Jeopardy! Round, Double Jeopardy! Round, or Tiebreaker Round clues (686 results returned)

#8235, aired 2020-06-12COLORFUL CITIES $1200: Parlez-vous Francais? Then name this Louisiana port at the head of the Mississippi's deepwater navigation Baton Rouge
#8215, aired 2020-05-01HISTORIC HAPPENINGS $400: The governor of Louisiana put one of these for $500 on Jean Lafitte's head, so Jean put one out for $1,500 on the governor a bounty
#8215, aired 2020-05-01STATES BY BORDERS $1000: New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana Texas
#8214, aired 2020-04-30COLLEGE & UNIVERSITY ORIGINS $400: In 1860 William T. Sherman was the 1st leader of this then seminary of learning & military academy, 9 years before it moved to Baton Rouge LSU (Louisiana State)
#8206, aired 2020-04-20THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE $1,600 (Daily Double): (MSNBC's Steve Kornacki presents by a display monitor.) A third party candidate hasn't won a state in a presidential election since 1968 when this American Independent Party nominee carried Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, and his native Alabama George Wallace
#8204, aired 2020-04-16JUNIORS & SENIORS $1600: For 29 years Harry Connick Sr. put away Louisiana offenders in this prosecuting job for Orleans Parish district attorney
#8186, aired 2020-03-23STATE OF THE BRIDGE $400: Lake Pontchartrain Causeway Louisiana
#8183, aired 2020-03-18TRANSLATED CITIES $400: Red Stick, Louisiana Baton Rouge
#8182, aired 2020-03-17ON TIME $400: "An American Tragedy" & "System Failure" were September 2005 cover lines about this Louisiana disaster Hurricane Katrina
#8180, aired 2020-03-13STATE THE PROBLEM $400: An 1893 hurricane devastates the island of Cheniere Caminada Louisiana
#8173, aired 2020-03-04THE JEFFERSONIAN ERA $400: This addition to the nation during Jefferson's tenure included land that would end up being part of 15 states the Louisiana Purchase
#8139, aired 2020-01-16STATES' COMMON SURNAMES $800: Louisiana-born singers Hank Jr. & Lucinda share this surname, the state's most common Williams
#8138, aired 2020-01-15U.S. REPRESENTATIVES $2000: This Louisiana Rep. received a standing ovation in 2017 after returning from injuries received from a gunshot wound Steve Scalise
#8137, aired 2020-01-14TV SHOWS BASED ON BOOKS $600: The good times roll in Bon Temps, Louisiana, the setting for this drama where some folks really vamped it up True Blood
#1, aired 2020-01-07BEFORE, DURING & AFTER $8,600 (Daily Double): Louisiana Purchase explorers joined by LBJ's Secretary of Defense & a "Golden Boy" dramatist Lewis and Clark Clifford Odets
#8123, aired 2019-12-25THE NEXT WORD AFTER $1600: After picas: petty, or a former Louisiana currency picayune
#8117, aired 2019-12-17FINAL RESTING PLACES $1600: This politician was assassinated in the Louisiana state Capitol building in Baton Rouge; his grave is in the gardens there Huey Long
#8106, aired 2019-12-02LAFAYETTE, IT IS THERE $1200: Lafayette, Louisiana is home to the Live this Society, whose members are trees with girths of 8 feet or more Oaks
#8075, aired 2019-10-18LESSER-KNOWN BROTHERS $400: Last name of Louisiana privateer Pierre, who died following a skirmish in 1821; brother Jean outlived him Lafitte
#8073, aired 2019-10-16OLD SCHOOL MOVIES $800: In 1998 this actor was "The Waterboy" for South Central Louisiana State until he became a tackling machine on the gridiron Adam Sandler
#8071, aired 2019-10-14BAYOU TRAP-ISTRY $400: The type of trap seen here in Louisiana is meant to ensnare these, also known as mud bugs crayfish
#8071, aired 2019-10-14BAYOU TRAP-ISTRY $3,500 (Daily Double): The state of Louisiana says these reptiles over 4' can be considered a nuisance & will give you the name of a hunter alligators
#8047, aired 2019-09-10MUSICAL STYLES $800: This Louisiana style follows "Buckwheat" in the name of one of its popular performers zydeco
#8032, aired 2019-07-09STATE OF THE COUNTIES $400: Take in the united colors of Bennington, party in Orleans, then go to Rutland Vermont
#8019, aired 2019-06-20COLLEGE BOUND $800: In 1870 a school in this city got a name change & became Louisiana State University Baton Rouge
#8012, aired 2019-06-11KEEP YOUR PLACES STRAIGHT $600 (Daily Double): "We are here" in this city--but the one with a U. of Louisiana campus, or the seat of Tippecanoe County, Indiana? Lafayette
#7980, aired 2019-04-26OUT-OF-OFFICE E-MAILS $1600: He wrote, "Out of office as Louisiana governor; please add to your contacts list" Huey Long
#7957, aired 2019-03-26BIRTHPLACE OF A BRAND $600: Tabasco sauce Louisiana
#7945, aired 2019-03-08A MEASURED RESPONSE $400: The arpent, a French measure slightly less than an acre, was once used in Canada & in this "Creole State" Louisiana
#7920, aired 2019-02-01SULFUR $800: Louisiana & this neighbor together produce more than half of the sulfur in the United States Texas
#7912, aired 2019-01-22MUSICAL & PLAY SETTINGS $2,000 (Daily Double): In Act One, Scene 1 of this play, "the curtain rises on Truvy's Beauty Shop" in Chinquapin Parish, Louisiana Steel Magnolias
#7877, aired 2018-12-04FEMALE PLAYWRIGHTS $1200: In Beth Henley's "Crimes of the Heart", 3 sisters come together in this delta state after 1 shoots her abusive husband Mississippi
#7874, aired 2018-11-29PEOPLE IN POEMS $1600: In St. Martinville, Louisiana, not in a forest primeval, is a statue of this Acadian heroine, separated from her beloved Evangeline
#7871, aired 2018-11-26WHICH STATE? $600: Has parishes instead of counties Louisiana
#7868, aired 2018-11-21U.S. LAKES & RIVERS $7,000 (Daily Double): This largest Louisiana lake was named for a French count Lake Pontchartrain
#7863, aired 2018-11-14THE DEEP SOUTH $800: A French corruption of a Choctaw word, it's a slow-moving part of a marsh, especially in Louisiana a bayou
#7857, aired 2018-11-06RAISING CANE $2000: Louisiana farmers raise lots of cane for the Chalmette refinery of this sugar company that now owns C&H Domino
#7851, aired 2018-10-29FRENCH OFF THE BOAT $600: A few years after sailing here on the American Eagle, Irenee Du Pont opened a gunpowder mill in this state Delaware
#7833, aired 2018-10-03ENDS IN "O" $1200: In 2004 Louisiana named this dish the official state cuisine gumbo
#7825, aired 2018-09-21ALTERNATIVES TO COACHELLA? $1600: This word precedes "leopard dog" in the name of the official pooch of Louisiana Catahoula
#7822, aired 2018-09-18WHAT'S THAT ON YOUR SHELF? $800: A degree from this private university in New Orleans, founded as the Medical College of Louisiana in 1834? Impressive Tulane University
#7791, aired 2018-06-25THAT'S THE GOVERNMENT FOR YOU $800: Millard Fillmore Caldwell, William Sherman Jennings & Napoleon Bonaparte Broward governed this state Florida
#7787, aired 2018-06-19THE SHAPE OF THINGS $600: This state is said to be shaped like a boot, with Lake Charles near the heel Louisiana
#7783, aired 2018-06-13POLITICS & CURRENT AFFAIRS BOOKS $1000: "Kingfish" explores the life of this Louisiana governor some call a demagogue & some a visionary Huey Long
#7779, aired 2018-06-07I LAKE IT LIKE THAT $1200: You can't see land in any direction as you drive 8 of the 24 miles of causeway over this Louisiana lake Pontchartrain
#7778, aired 2018-06-06LITERARY OOPS! $400: This fatal device in "The Green Mile" wasn't yet in use in Louisiana prisons in 1932, the year the story is set the electric chair
#7774, aired 2018-05-31YOU SHALL NOT PASS! $2,000 (Daily Double): Oops, you crammed for the multistate bar exam but this state with laws deriving from the Napoleonic code doesn't use it Louisiana
#7773, aired 2018-05-30REFRIGERATOR MAGNETS $800: Bringing home bonafide fried chicken from this chain was a mistake--it will be gone "Louisiana Fast"! Popeyes
