-06-23COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES $200: This school in University Park, Pennsylvania was chartered in 1855 as Farmers' High School Penn State University
#2943, aired 1997-05-21U.S. STATES $400: NCAA teams in this state include the La Salle Explorers, the Villanova Wildcats & the Drexel Dragons Pennsylvania
#2905, aired 1997-03-28U.S. GOVERNMENT $2,000 (Daily Double): Congress has met in more than 10 different capitol buildings, at least 5 of them in this state Pennsylvania
#2881, aired 1997-02-24"KEY" WORDS & PHRASES $300: Mentioned in Pennsylvania's state nickname, it's the central topmost support of an arch Keystone
#2879, aired 1997-02-20WINE $300: Most of this state's vineyards lie along Lake Erie's shores, from Sandusky to the Pennsylvania border Ohio
#2836, aired 1996-12-23POLITICIANS $600: William Scranton was governor of this state from 1963 to 1967 & later served as U.S. ambassador to the U.N. Pennsylvania
#2823, aired 1996-12-04EDUCATION $600: The brother of Pres. Eisenhower, he served as president of Kansas State, Penn State & Johns Hopkins Milton Eisenhower
#2815, aired 1996-11-22PENNSYLVANIA $600: Although called a state, Pennsylvania is actually this, as are Kentucky, Massachusetts & Virginia Commonwealth
#2805, aired 1996-11-08U.S. STATES $500: This state's border with Pennsylvania is the arc of a perfect circle centered in New Castle Delaware
#2765, aired 1996-09-13STATE CAPITOLS $200: This state's capitol in Harrisburg contains more than 600 rooms Pennsylvania
#2749, aired 1996-07-11PENNSYLVANIA $500: These mountains lent their names to Penn State's Lions the Nittany Mountains
#2739, aired 1996-06-27U.S. GEOGRAPHY $400: The Allegheny Reservoir straddles the border of New York & this state Pennsylvania
#2697, aired 1996-04-30U.S. GEOGRAPHY $800: The Ohio River begins in this state Pennsylvania
#2682, aired 1996-04-09THE 1750s $200: This bell was first hung in 1753 in the Pennsylvania state house Liberty Bell
#2598, aired 1995-12-13MUSEUMS $200: Museums in this state include the Carnegie Museum of Art & the Franklin Institute Science Museum Pennsylvania
#2537, aired 1995-09-19PARKS $300: This state's John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park was the first undersea park in the U.S. Florida
#2515, aired 1995-07-07AMERICANA $400: Lancaster, which has the largest stockyards east of Chicago, was this state's capital from 1799 to 1812 Pennsylvania
#2514, aired 1995-07-06ENGINEERING $600: Built in 1865, America's first successful oil pipeline was 2" wide & traveled 5 miles in this state Pennsylvania
#2286, aired 1994-07-11STATE FLAGS & SYMBOLS $2,000 (Daily Double): Its state coat of arms features a king on the left & a goddess of liberty on the right Hawaii
#2185, aired 1994-02-18THE GETTYSBURG ADDRESS $600: The address was delivered at the new National Soldiers' Cemetery in this state Pennsylvania
#2078, aired 1993-09-22SPORTS $800: Joe Paterno leads all active Div. 1-A college football coaches with close to 250 victories, all with this school Penn State
#1989, aired 1993-04-08PENNSYLVANIANS $1,500 (Daily Double): On June 25, 1982 Pres. Reagan accepted this Pennsylvania-born general's resignation as Sec. of State Alexander Haig
#1956, aired 1993-02-22QUOTES $100: This state has been called "The Keystone of the Democratic Arch" Pennsylvania
#1887, aired 1992-11-17COLONIAL AMERICA $800: As Pennsylvania had no coast, William Penn was given land in 1682 that later became this small state Delaware
#1885, aired 1992-11-13MUSEUMS $500: The Drake Well Museum in Titusville in this state commemorates the first oil well in the U.S. Pennsylvania
#1800, aired 1992-05-29"KEY"s $100: It's Pennsylvania's nickname the Keystone state
#1799, aired 1992-05-28COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES $600: Duke University is in North Carolina & Duquesne University is in this state Pennsylvania
#1707, aired 1992-01-21HISTORIC SITES $400: The first oil well in the United States was at Titusville in this state Pennsylvania
#1706, aired 1992-01-20MARYLAND $600: It's a short 2-mile walk from West Virginia north across Maryland to this state Pennsylvania
#1620, aired 1991-09-20ARTISTS $1000: Andrew Wyeth lives in these 2 states & paints many rural scenes near his homes Pennsylvania & Maine