#7758, aired 2018-05-09IN THE STATE MUSEUM $800: Napoleon's death mask Louisiana
#7758, aired 2018-05-09IN THE STATE MUSEUM $1,000 (Daily Double): Andrew Jackson's leather wallet Tennessee
#7757, aired 2018-05-08MUSICAL KINGS $1200: Clifton Chenier was the king of this end-of-the-alphabet musical style from Louisiana zydeco
#7754, aired 2018-05-0310,000 MANIAC $800: Alaska has "The Valley of 10,000 Smokes" & this Southern state has "The 10,000 Islands", mostly mangrove islets Florida
#7733, aired 2018-04-04THE POSTMAN'S 4-LETTER WORDS $600: Kilauea output lava
#7713, aired 2018-03-07BEFORE & AFTER $800: A landmark Louisiana area featuring Bourbon Street gets a classic burger from McDonald's the French Quarter Pounder
#7709, aired 2018-03-01FOOD FRANCHISES $1000: If you can't get to Louisiana, visit this chain named for a "French Connection" character, not a cartoon one Popeyes
#7700, aired 2018-02-16STATES' HIGHEST POINTS $600: Driskill Mountain in Bienville Parish Louisiana
#7697, aired 2018-02-13PRESIDENTIAL QUOTES $800: In his 2nd inaugural address, he said, "I know that the acquisition of Louisiana has been disapproved by some" Jefferson
#7694, aired 2018-02-08BEASTLY STATE FLAGS $800: This state's distinctive beastly flag is seen here Louisiana
#7674, aired 2018-01-11EARLY AMERICA $400: This began as an attempt to buy New Orleans & might have been unconstitutional when Jefferson authorized it the Louisiana Purchase
#7674, aired 2018-01-11STATE SEALS $400: This bird feeds its young on Louisiana's seal a pelican
#7669, aired 2018-01-04AROUND THE SOUTH $200: Mardi Gras is not only celebrated in Louisiana but is an official holiday in this state's Baldwin & Mobile Counties as well Alabama
#7664, aired 2017-12-28OFFICIAL STATE STUFF $200: In 1986 the beignet became the official doughnut of this state Louisiana
#7633, aired 2017-11-15STATE SYMBOLS $1000: The Catahoula Leopard dog, bred to find livestock in swamps, is its state dog Louisiana
#7606, aired 2017-10-09LAW SLAW $800: Louisiana's first-in-the-nation law making cop-killing a hate crime is known as these "lives matter" blue lives matter
#7594, aired 2017-09-21NOT THEIR FIRST RODEO $400: The stripes on the competitors might tell you that Louisiana's Angola Rodeo is held annually in one of these a prison
#7592, aired 2017-09-19SUPER BOWL HALFTIME SHOWS $1000: Many of the early shows including the first one featured this Louisiana school's famous marching band Grambling
#7590, aired 2017-09-15THE STATE OF LITERATURE $1600: "A Confederacy of Dunces" Louisiana
#7580, aired 2017-07-21COLLEGE STADIUMS & ARENAS $1000: This school's basketball, gymnastics & volleyball teams perform in the Pete Maravich Assembly Center LSU or Louisiana State
#7577, aired 2017-07-18STATELY SONGS $400: Naturally, Dierks Bentley sang of "Bourbon In" this state Kentucky
#7576, aired 2017-07-17SCHOOLS ON SCREENS $1000: Adam Sandler hit the gridiron for South Central Louisiana State after having this title job waterboy
#7553, aired 2017-06-14COLLEGE HIJINKS $1200: A clock tower at Louisiana Tech was rigged to play "dueling" these, famed in the 1972 film "Deliverance" banjos
#7546, aired 2017-06-05STATE NAMES $1600: This state was named for the "Sun King" Louisiana
#7535, aired 2017-05-19YOU'RE SUCH A HOMER $1000: In 1892 he bought a first-class ticket on the E. Louisiana railroad; later, he found himself in front of Judge John Ferguson Homer Plessy
#7533, aired 2017-05-17'ALLO, CURRENT GOVERNOR $800: In 2015 John Bel Edwards defeated David Vitter to win this state's governorship, y'all Louisiana
#7509, aired 2017-04-13CATCH THE QUECHUA WORD $1000: Louisiana French for a bonus given to a customer for making a purchase, it's from the Quechua for 'to give more" lagniappe
#7502, aired 2017-04-04WHEN IN DOME $200: This Louisiana venue has hosted events featuring Barry Manilow & Leon Spinks, but not at the same time the Superdome
#7494, aired 2017-03-23ON THE BALLOT $400: It was almost every man for a kingfish in 1928-- he won a whopping 96% of the vote to be Louisiana's governor Huey Long
#7462, aired 2017-02-07NORTH AMERICAN HISTORY $1,800 (Daily Double): (Sarah of the Clue Crew shows a map on the monitor.) In the 1700s, stretching from Labrador through Montreal and all the down into what's now Louisiana, was the territory known as New this country New France
#7460, aired 2017-02-03AMERICAN HISTORY $200: The U.S. put down $11.25 million for this 1803 land deal, though the treaty didn't clearly describe the boundaries the Louisiana Purchase
#7441, aired 2017-01-09POLITICIANS $400: In 2016 Governor John Bel Edwards said the media under-covered the disastrous flooding in this state Louisiana
#7439, aired 2017-01-05AMERICAN LITERATURE $1200: In this 1997 play it's shampoo, set & socialize for a group of women passing time in a Louisiana beauty salon Steel Magnolias
#7429, aired 2016-12-22SPELL IT WITH STATE ABBREVIATIONS $400: Pepsi is one Colorado & Louisiana (CO & LA)
#7420, aired 2016-12-09IT BORDERS BOTH $1,800 (Daily Double): Missouri & Louisiana Arkansas
#7416, aired 2016-12-05NAME THAT NOUN $800: Z: African-American dance music of Louisiana zydeco
#7411, aired 2016-11-281812: THE WAR & MORE $400: Formerly the Orleans Territory, it became the 18th state Louisiana
#7399, aired 2016-11-10BORN IN THE '90s $1600: Country star Hunter Hayes was a teenager in Louisiana when he got interest from a music publisher & moved to this city Nashville
#7399, aired 2016-11-10GEOGRAPHIC CENTERS $600: In Avoyelles Parish, southeast of Marksville Louisiana
#7392, aired 2016-11-01THE 19th CENTURY $1200: What we call this 1853 "Purchase" is known in Mexico as La Venta de la Mesilla the Gadsden Purchase
#7391, aired 2016-10-31ABBREVIATED REALITY SHOWS $600: It follows a Louisiana bayou family: "DD" Duck Dynasty
#7367, aired 2016-09-27HISTORIC DOCUMENTS $600: Robert Livingston, U.S. minister to France, James Monroe & a French Treasury minister signed the treaty for this 1803 deal the Louisiana Purchase
#7348, aired 2016-07-20JEWISH HISTORY $1600: During the Civil War this lawyer from Louisiana served as attorney general & sec. of state for the Confederacy Judah P. Benjamin
#7317, aired 2016-06-07BAYS & GULFS $1600: Barataria Bay in Louisiana was a base for pirates & smugglers led by this Frenchman Jean Lafitte
#7289, aired 2016-04-28STATELY MUSEUMS $400: Delta Music Museum & Acadian Cultural Center Louisiana
#7269, aired 2016-03-31NATIONAL STATUARY HALL $1,400 (Daily Double): A statue of this governor & assassination victim stands solid for Louisiana Huey Long
#7267, aired 2016-03-29INVERTEBRATES $1,200 (Daily Double): In 1983 Louisiana made this lobster relative its state crustacean the crawfish (or crayfish)
#7266, aired 2016-03-28SWAMPED $1200: This state's Atchafalaya Basin is the USA's largest river swamp Louisiana
#7211, aired 2016-01-11LOUIS XIV $2000: In 1674 Louis met, liked & ennobled this explorer who 8 years later put the king's name on Louisiana (Sieur) de La Salle
#7208, aired 2016-01-06LET'S MAKE A "DE-" $600: This TV host is descended from a French planter who left Hispaniola for Louisiana Ellen DeGeneres
#7204, aired 2015-12-31ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE $2000: Shielding the mainland from storms is the job of islands of this type off the Louisiana shore--& erosion is an issue barrier islands
#7191, aired 2015-12-14COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES $600: This private university in New Orleans was founded as the Medical College of Louisiana Tulane
#7181, aired 2015-11-30KIDNAPPING $800: The full title of this Solomon Northup memoir includes "Rescued in 1853, from a cotton plantation... in Louisiana 12 Years a Slave
#7176, aired 2015-11-23IN THE STATE'S HALL OF FAME $1000: Harry Connick Sr. & Moon Landrieu rise in this state's Political Hall Louisiana
#7162, aired 2015-11-03MARY, MARY $600: This Democratic senator from Louisiana lost a 2014 runoff election to Bill Cassidy Mary Landrieu
#7135, aired 2015-09-25FICTIONAL TV TOWNS $800: Bon Temps, Louisiana True Blood
#7131, aired 2015-09-21FOOD FOR THOUGHT $1200: Wild pecan rice, which isn't wild & doesn't contain pecans, is a hybrid hailing from this Southern state Louisiana
#7124, aired 2015-07-30MAYORS $1600: Last name of Mitch, mayor of New Orleans, & his sister Mary, former U.S. senator from Louisiana Landrieu
#7122, aired 2015-07-28PARISH THE THOUGHT, LOUISIANA $400: Parish-wise, there's East this capital city & West this capital city Baton Rouge
#7122, aired 2015-07-28PARISH THE THOUGHT, LOUISIANA $800: Crawfish field tours in the parish named for this Confederate president run from March to May Jefferson Davis
#7122, aired 2015-07-28PARISH THE THOUGHT, LOUISIANA $1200: A French soldier of the Revolutionary War shares a name with this parish known for its Cajun folk Lafayette
#7102, aired 2015-06-30USA! $800: Instead of counties, Louisiana is divided into 64 of these, probably each with its own church parishes
#7077, aired 2015-05-26A STATE OF VWLLSSNSS $400: LSN Louisiana
#7075, aired 2015-05-22POTPOUR"P" $1200: Louisiana's nickname includes this bird pelican
#7047, aired 2015-04-14TREATIES $400: Seems like a no-brainer now, but on Oct. 20, 1803 7 senators voted against the treaty sealing this deal the Louisiana Purchase
#7044, aired 2015-04-09WHERE THE DEVIL?! $200: Creepy water, y'all! Devil's Swamp Lake & Hell Hole Bayou are in this state Louisiana
#7042, aired 2015-04-07BRIDGE OF SIZE $2,500 (Daily Double): A nearly 24-mile causeway over this lake links Metairie & Mandeville Lake Pontchartrain
#7028, aired 2015-03-18WHO'S DRIVING THIS THING?! $400: May 23, 1934: A V8 Ford near Gibsland, Louisiana; he didn't know heavily armed police were waiting Clyde Barrow
#7018, aired 2015-03-04STATE HOLIDAYS $400: Mardi Gras Day is not only a holiday in Louisiana but in Baldwin & Mobile Counties in this state as well Alabama
#7012, aired 2015-02-24AMERICAN HISTORY $3,000 (Daily Double): This 1820 agreement said there would be no slavery in the bulk of the Louisiana Territory north of latitude 36°30' the Missouri Compromise
#7005, aired 2015-02-1319th CENTURY STATE GOVERNORS $200: Pierre Auguste Bourguignon Derbigny, Henry Thibodaux & Andre Bienvenu Roman governed this state Louisiana
#7003, aired 2015-02-11WOODEN PLOTS $600: This 1987 play begins in a Louisiana beauty parlor on Shelby's wedding day Steel Magnolias
#6991, aired 2015-01-26GOVERNMENT & POLITICS $5,000 (Daily Double): G.O.P. Congressman Steve Scalise from Louisiana has this post in the House working to persuade others to vote with the party the whip
#6977, aired 2015-01-06STATE FIRSTS $2,500 (Daily Double): In 2007 this state elected the USA's first Indian-American governor Louisiana
#6926, aired 2014-10-27HALLOWEEN IS COMING $200: For Halloween, 19th c. Louisianans made a midnight "dumb supper", a meal eaten without doing this, & waited for a ghost to join speaking
#6918, aired 2014-10-15THE NATIONAL RECORDING REGISTRY $800: "You'll never know, dear, how much I love" this official state song of Louisiana "You Are My Sunshine"
#6907, aired 2014-09-30LIGHTHOUSES $800: The first American lighthouse built outside the original 13 colonies was built on this Louisiana lake Lake Pontchartrain
#6896, aired 2014-09-15STATES THAT FLOW TOGETHER $2,000 (Daily Double): This big land buy named for one also got us the other Louisiana & Arkansas
#6882, aired 2014-07-15SOUNDS LIKE A LANGUAGE $600: We'll always have this type of Louisiana county parish
#6880, aired 2014-07-11"L" ON EARTH $1200: We are here! in this Louisiana city that's home to the Ragin' Cajuns Lafayette
#6856, aired 2014-06-09CARIBBEAN CUISINE $800: Basically a freshwater lobster, it's not only big in Louisiana but is said to be on every menu in St. Vincent a crawfish
#6837, aired 2014-05-13STATE FACTS $400: Its state song calls it "A state of sweet magnolias and Creole melodies" Louisiana
#6824, aired 2014-04-24STATE OF THE ART $2,000 (Daily Double): Degas' portrait of his American cousin Estelle, who lived there Louisiana
#6819, aired 2014-04-17SAUCES $800: Tabasco sauce has been made on this Louisiana salt island since the 1860s Avery Island
#6818, aired 2014-04-16WE HAVE LAWS $800: Louisiana law bans cursing these people, volunteer or not, in the performance of their duties firemen
#6803, aired 2014-03-26MOUNT RUSHMORE $400: (Kelly of the Clue Crew reports from Mount Rushmore in South Dakota.) The four presidents chosen for Mount Rushmore symbolize the first 150 years of American history--Washington is the founding, Lincoln is preservation, Roosevelt is development, & Jefferson is expansion for his role in this 1803 land deal the Louisiana Purchase
#6791, aired 2014-03-10EARLIEST TO STATEHOOD $400: Louisiana, Ohio, Vermont Vermont
#6784, aired 2014-02-27STATE BIRDS $1600: The Eastern brown pelican is this state's bird Louisiana
#6775, aired 2014-02-14ADMISSIONS $200: On April 30, 1812 the territory of Orleans was admitted to the Union as this 18th state Louisiana
#6774, aired 2014-02-13STATE GOVERNORS $2000: Born with the Indian name Piyush, this Louisiana governor wanted to be called Bobby after Bobby on "The Brady Bunch" Bobby Jindal
#6756, aired 2014-01-20DURING LOU GEHRIG'S CONSECUTIVE GAME STREAK $1600: In 1928 he won the general election for Louisiana governor with 96.14% of the vote Huey Long
#6746, aired 2014-01-06& BE MARY $800: Since 1997 Mary Landrieu has represented this southern state in the U.S. Senate Louisiana
#6739, aired 2013-12-26LIFE ON THE MISSISSIPPI $1000: Named for an Indian princess, the city of Winona in this state has been a vital port since the days of paddle wheelers Minnesota
#6737, aired 2013-12-24OUR HISTORICAL DOCUMENTS $400: The 1803 treaty for this deal stated that France would give up all military posts in New Orleans Louisiana Purchase
#6728, aired 2013-12-11A RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT $1000: In the south of this state, the Atchafalaya River empties into Atchafalaya Bay Louisiana
#6709, aired 2013-11-14U.S. HISTORY: THE FIRST 100 YEARS $800: In 1823 the U.S. finally paid off its 20-year loans for the money to buy this at less than 5 cents an acre Louisiana Territory (or Purchase)
#6705, aired 2013-11-08THE SWEET 1600s $1600: This explorer claimed the Louisiana Territory for France in 1682 De La Salle
#6702, aired 2013-11-05THE "X" "Y" "Z" AFFAIR $600: Traditional dance music of southern Louisiana zydeco
#6690, aired 2013-10-18M IN THE MIDDLE $800: A thick Louisiana seafood soup, y'all gumbo
#6673, aired 2013-09-25POLITICAL BEFORE & AFTER $2000: A Will Ferrell racer who liked to go fast speeds in as governor of Louisiana Ricky Bobby Jindal
#6658, aired 2013-07-24COASTAL U.S. STATES $200: Its Gulf Coast is between Alabama's & Louisiana's Mississippi
#6649, aired 2013-07-11WHERE AM I? $400: (Sarah of the Clue Crew delivers the clue.) I'm experiencing this state in Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve Louisiana
#6637, aired 2013-06-25WORLD'S FAIRS $600: The 1904 St. Louis fair, celebrating this acquisition, featured the desk on which the transfer was signed the Louisiana Purchase
#6633, aired 2013-06-19WEIGHTS & MEASURES $400: The French unit known as an arpent is still used in this state, where you'll find a street called 80 Arpent Road Louisiana
#6618, aired 2013-05-29HONEY $800: One of the USA's most pristine such habitats, Honey Island Swamp is found in St. Tammany Parish in this state Louisiana
#6615, aired 2013-05-24I-20 $1600: Who wants gumbo?! Y'all take I-20 to this "port" city in northwest Louisiana Shreveport