#1593, aired 1991-07-03U.S. STATES $600: This state is now third after Indiana & Ohio in production of iron & steel Pennsylvania
#1563, aired 1991-05-22PENNSYLVANIA $800: The state's name means Penn's these woods (sylvania)
#1558, aired 1991-05-15PARKS $400: Camp David, the presidential mountain retreat, is in Catoctin Mountain Park, in this state Maryland
#1557, aired 1991-05-14ABBREVIATIONS $400: Your ma and pa could tell you MA & PA are the postal abbreviations for these two states Massachusetts & Pennsylvania
#1441, aired 1990-12-03FAMOUS LIONS $500: Since 1904 this lion has served as the symbol for Penn State's athletic teams Nittany Lion
#1378, aired 1990-09-05THE 50 STATES $800: Ketchup heir John Heinz is this state's senior U.S. senator Pennsylvania
#1358, aired 1990-06-27PHILADELPHIA $400: Each year nearly a million people visit this red brick colonial building first known as the Pennsylvania State House Independence Hall
#1326, aired 1990-05-14HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $500: Flag Day is a legal holiday only in this state where Betsy Ross worked as a seamstress Pennsylvania
#1265, aired 1990-02-16U.S.A. $800: Pennsylvania has more of these picturesque bridges than any other state Covered Bridges
#1263, aired 1990-02-14STATE CAPITALS $2,300 (Daily Double): Three Mile Island is located 10 miles south of this state capital Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
#1262, aired 1990-02-13U.S. STATES $500: Classified as a Mid-Atlantic state, this state doesn't touch an ocean, but it does border Lake Erie Pennsylvania
#1188, aired 1989-11-01U.S. STATES $200: The 4 U.S. states that are officially commonwealths are Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Virginia & this one Massachusetts
#1185, aired 1989-10-27"KEY"s $300: Pennsylvania got this nickname perhaps because it was the center of the 13 original colonies "The Keystone State"
#1171, aired 1989-10-09CURRENT EVENTS $800 (Daily Double): This mid-Atlantic state's Super-7 lottery was the 1st in the U.S. to hit $100 million Pennsylvania
#1063, aired 1989-03-291988 $400: Dick Thornburgh, the former governor of this state, succeeded Edwin Meese as att'y general Pennsylvania
#1051, aired 1989-03-13STATE BIRDS $600: Pennsylvania's state bird is this handsome "ruffled" relative of a turkey grouse
#970, aired 1988-11-18ABBREV. $1,000 (Daily Double): States whose abbreviations make up the telegram: HI PA. MA OK. AL Hawaii, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, and Alabama
#933, aired 1988-09-28U.S. STATES $400: You can order various collectibles from the Franklin Mint in this state Pennsylvania
#876, aired 1988-05-30U.S. STATES $400: The almost perfect arc in Delaware's border separates it from this state Pennsylvania
#842, aired 1988-04-12U.S. STATES $800: Great American athlete Jim Thorpe is buried in the town named for him in this state Pennsylvania
#836, aired 1988-04-04AMERICANA $600: 2 places in the United states where dollar bills with a rodent's face on them can be used as legal tender Disneyworld & Disneyland
#825, aired 1988-03-18MUSIC ON THE MAP $100: This state's polka "started in Scranton" Pennsylvania
#820, aired 1988-03-11STATE NICKNAMES $800: Perhaps its center spot in the arch of the original 13 states got it dubbed the Keystone State Pennsylvania
#777, aired 1988-01-12LICENSE PLATES $400: It's newest license plates remind us "You've got a friend in" this state founded by Friends Pennsylvania
#763, aired 1987-12-23U.S. STATES $1000: The "Toledo War" was a dispute between these 2 states over 400 square miles along Lake Erie Ohio & Mighigan
#730, aired 1987-11-061787 $800: 2 of 3 states that ratified the Constitution in 1787 Delaware & New Jersey (& Pennsylvania)
#717, aired 1987-10-20LAKES & RIVERS $700 (Daily Double): Besides Delaware, 2 of the other 3 states on the Delaware River (2 of) New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania
#637, aired 1987-05-19BRIDGES $300: With 220, Pennsylvania has more of this historic type of bridge than any other state covered
#635, aired 1987-05-15COLLEGES $400: To end confusion with African maned lion, this school sports a 13-ton statue of a Nittany lion Penn State
#633, aired 1987-05-13GEOGRAPHICAL SONGS $500: This song about night in a N. England state begins "pennies in a stream, falling leaves, a sycamore..." "Moonlight in Vermont"