#6615, aired 2013-05-24THE RICHEST PERSON IN THE STATE $600: Louisiana: Tom Benson, owner of these 2 pro sports teams the Saints and the Hornets
#6597, aired 2013-04-30THEY WERE RIGHT $1,000 (Daily Double): Ponying up $15 million to buy 828,000 square miles from this country was pretty shrewd of Jefferson France
#6583, aired 2013-04-10GOVERNORS $1200: In 1928, discontented rural voters helped make him Louisiana governor (Huey) Long
#6567, aired 2013-03-19WATER TRANSPORTATION $200: Monroe, Louisiana took its name to honor the arrival of one of these, named for the president, up the Ouachita river a steamboat
#6565, aired 2013-03-15TV SHOW SETTINGS $400: "Treme" & "True Blood": this state Louisiana
#6564, aired 2013-03-14THE 1930s $200: On May 21, 1934 this duo attended a party at Black Lake, Louisiana; 2 days later, they were killed by the law Bonnie & Clyde
#6555, aired 2013-03-01LINES $400: (Sarah of the Clue Crew reads the clue from the American Red Cross in New Orleans Louisiana.) The Southeast Louisiana chapter of the Red Cross was devastated by Hurricane Katrina. The height of the tile trim on the Memorial Wall denotes this the floodline (waterline)
#6545, aired 2013-02-15LAKES $800: (Kelly of the Clue Crew shows a map on the monitor.) A narrow passage called the Rigolets connects this Louisiana Lake to Lake Borgne & the Gulf of Mexico Pontchartrain
#6543, aired 2013-02-13PRESIDENTIAL ACQUISITIONS $400: The Louisiana Purchase Jefferson
#6536, aired 2013-02-04U.S. CITIES $800: This state's state fair is held in Shreveport Louisiana
#6503, aired 2012-12-19GOVERNORS $1000: He's the Southern governor seen here Bobby Jindal
#6501, aired 2012-12-17THE OTHER 45 STATES $400: The name of this state honors "The Sun King" Louisiana
#6495, aired 2012-12-07BEHIND BARS $2000: Prisoners in Angola in this southern state can study for degrees at a Baptist seminary Louisiana
#6482, aired 2012-11-20STATES BY LAKE $400: Catahoula Lake, Bayou D'Arbonne Lake Louisiana
#6471, aired 2012-11-05GHOST-POURRI $1200: The ghost of this 19th c. Louisiana pirate is said to sail Galveston Bay searching for a lost love who fell overboard (Jean) Lafitte
#6468, aired 2012-10-31WORLD EXPLORATION $1,000 (Daily Double): On April 9, 1682 this Frenchman reached the mouth of the Mississippi & named the area Louisiana La Salle
#6449, aired 2012-10-04WE GOVERNED THAT STATE $400: Jacques Villere, Pierre Auguste Charles Bourguignon Derbigny Louisiana
#6424, aired 2012-07-19EARLY AMERICA $200: Seeing a lack of these deterring French men from settling in Louisiana, the government tried to ship some in women
#6419, aired 2012-07-12I'M JUST SWAMPED! $800: Honey Island Swamp in this state's St. Tammany Parish is said to be home to a 7-foot-tall swamp monster Louisiana
#6416, aired 2012-07-09RACHEL $800: Evan Rachel Wood played Sophie-Anne, the vampire queen of Louisiana, on this biting series True Blood
#6405, aired 2012-06-22TAKE ME "N-A" WHERE $400: Its parishes include Ascension, Assumption & Beauregard Louisiana
#6388, aired 2012-05-30CROSS WORLD CLUES "P" $400: Big Louisiana lake (13) Pontchartrain
#6386, aired 2012-05-28LEWIS & CLARK EXPEDITION $200: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew reports from St. Louis, MO.) Before beginning their expedition, Lewis & Clark waited in and around St. Louis for three months, until they got word that this massive land transfer had been completed the Louisiana Purchase
#6370, aired 2012-05-04LITERARY CHARACTERS (Tiebreaker clue): Although he doesn't actually appear in "1984", his presence is everywhere--on posters, coins & telescreens Big Brother
#6362, aired 2012-04-24JUST DESSERTS $800: Enjoy this New Orleans specialty, the official doughnut of Louisiana, with a cup of chicory coffee a beignet
#6354, aired 2012-04-12WOMEN ON TV $1000: This co-anchor of "Good Morning America" was a hoops star at Southeastern Louisiana University Robin Roberts
#6321, aired 2012-02-27SMALL TALK $2000: Unimportant, or an old Louisiana term for a small coin picayune
#6298, aired 2012-01-25MORE 4 YEARS $800: 1934 was a bad year for bank robbers: John Dillinger was killed in Chicago & this couple went down in a Louisiana police ambush Bonnie & Clyde
#6293, aired 2012-01-18OLD VIRGINIA $800: President Jefferson sent this fellow Virginian, later our 5th president, to negotiate the Louisiana Purchase (James) Monroe
#6290, aired 2012-01-13STATE LICENSE PLATE SLOGANS $600: "Sportsman's Paradise" Louisiana
#6289, aired 2012-01-12U.S.A. $3,000 (Daily Double): From 1863 to 1865 this Northern Louisiana city served as the Confederate state capital Shreveport
#6282, aired 2012-01-03APPETIZERS $2000: A popular Louisiana appetizer, crawfish tails that have been shelled, battered & deep-fried are called Cajun this popcorn
#6276, aired 2011-12-26U.S.A. $400: For tourist information on this state, call 1-800-33-GUMBO Louisiana
#6274, aired 2011-12-22TRY STATE AREA $1600: Land area 43,562 square miles, about 2,000 less than a century ago Louisiana
#6262, aired 2011-12-06HUD SECRETARIES $1600: Moon Landrieu, HUD Secretary from 1979 to 1981, is the father of this current Louisiana senator Mary Landrieu
#6210, aired 2011-09-23INAUGURAL ADDRESSES $400: "I know that the acquisition of Louisiana had been disapproved by some" (Thomas) Jefferson
#6184, aired 2011-06-30THE 1930s $400: This Louisiana governor created his "share-our-wealth" in 1934, advocating higher income & inheritance taxes Huey Long
#6170, aired 2011-06-10OFFICIAL STATE STUFF $1000: The diatonic or Cajun type of this is Louisiana's state musical instrument an accordion
#6161, aired 2011-05-30LINGUISTICS $500 (Daily Double): It's not just a Louisiana French dialect, but any language that evolves from pidgin speech Creole
#6147, aired 2011-05-10SPELL IT WITH STATE ABBREVIATIONS $400: It precedes "Ho" in a shipboard sighting Louisiana and North Dakota
#6141, aired 2011-05-02STATE NAME ORIGINS $600: It was named for a king of France Louisiana
#6134, aired 2011-04-21SOUTHERN FLORA & FAUNA $1200: (Sarah of the Clue Crew reports from Louisiana.) The bald cypress, Louisiana's state tree, is known for pneumatophores that jut up, better known by this anatomical name; their purpose isn't understood but may be for stability knees
#6134, aired 2011-04-21SOUTHERN FLORA & FAUNA $2000: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew reports from Louisiana.) Typical of southern Louisiana, Spanish moss has no roots of its own & takes nutrients directly from the air, making it this type of plant, also called an aerophyte epiphyte
#6134, aired 2011-04-21STATE / PRISON $1000: It's another Pleasant Valley State Prison Sunday, no one's flying out of Pelican Bay, either California
#6111, aired 2011-03-21OFFBEAT MUSEUMS $2,000 (Daily Double): Get a whiff of the Brimstone Museum in Southwest Louisiana & learn all about mining for this element sulfur
#6095, aired 2011-02-25U.S. GEOGRAPHY $600: This river's delta covers 13,000 square miles, about 1/4 of Louisiana's area the Mississippi
#6092, aired 2011-02-22COMBINED STATE ABBREV. $600: A party: Georgia + Louisiana gala
#6082, aired 2011-02-08STATE UNIVERSITY BY ALUMS $1600: James Carville, Donna Brazile, Pete Maravich (but only one averaged 44.2 points per game there) Louisiana State University (LSU)
#6070, aired 2011-01-21LOUISIANA LORE $400: This U.S. president doubled the size fo the country when he completed the Louisiana Purchase Jefferson
#6070, aired 2011-01-21LOUISIANA LORE $1200: Some 70,000 of these graceful birds, including 15,000 snowy ones, nest at Miller's Lake egrets
#6070, aired 2011-01-21LOUISIANA LORE $1600: Kenner, outside New Orleans, was once called "Cannes Brulee" as Indians used to light this on fire to drive out game sugarcane
#6070, aired 2011-01-21LOUISIANA LORE $2000: Tomb 347 in New Orleans' St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 is reputed to contain the remains of this most famous Voodoo queen Marie Laveau
#6059, aired 2011-01-06STATE QUARTERS $1000: A trumpet with musical notes & a pelican Louisiana
#6058, aired 2011-01-05SUGAR $400: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew holds a container of a viscous brown substance near large equipment inside the Domino Sugar Refinery in New Orleans, LA.) In the refining process, seven different boiling sessions will force 100 pounds of sugar to yield 1.5 pounds of this sticky substance molasses
#6058, aired 2011-01-05SUGAR $800: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew stands by sugar washing equipment at the Domino Sugar Refinery in New Orleans, LA.) An early process in refining is washing the syrupy mother liquor from the raw sugar in this type of rotating machine a centrifuge
#6058, aired 2011-01-05SUGAR $1200: In golden syrup, a byproduct of refining, some of the sucrose is broken down into these 2 sugars glucose & fructose
#6058, aired 2011-01-05SUGAR $1600: (Sarah of the Clue Crew looks at large bins of raw sugar at the Domino Sugar Refinery in New Orleans, LA.) Sugar beets can be stored but this plant, grown in Florida & used by Domino Sugar, deteriorates so it has to be quickly turned into raw sugar, then refined sugar cane
#6058, aired 2011-01-05SUGAR $2000: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew carries a container in the Domino Sugar Refinery in New Orleans, LA.) In large factory vacuum pans, the sugar seed is mixed into the mother liquor to initiate the formation of these structures; the surface regularity reflects its internal atomic symmetry crystals
#6037, aired 2010-12-07TAINTED GOV $2000: Elected to the Senate in 1930, he refused to resign as Louisiana's gov. until '32, when his handpicked crony got the gig Huey Long
#6035, aired 2010-12-03REGION-ISMS $1000: It can be a division of a hospital or a town; it's also a political subdivision of a parish in Louisiana a ward
#6009, aired 2010-10-28U.S. ISLANDS $800: The Isles Dernieres off this state's coast were once a single island & the erosion is continuing Louisiana
#6006, aired 2010-10-25LITERARY OBITUARY $2000: This Louisiana governor & "boss" rose to ruthless demagogue, assassinated, by Adam Stanton Willie Stark
#5993, aired 2010-10-06ALL HAIL $800: Wynton Marsalis, Cokie Roberts, Truman Capote Louisiana
#5973, aired 2010-07-28NFL QBs OFF THE FIELD $200: He was the king of Mardi Gras' 2010 Bacchus parade & would likely be elected king of Louisiana, if he wanted Drew Brees
#5961, aired 2010-07-12YOUR BUMMER TO BUMMER TRAFFIC REPORT $1600: I-10 is stop-dead between La Place & Metairie in this state; now y'all drive safe! Louisiana
#5948, aired 2010-06-23ALEX MEETS AUTO-TUNE $400: "I come from Alabama with my banjo on my knee / I'm going to Louisiana, my true love for to see" "Oh! Susanna"
#5940, aired 2010-06-11LYRICAL POSTAL ABBREVIATIONS $400: The Beatles: "And Molly says this as she takes him by the hand: Ob-____-Di" Louisiana (for La)
#5937, aired 2010-06-08HUEY, DEWEY OR LOUIS $1200: In 1935 Dr. Carl Weiss allegedly killed him in Louisiana Huey Long
#5931, aired 2010-05-31STATE THE STATE $200: This state seen here is shaped like the letter it starts with Louisiana
#5924, aired 2010-05-20NEW ORLEANS & KATRINA $200: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew reports from New Orleans, LA.) I'm at the New Orleans chapter of this organization, whose shelters across Louisiana provided refuge, food & water for over 146,000 people in the wake of Katrina the Red Cross
#5923, aired 2010-05-19IN THE ARENA $200: The Ragin' Cajuns play basketball in the Cajundome arena in this state Louisiana
#5913, aired 2010-05-05STATE THE STATE $400: This state has parishes like Jefferson Davis, Jackson & Union... wait, Union? Louisiana
#5910, aired 2010-04-30STATES BY CITIES & TOWNS $1000: Ville Platte, Opelousas, Plaquemine Louisiana
#5900, aired 2010-04-16EDIBLE STATE SYMBOLS $600: Mayhaw jelly, crawfish, beignet Louisiana
#5896, aired 2010-04-12SEÑOR MOMENTS $800: After wandering all over the Southeast, this explorer & conquistador died in Louisiana in 1542 de Soto
#5879, aired 2010-03-18BORN IN EAST LA. $1600: Born near Opelousas, he's the Paul in K-Paul's Louisiana kitchen Paul Prudhomme
#5877, aired 2010-03-16THE SHARED LOUISIANA PARISH NAME $200: Benjamin, Sir John, Aretha Franklin
#5877, aired 2010-03-16THE SHARED LOUISIANA PARISH NAME $400: Marbury v., Oscar, Square Garden Madison
#5877, aired 2010-03-16THE SHARED LOUISIANA PARISH NAME $600: Jesse, Robert H., Stonewall Jackson
#5877, aired 2010-03-16THE SHARED LOUISIANA PARISH NAME $800: Ethan, Paul, Woody Allen
#5877, aired 2010-03-16THE SHARED LOUISIANA PARISH NAME $1000: Ex-Senator Chafee, Senator Blanche, Tunnel Lincoln
#5875, aired 2010-03-12YOU'VE GOT YOUR BORDERS $400: To the west, Louisiana; to the east, Alabama Mississippi
#5872, aired 2010-03-09GOVERNORS $800: In January of 1932 he stepped down as Louisiana governor to assume his duties as a senator Huey Long
#5866, aired 2010-03-01HODGE PODGE $800: Hodge is a village in this state's Jackson Parish Louisiana
#5860, aired 2010-02-19THE JEFFERSON $400: Jefferson paid $15 million for 828,000 square miles of land in this 1803 deal the Louisiana Purchase
#5848, aired 2010-02-03FOOD FESTIVALS $400: Bridge City, Louisiana is famous for this festival where a lot of stewing goes on--seafood or chicken? gumbo
#5841, aired 2010-01-2519th CENTURY SENATORS BY STATE $1600: John Slidell, C.D.J. Bouligny Louisiana
#5829, aired 2010-01-07THE STATE OF THE STATE $200: Underwater--or 80% of its largest city anyway, in August 2005 Louisiana
#5823, aired 2009-12-30THE PULITZER FOR BIOGRAPHY/ AUTOBIOGRAPHY $400: 1970: T. Harry Williams, writing about this Louisiana "Kingfish" Huey Long
#5786, aired 2009-11-09NAME GAME $400: The first name used by Louisiana's governor, it's also the popular name for a British policeman Bobby
#5784, aired 2009-11-05STATES WITHOUT CONSONANTS $400: OUIIAA Louisiana
#5763, aired 2009-10-07CINCINNATI $600: What's now Cincinnati was part of this territory, the first possession of the United States the Northwest Territory
#5762, aired 2009-10-06STATELY RIVERS $200: Bogue Falaya, Bayou Lafourche Louisiana
#5757, aired 2009-09-29CUTTING THE MUSTARD $600: Emeril's recipe for Andouille corndogs calls for them to be served with this Louisiana style of mustard Creole mustard
#5751, aired 2009-09-211861 YEARBOOK: MOST LIKELY TO SECEDE $800: On January 26 this state, followed by the presentation of a Pelican flag Louisiana
#5738, aired 2009-07-15HIDE & SEEK $400: I'm hiding in the crowd at Mardi Gras, so seek me in this Louisiana "Crescent City" New Orleans
#5736, aired 2009-07-13THE STATE IT'S IN $1000: The French Quarter, the Capitol Grounds grave of Huey Long Louisiana
#5716, aired 2009-06-15A NEW LINE OF BARBIES? $600: Barbie wrestles alligators in the slow-moving marshy waters of Louisiana; come what may, it's... (Blue) Bayou Barbie
#5704, aired 2009-05-28NEWS FROM THE 21st CENTURY $200: This governor of Louisiana gave the rebuttal to Barack Obama's first address to a joint session of Congress Bobby Jindal
#5703, aired 2009-05-27STATES' GEOGRAPHIC CENTERS $1,000 (Daily Double): In Avoyelles Parish, 3 miles southeast of Marksville Louisiana
#5690, aired 2009-05-08A STATE OF COLLEGE-NESS $1000: Grambling, McNeese State, Southern Louisiana
#5685, aired 2009-05-01BROWN $400: On Louisiana's flag, an Eastern brown this bird is feeding its young a pelican
#5679, aired 2009-04-23THAT'S NOT WHERE YOU THINK IT IS $400: This state's Phoenix welcomes y'all! Perhaps you'll also visit its Oak Ridge or Thibodaux Louisiana