#619, aired 1987-04-23HOLIDAYS $500: Flag Day is a legal holiday only in this state, where Betsy Ross worked as a seamstress Pennsylvania
#561, aired 1987-02-02FORMER CAPITALS $500: In 1812, this state's capital was moved from Lancaster to its present site Pennsylvania
#314, aired 1985-11-21EATING IN AMERICA $300: Since overeating was a status symbol, early rulers of what's now this state often weighed over 400 lbs. Hawaii
#153, aired 1985-04-10TREES $100: Knowing that this was the state tree of Pennsylvania would have just killed Socrates hemlock
#77, aired 1984-12-25U.S. HISTORY $400: State in which George Washington spent winter at Valley Forge Pennsylvania
#67, aired 1984-12-11LANDMARKS $300: His statue is atop Philadelphia's City Hall William Penn
#12, aired 1984-09-25U.S. STATES $800: 1 of 4 states that's officially a commonwealth (1 of) Massachusetts, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Virginia
#5, aired 1984-09-14TRIVIA $500: State name that's misspelled on the Liberty Bell Pennsylvania

Final Jeopardy! Round clues (21 results returned)

#7459, aired 2017-02-02THE U.S.A.: The Empire State Building says that on a clear day you can see 5 states from the top: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut & these 2 Pennsylvania and Massachusetts
#6264, aired 2011-12-08DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE SIGNERS: The only Roman Catholic signer represented this state Maryland
#6020, aired 2010-11-12DOCUMENTS: It says, "The history of the present king of Great Britain is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations" the Declaration of Independence
#5920, aired 2010-05-14THE 50 STATES: It's the only state from which rainwater flows to the Pacific, the Atlantic & Hudson Bay Montana
#5785, aired 2009-11-06STATE CAPITALS: It's the only 3-word state capital Salt Lake City
#5655, aired 2009-03-20CIVIL WAR SITES: Of the 6 Civil War-related national military parks, the northernmost & southernmost are in these 2 states Pennsylvania & Mississippi
#5536, aired 2008-10-0620th CENTURY WOMEN: The state building that houses Pennsylvania's Department of Environmental Protection is named in her honor Rachel Carson
#5330, aired 2007-11-09HISTORIC ARCHITECTS: He designed S.C.'s State Capitol, burned during the Civil War; his most famous building had burned during the War of 1812 James Hoban
#5142, aired 2007-01-09THE 50 STATES: Between 1990 & 2004, its pop. grew 36%, edging Florida for the highest growth rate of any state east of Colorado Georgia
#5060, aired 2006-09-15U.S. STATES: Of the 4 U.S. states that are officially called commonwealths, this one was not 1 of the original 13 Colonies Kentucky
#4483, aired 2004-02-18U.S. POLITICS: On July 16, 1790 Congress created this area & some of its residents think that by now it should be a state Washington, D.C.
#4093, aired 2002-05-22RENAISSANCE AUTHORS: In the 16th century he wrote, "Whoever wishes to found a state…must start with assuming that all men are bad…" Machiavelli
#3989, aired 2001-12-27STATE SYMBOLS: Appropriately, the mayflower is the official flower of this state Massachusetts
#1955, aired 1993-02-19NEW ENGLAND: In Washington, D.C.'s Statuary Hall, the state of Vermont is represented by this patriot Ethan Allen
#1874, aired 1992-10-29U.S. PRESIDENTS: The first two presidents not born in Virginia were born in what is now this state Massachusetts
#1003, aired 1989-01-04THE CIVIL WAR: The 2 Union states that were invaded by General Lee's Confederate armies Maryland & Pennsylvania
#966, aired 1988-11-14THE CIVIL WAR: The bloodiest single day of fighting in the Civil War took place in this state Maryland
#916, aired 1988-09-05U.S. GEOGRAPHY: Longest boundary between any 2 U.S. states is the one between these 2 Texas & Oklahoma
#550, aired 1987-01-16THE CIVIL WAR: Site of half the major battles, this state is considered the war's chief battleground Virginia
#545, aired 1987-01-09STATE CAPITALS: The only person from whom the names of 2 current state capitals are derived Christopher Columbus
#280, aired 1985-10-04BUSINESS AND INDUSTRY: Over 1/2 of Fortune 500 and 42% of all N.Y. Stock Exchange companies are incorporated in this state Delaware

Players (33 results returned)

Sean Ryan, a cab driver from State College, Pennsylvania 2005 Ultimate Tournament of Champions Nifty Nine (players with byes into...