#5665, aired 2009-04-03CULTURE CLUB $200: Also called Shrove Tuesday, this holiday first came to Louisiana in 1699 via French explorers Mardi Gras
#5644, aired 2009-03-05I'M IN SUCH A STATE! $400: I'm pleased to find this state has the Miss. Alluvial Plain & that the Miss. River empties into the Gulf of Mexico there Louisiana
#5636, aired 2009-02-23IN THE PARK $1000: Enjoy the many treasures of this state on a visit to Jean Lafitte National Historic Park & Preserve Louisiana
#5635, aired 2009-02-20HOME BOYS $1200: Pelicans Louisiana
#5620, aired 2009-01-30ON CAMPUS $200: How 'bout them football teams of Louisiana Tech & the University of Georgia that both sport this nickname the Bulldogs
#5596, aired 2008-12-29AMERICANA $800: If you take a swamp tour in Louisiana, you may see the American type of this, Louisiana's state reptile an alligator
#5573, aired 2008-11-26I'M SO "SHR" $400: Barataria Bay is a longtime center of this industry in Louisiana shrimping
#5571, aired 2008-11-24HUEY LONG & THE NEWS $1000: This brother of Huey's was governor of Louisiana from 1939 to 1940, '48-'52 & '56-'60 Earl Long
#5564, aired 2008-11-13ALL YOU NEED IS GOV. $800: Bobby Jindal, who replaced Kathleen Blanco Louisiana
#5563, aired 2008-11-12I'M SO HOT $5,000 (Daily Double): Though it bears the name of a state in Mexico, this pepper sauce was invented in Louisiana Tabasco
#5562, aired 2008-11-11STATE THE LANDMARK $600: Delta Blues Museum, Natchez Trace Parkway Mississippi
#5560, aired 2008-11-07IT'S GETTING WINDY $1200: It blew into southern Louisiana Sept. 1, 2008 but fortunately didn't turn out to be Katrina II Gustav
#5523, aired 2008-09-17COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES $3,000 (Daily Double): This Louisiana univ. with a famed marching band began as the Colored Industrial & Agricultural School in 1901 Grambling
#5481, aired 2008-06-09OFFICIAL STATE THINGS $1000: This state bird is depicted on Louisiana's state seal in a nest with her 3 young the pelican
#5471, aired 2008-05-26EXPLORERS & VOYAGERS $1200: Pierre Le Moyne D'Iberville founded the colony of Louisiana & was the first European to see this lake Lake Pontchartrain
#5462, aired 2008-05-13COLLEGE FOOTBALL GEOGRAPHY $800: The 2008 BCS Championship Game was a big & easy win for the State University of this state Louisiana
#5446, aired 2008-04-21TEXAS $800: Texas' only natural lake is Caddo Lake, shared with this state to the east Louisiana
#5430, aired 2008-03-28"I" ON THE WORLD $1200: This parish of Louisiana shares its name with a European peninsula Iberia
#5426, aired 2008-03-24THE STATE'S JR. SENATOR $2000: David Vitter Louisiana
#5412, aired 2008-03-04OFFICIAL STATE FOOD & DRINK $2,000 (Daily Double): Natchitoches meat pie, which has its own festival, is the official meat pie of this state Louisiana
#5397, aired 2008-02-12THE JEFFERSON ADMINISTRATION $400: In April 1803 Napoleon renounced this territory in America "with the greatest regret"; so we bought it the Louisiana Territory
#5375, aired 2008-01-11STATE THE GOVERNOR $600: On August 26, 2005 this state's Kathleen Blanco declared a state of emergency Louisiana
#5375, aired 2008-01-11TARTS $2000: This stripper famously hitched her star to Louisiana Gov. Earl Long in the late 1950s Blaze Starr
#5374, aired 2008-01-10IN ST. LOUIS $1200: St. Louis became part of the United States as a result of this transaction the Louisiana Purchase
#5371, aired 2008-01-07TO EVERYTHING THIS IS A SEASON $1000: Louisiana celebrates Battle of New Orleans day during this season, y'all winter
#5358, aired 2007-12-19OFFICIAL STATE FOODS $400: Among its official state foods are mayhaw jelly &, of course, gumbo Louisiana
#5330, aired 2007-11-09STATES BY COUNTIES $600: Coffey, Bourbon, Archinson Kansas
#5301, aired 2007-10-01OCTOBER 1 $800: 1800: Spain cedes this large territory to France Louisiana
#5300, aired 2007-09-28STATE BORDERS $1000: It's the number of states that border the Gulf of Mexico 5 (Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi & Florida)
#5287, aired 2007-09-11COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES $800: One of the most popular organizations at this state univ. in Louisiana is the Tiger Marching Band, founded 1926 Grambling
#5284, aired 2007-07-26DOWN SOUTH $200: For authentic Cajun & Creole dishes, head down south to this "Bayou State" Louisiana
#5253, aired 2007-06-13CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICTS $800: Charlie Melancon represents Houma, New Iberia & Chalmette for this state's 3rd, y'all Louisiana
#5250, aired 2007-06-08STATE FLAGS $800: (Kelly of the Clue Crew explains an image of a state flag on a monitor.) The motto, "Union, Justice and Confidence" is on this state's flag, below a mother pelican feeding her babies Louisiana
#5234, aired 2007-05-17CREOLE CURIOSITY SHOP $400: Population 4.3 million, it's "The Creole State" Louisiana
#5224, aired 2007-05-03DICT. ABBREV. $1200: LaF (what a Cajun might speak) Louisiana French
#5214, aired 2007-04-19LESSER-KNOWN AMERICANS $1,000 (Daily Double): One of this state's largest cities is named for steamboat builder & captain Henry Schreve Louisiana
#5199, aired 2007-03-29STORIED HOTELS $400: The title hotel in Arthur Hailey's novel "Hotel" was inspired by the Fairmont in this Louisiana city New Orleans
#5198, aired 2007-03-28THE WILD & WOOLLY 1800s $5,400 (Daily Double): France got this territory back in 1800 & turned around & sold it to the U.S. a few years later Louisiana
#5195, aired 2007-03-23HAIL TO THE CHEF $2,600 (Daily Double): In 1984 he published his "Louisiana Kitchen Cookbook" Paul Prudhomme
#5189, aired 2007-03-15PEOPLES $2000: The word "cajun" comes from the name of this group deported to Louisiana the Acadians
#5156, aired 2007-01-29ROSES $1600: His play "The Rose Tattoo" tells the story of a Louisiana widow withdrawing from the world Tennessee Wiliams
#5153, aired 2007-01-24FOR THE BIRDS $1200: One of the 2 U.S. states with a bird in its official state nickname (One of) Iowa or Louisiana
#5151, aired 2007-01-22STATELY ARENAS $200: Pete Maravich Assembly Center, Rapides Parish Coliseum Louisiana
#5126, aired 2006-12-18'ALLO, GOVERNOR $2000: In office from 2004: Kathleen Blanco Louisiana
#5104, aired 2006-11-16WHAT A STATE I'M IN $1200: I feel jazzed when I compete in Evangeline Parish's Crawfish Etouffee Cookoff in this state Louisiana
#5092, aired 2006-10-31OLD MAN RIVER $400: This man whose first name is also a Scottish river was killed by a police posse in Louisiana in 1934 Clyde
#5075, aired 2006-10-06AMERICAN HISTORY $400: This famous transaction in 1803 doubled the territory of the U.S. the Louisiana Purchase
#5059, aired 2006-09-14GOVERNORS $800: He was governor of Louisiana 3 times between 1939 & 1960 Earl Long
#5055, aired 2006-07-28JOHN GRISHAM $800: In 1981 Grisham graduated from law school in this state; he was admitted to its bar later that year Mississippi
#5055, aired 2006-07-28U.S. LAKES & RIVERS $400: This large Louisiana lake is named for Louis XIV's marine minister Lake Pontchartrain
#5051, aired 2006-07-24PRONOUNS $2000: Take 2 letters off a marshy outlet of a Louisiana lake to get this personal pronoun you (from Bayou)
#5028, aired 2006-06-21CURRENT POLITICOS $1600: Called the "Ragin' Cajun", this Louisiana lawyer & his partner Paul Begala helped get Clinton elected in 1992 James Carville
#5018, aired 2006-06-07FASHION DESIGNERS $400: This American designer is a direct descendant of William Claiborne, the 1st governor of the State of Louisiana Liz Claiborne
#5014, aired 2006-06-01WOMEN IN POLITICS $200: Rose McConnell Long served as a U.S. senator from this state after the 1935 murder of her husband Louisiana
#4989, aired 2006-04-27DEAL OR NO DEAL $200: The USA said "Deal!" on April 30, 1803 when it agreed to pay France $15 million for this the Louisiana Purchase
#4982, aired 2006-04-18ANOTHER ATTEMPT AT ALLITERATION $1200: Louisiana lad, fabulous food, picture perfect Paul Prudhomme
#4968, aired 2006-03-29TREES & SHRUBS $800: In 1963 Louisiana chose this "bald" tree native to the swamps & wetlands as its state tree the cypress
#4961, aired 2006-03-20HAIL OF BULLETS $400: In May 1934 this bank-robbing duo died in a hail of bullets in Louisiana; her body had 23 slugs, his had 25 Bonnie & Clyde
#4942, aired 2006-02-21METROPOLITAN SOBRIQUETS $600: "The Crescent City", Louisiana New Orleans
#4937, aired 2006-02-14AROUND THE USA $1,000 (Daily Double): It's the only state that has parishes instead of counties Louisiana
#4922, aired 2006-01-246 FEET, UNDER $400: Louisiana's legal code is based on a code developed by this 5'6" European, also known as "The Corsican" Napoleon
#4902, aired 2005-12-27SEE "EO"s $800: A Louisianan descended from the early French settlers, or the language he speaks Creole
#4896, aired 2005-12-19A 5-COURSE MEAL $800: For jambalaya, go next door; we serve this Louisiana stew that often includes okra, shellfish & ham gumbo
#4875, aired 2005-11-18KISS MY GRITS! $400: Developed in Louisiana, praline is a sweet traditionally made with brown sugar & these nuts pecans
#4868, aired 2005-11-09COLLEGE-PODGE $1,800 (Daily Double): The second "S" in LSUS stands for this city Shreveport
#4835, aired 2005-09-23WHERE AM I? $1200: (Cheryl of the Clue Crew reports from the seaside.) I'm at this site built to defend against foreign enemies; it was attacked by Louisiana's General Beauregard in 1861 Fort Sumter
#4833, aired 2005-09-21THE DARWIN AWARDS $200: A Louisiana man put $20 on a Circle-K counter, asked for change, then robbed the place for $15; he forgot about this the $20 he had put in
#4810, aired 2005-07-01U.S. MUSEUMS $800: In Kenner, Louisiana, go marching in to the museum & hall of fame for this pro football team the (New Orleans) Saints
#4808, aired 2005-06-29CONGRESSIONAL MISDEMEANORS $1200: In 1811 Senator Thomas Pickering was censured for reading aloud from secret documents about this purchase (the) Louisiana (Purchase)
#4794, aired 2005-06-09COFFEE TALK $1000: One type of this salad plant is roasted & used as a coffee substitute, particularly in Louisiana chicory
#4787, aired 2005-05-31'ALLO, GOVERNOR! $1,000 (Daily Double): Henry S. Thibodaux, P.B.S. Pinchback Louisiana
#4773, aired 2005-05-11BOBBING FOR POETS $2000: The USA's first Poet Laureate, he taught at Louisiana State from 1934 to 1942 & edited the Southern Review (Robert Penn) Warren
#4757, aired 2005-04-19WE'RE TALKING BROADWAY $800: An off-Broadway hit in 1987 & then a film, this play set in a Louisiana beauty parlor finally blossomed on B'way in 2005 Steel Magnolias
#4747, aired 2005-04-05CLASSIC SONGS' FIRST LINES $800: "Deep down in Louisiana, close to New Orleans, way back up in the woods among the evergreens" "Johnny B. Goode"
#4734, aired 2005-03-1723 SKIDOO $400: It's made up of 23 cantons (20 full & 6 half) Switzerland
#4734, aired 2005-03-17KNOW YOUR CONGRESS $2000: Rep. Richard Baker & Sen. Mary Landrieu Louisiana
#4725, aired 2005-03-04"F"OOD WORD ORIGINS $1200: A Louisiana French word for "twisted" gave us the name of this gumbo powder filé
#4717, aired 2005-02-22IT'S ALL A PLANT $400: This Louisiana state tree could use some Rogaine the bald cypress
#4716, aired 2005-02-21BEFORE & AFTER $400: Louisiana's governor from 1928 to 1932 who was a one-legged pirate in "Treasure Island" Huey Long John Silver
#4714, aired 2005-02-17SIGNS $400: Hopefully you won't rue the day you see the "Rue" sign seen here in this Louisiana district the French Quarter
#4710, aired 2005-02-11SECRETARY'S DAY $800: Pres. Jefferson's secretary, the boss sent him exploring & he later became governor of the Louisiana Territory Meriwether Lewis
#4700, aired 2005-01-28THE 50 STATES $200: The diatonic or "Cajun" accordion is the official musical instrument of this state Louisiana
#4654, aired 2004-11-25FIRST ELECTED OFFICE $200: He was elected to Louisiana's State Railroad Commission in 1918, lost the race for governor in '24 but won in '28 Huey Long
#4650, aired 2004-11-19AMERICANA $800: A 2003 stamp honored the bicentennial of this, often called the greatest real estate deal in history Louisiana Purchase
#4648, aired 2004-11-17U.S. CITIES $800: The heart of French Louisiana & the unofficial capital of the Cajun country is this city named for a French patriot Lafayette
#4637, aired 2004-11-03PLAQUES $4,800 (Daily Double): A plaque in the Louisiana state capitol marks the site of this violent event of Sept. 8, 1935 the assassination of Huey Long
#4633, aired 2004-10-27U.S. GEOGRAPHY $200: Louisiana's lowest point is 8 feet below sea level in this city New Orleans
#4619, aired 2004-10-07"LONG" JUMP $600: His namesake bridge spans the Mississippi in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana Huey Long
#4612, aired 2004-09-28A CAJUN CATEGORY $800: This Cajun favorite, deep-fried & dusted with sugar, is the state doughnut of Louisiana a beignet
#4612, aired 2004-09-28A CAJUN CATEGORY $1600: After Louisiana, this state has the largest Cajun population, especially in areas like Port Arthur Texas
#4594, aired 2004-07-22FORMER CAPITALS $800: Opelousas, Donaldsonville & Shreveport are among the places that have been its capital Louisiana
#4580, aired 2004-07-02FAMOUS AMERICANS $800: A statue of this man assassinated in 1935 represents Louisiana in National Statuary Hall Huey Long
#4549, aired 2004-05-20THE LARGEST IN AREA $800: Louisiana, Florida, Alabama Florida
#4546, aired 2004-05-17ARE YOU A FOOD"E"? $1200: (Hi, I'm Brian Mitchell of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette & the NFL.) My specialty on the field is kick returns; in the kitchen, it's this, crawfish served over white rice étoufée
#4541, aired 2004-05-10U.S. STATES $200: Do the wild fais-do-do in this state while motoring on Interstate 10 to Baton Rouge or Ponchatoula Louisiana
#4541, aired 2004-05-10U.S. STATES $400: It's the only U.S. state named for a French king Louisiana
#4525, aired 2004-04-16QUARTER BACKS $1000: A pelican & a horn with musical notes Louisiana
#4516, aired 2004-04-05A "GRAM" OF KNOWLEDGE $600: A Louisiana state university founded in 1901 Grambling State
#4505, aired 2004-03-19FOOD AROUND THE USA $1000: Fried up in Louisiana along with the catfish are these balls of cornmeal, mixed with milk or water hush puppies
#4504, aired 2004-03-18AMERICANA $200: Inside the Cabildo in New Orleans, you can visit the room where the documents for this sale were signed in 1803 the Louisiana Purchase
#4498, aired 2004-03-10STATE THE STATE $2,000 (Daily Double): This state was named for a European king in 1682 by Robert Cavalier, Sieur de La Salle Louisiana
#4485, aired 2004-02-2019th CENTURY AMERICA $400: This 1803 territorial acquisition from France doubled the area of the United States the Louisiana Purchase
#4480, aired 2004-02-13STATE CAPITALS $400: The farthest inland deep-water port on the Mississippi River, it became Louisiana's capital in 1849 Baton Rouge
#4472, aired 2004-02-03NAMES IN STATES $800: Trumpeter Armstrong, who could be found in a gulf state Louis (from "Louisiana")
#4455, aired 2004-01-09INSTRUMENTAL $2000: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew at Grambling State University in Louisiana) This section of the band was the title of a 2002 movie starring Nick Cannon Drumline
#4450, aired 2004-01-02GRAMBLING MARCHING BAND $200: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew presents from Grambling State University in Louisiana.) The Grambling marching band scored big at halftime at the first one of these, January 15, 1967 at the Los Angeles Coliseum the Super Bowl