Tristan Mabry, a Ph.D. student from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Season 21 player (2004-10-11). KJL game 54.
Sean Ryan, a graduate student from Whitehall, Pennsylvania 2005 Ultimate Tournament of Champions Nifty Nine (players with byes into...
Whitney Dearden, an 11-year-old from Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania "She enjoys working with animals and would like to become a...
Charlotte Darby, from West Chester, Pennsylvania "Her crafts include crochet, origami, and friendship bracelets. From West Chester,...
Ben Goldman, a sophomore at New York University from Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania 2005 College Championship wildcard semifinalist: $10,000. Son of Season 17 1-time champion Marjorie Goldman.
Adam Pinson, a senior at the University of Alabama at Birmingham from Pinson, Alabama 2005 College Championship 1st runner-up: $50,000. Won $100,000 on Who Wants...
Joseph Graumann, a junior from Mays Landing, New Jersey 2006 Teen Tournament wildcard semifinalist: $10,000.
Bernard Holloway, a junior from Mitchellville, Maryland 2005 Ultimate Tournament of Champions Round 1 player: $5,000. 2002 Teen...
Cathy Vrentas, a biology student from State College, Pennsylvania Season 17 player (2001-04-02).
Ryan Hall, a physics teacher from State College, Pennsylvania Season 23 player (2007-04-16).
Anna Han, a sophomore from Penn State University 2007 College Championship quarterfinalist: $5,000. 19 at the time of the...
Jeff McCollum, a Navy officer from Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania Season 24 player (2008-03-31). Jeff is a commander in the United...
Brian Muth, a headmaster from Napa, California Season 25 2-time champion: $43,800 + $1,000. Last name pronounced like...
Liz Murphy, a foreign service officer originally from Scranton, Pennsylvania 2010 Tournament of Champions semifinalist: $10,000. Season 25 5-time champion: $121,302...
Justin Klos, a legislative staffer from Camp Hill, Pennsylvania Season 25 player (2009-04-27). Last name pronounced like "CLOSE" (as in...
Ariella Goldstein, a junior from Muhlenberg College 2009 College Championship wildcard semifinalist: $10,000. 20 and from Cortlandt Manor,...
Sean Ryan, a taxi driver, bartender and student from State College, Pennsylvania 2005 Ultimate Tournament of Champions Nifty Nine (players with byes into...
Kate Bilo, a TV weather anchor from State College, Pennsylvania Season 25 player (2009-06-09).
Alyssa McRae, a gift card production designer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Season 25 3-time champion: $50,402 + $2,000. Jeopardy! Message Board user...
Christine Valada, a photographer and attorney originally from Walton, New York 2010 Tournament of Champions quarterfinalist: $5,000. Season 26 4-time champion: $68,703...
Chris Rodrigues, a personal banking representative from New Bedford, Massachusetts Season 26 3-time champion: $41,498 + $2,000. Last name pronounced like...
Jove Graham, a biomedical engineer from Lewisburg, Pennsylvania Season 26 1-time champion: $34,401 + $1,000. Jove's second contestant interview...
Kelly Lathrop, an art historian from Landisville, Pennsylvania Season 26 player (2010-01-27). Last name pronounced like "LAY-throp".
Aaron Wicks, a planning and evaluation manager from Rochester, New York Season 26 1-time champion: $18,001 + 1,000. Aaron Wicks Rochester, NY...
Julia Martinez, an 11-year-old from Fairfax, Virginia "Get ready, Pennsylvania Avenue. She wants to be president of the...
Nicholas Bérubé, an architect originally from State College, Pennsylvania Season 31 player (2015-01-15). Nicholas won $30,000 on Who Wants to...
Therese Jones, a space policy analyst originally from State College, Pennsylvania Season 32 player (2016-03-04).
Vivek Srikrishnan, a graduate student from State College, Pennsylvania Season 32 player (2016-03-24).
Jim Eckess, a bartender from State College, Pennsylvania Season 34 player (2017-11-22).
Rebecca Zoshak, a language specialist from State College, Pennsylvania Season 34 1-time champion: $14,407 + $2,000. Rebecca returned to the...
Ariana Mikulski, an associate teaching professor from State College, Pennsylvania
Kate Jay Zweifler, a Realtor and stay-at-home mom from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Season 35 player (2019-05-01). Daughter of Season 7 player Roz Jay....
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