#4449, aired 2004-01-01ANNUAL EVENTS $400: On January 8 the state of Louisiana commemorates this battle of the War of 1812 Battle of New Orleans
#4442, aired 2003-12-23AMERICAN REGIONAL CUISINE $2000: Natchitoches in this state is famous for meat pies Louisiana
#4421, aired 2003-11-24ART EXHIBITS $3,000 (Daily Double): In 1999 this U.S. city's Museum of Art mounted a show of the work Edgar Degas did when he visited relatives there New Orleans, Louisiana
#4413, aired 2003-11-12SHARED TEAM NICKNAMES $1200: Princeton University & Louisiana State the Tigers
#4409, aired 2003-11-06WHERE AM I? $1200: (Video of Cheryl & Jimmy at Grambling State University.) We're in this southern state, home of the world famed Tiger Marching Band Louisiana
#4404, aired 2003-10-30STATE HOLIDAYS $600: On January 8 Louisianans celebrate the Battle of this, not the Super Bowl New Orleans
#4387, aired 2003-10-07MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS $1,400 (Daily Double): Originally, it cost the U.S. $15 million; the 1904 St. Louis Expo celebrating it turned a profit of twice that the Louisiana Purchase
#4380, aired 2003-09-26LOUISIANA $400: In New Orleans you can jazz things up aboard the steamboat Natchez for a jazz cruise along this river the Mississippi
#4380, aired 2003-09-26LOUISIANA $800: 450 feet tall with 34 floors, the Capitol building in this Louisiana city is the tallest state Capitol Baton Rouge
#4380, aired 2003-09-26LOUISIANA $800 (Daily Double): During the 1800s the growing of sugar & this fiber became big business in Louisiana cotton
#4380, aired 2003-09-26LOUISIANA $1200: During Carnival season, nearly a million visitors attend this Shrove Tuesday celebration in New Orleans Mardi Gras
#4380, aired 2003-09-26LOUISIANA $2000: Louisiana was included in that famous purchase bought from this Frenchman in 1803 Napoleon
#4372, aired 2003-09-16THE PELICAN BRIEF $1600: This state's official flag depicts a pelican feeding its young Louisiana
#4354, aired 2003-07-03STATE STUFF $600: We can thank this state for Tobasco sauce; it originated on Avery Island Louisiana
#4332, aired 2003-06-03CURRENT GOVERNORS $1200: Mike Huckabee Arkansas
#4328, aired 2003-05-28CUTE, FURRY & DEADLY $800: It's the mascot for a Major League Baseball team, Louisiana State University & a breakfast cereal tiger
#4320, aired 2003-05-16BRAIN STRAIN $600: Appropriately, this stadium has hosted the NFL Super Bowl more than any other Louisiana Superdome
#4315, aired 2003-05-09RECONSTRUCTION $1600: Reconstruction ended when this President removed the last of the Federal troops from Louisiana on April 24, 1877 Hayes
#4277, aired 2003-03-18OH, WHAT A YEAR! $2000: Napoleon sold the vast Louisiana Territory to the U.S. in this year 1803
#4276, aired 2003-03-17LAST PAGE OF THE AMERICAN HERITAGE DICTIONARY $1200: Southern Louisiana musical style combining French, Caribbean & Blues elements Zydeco
#4249, aired 2003-02-06EXPLORERS $1600: In 1682 this Frenchman claimed the entire region drained by the Mississippi River for France & named it Louisiana La Salle
#4216, aired 2002-12-23UNIVERSITY STATE $1000: Madonna University & Wayne State University Michigan
#4198, aired 2002-11-27OKLAHOMA! $1200: The U.S. acquired the vast majority of Oklahoma's territory as part of this 1803 transaction the Louisiana Purchase
#4196, aired 2002-11-25FACTS FROM ALMANACS $200: The Time Almanac reports this largest city in Louisiana is home to fewer than 1,000 Native Americans, Eskimos & Aleuts New Orleans
#4194, aired 2002-11-21WATCH OUT FOR ALLIGATORS! $400: On this largest Louisiana city's seal, the alligator represents the city's marshes & swamps New Orleans
#4192, aired 2002-11-19AMERICAN TREES $1200: Add 4 letters to "palm" to get this palm that has Texas & Louisiana types palmetto
#4186, aired 2002-11-11FESTIVALS $1600: Each September the city of Lafayette in this southern state is home to Festivals Acadiens Louisiana
#4182, aired 2002-11-05I AM A CROOK $1000: 2 months after Bonnie & Clyde were shot down in Louisiana, he got it outside the Biograph in Chicago John Dillinger
#4177, aired 2002-10-29THE ANIMALS $200: Resembling a small lobster, it's Louisiana's state crustacean crawfish/crayfish
#4165, aired 2002-10-11STATELY REBUSES $200: Thelma's movie partner goes to the "Talk Soup" network to speak with actress Paquin Louisiana
#4159, aired 2002-10-03PORTS $400: This state has 5 of the top 15 U.S. ports, including Plaquemines & Lake Charles Louisiana
#4156, aired 2002-09-30HIDDEN $800: In 1962 a Louisiana company got a patent for a device that added these to motion pictures in theaters subliminal advertisements
#4149, aired 2002-09-19THE SOUTHERN STATES $400: In 1682 this European group claimed all of Louisiana, but now they're down to a "Quarter" in New Orleans the French
#4142, aired 2002-09-10INAUGURAL ADDRESSES $1000: Polk declared, "Our title to" this western territory "is 'clear and unquestionable'" Oregon Territory
#4137, aired 2002-09-03STATE OF THE UNION $1,000 (Daily Double): Hawaii and this southern state are the only states whose names contain 3 consecutive vowels Louisiana
#4117, aired 2002-06-25HURRICANE NAMES $1200: Fergie would have been wise to avoid Florida & Louisiana in 1992 when this hit Andrew
#4097, aired 2002-05-28STATE GATEWAYS $600: Louis Armstrong International Louisiana
#4091, aired 2002-05-20CALLING ALL PAULS $1200: "Louisiana Kitchen" chef Paul Prudhomme
#4085, aired 2002-05-10ABBREVIATED STATES $400: The abbreviation of this state is also an abbreviation for the largest city in California Louisiana
#4083, aired 2002-05-08BOBBING FOR BOBS $2000: Just as he was to become Speaker of the House in 1999, this Louisiana politician abruptly resigned Bob Livingstone
#4075, aired 2002-04-26"C" FOOD $1,000 (Daily Double): A Louisiana appetizer, this type of "popcorn" is actually fried crayfish tails Creole (Cajun)
#4048, aired 2002-03-20PENINSULAS $400: The tip of Schoodic Peninsula is the only mainland part of this state's Acadia National Park Maine
#4040, aired 2002-03-08STATES' HIGHEST POINTS $400: Driskill Mountain in Bienville Parish Louisiana
#4032, aired 2002-02-26JUST WRITE $600: "My First Days in the White House", by this Louisiana political legend, was published in 1935, after his death Huey P. Long
#4018, aired 2002-02-06TAKE ME TO THE ZOO! $600: It's fun to ride the Cypress Bayou Railroad at the zoo in this capital of Louisiana Baton Rouge
#4006, aired 2002-01-211699 $400: The Sieur D'Iberville discovered & named this 625-square-mile Louisiana lake Lake Pontchartrain
#3995, aired 2002-01-04TOUGH POTPOURRI $1000: This explorer was the governor of the Louisiana territory when he died mysteriously at a Tennessee inn in 1809 Meriwether Lewis
#3992, aired 2002-01-01NEW ORLEANS $2000: (Here is the mayor of New Orleans, Marc Morial.) A Louisiana parish bears the name of this Canadian who founded New Orleans in 1718 (Sieur de) Bienville
#3969, aired 2001-11-29U.S. REGIONS $200: "Profound" adjective for the part of the "South" stretching from South Carolina to Louisiana deep
#3966, aired 2001-11-26UNIVERSITY STATE $1600: Grambling State, Dillard, Tulane Louisiana
#3935, aired 2001-10-12STATE BORDERS $200: Oklahoma & Arkansas Texas
#3932, aired 2001-10-09McGRAW-HILL $400: While Faith Hill hails from Mississippi, Tim McGraw grew up in Richland Parish in this state Louisiana
#3923, aired 2001-09-26AMERICAN HISTORY $500: In April 1682 La Salle claimed the area from the Gulf of Mexico to the Great Lakes, dubbing it this for his king Louisiana
#3921, aired 2001-09-24THE AGE OF AQUARIUMS $200: It's fun to ride the riverboat from the Audubon Zoo to the Aquarium of the Americas in this Louisiana city New Orleans
#3909, aired 2001-09-06OHIO $3,800 (Daily Double): Ohio was part of this territory when it became a state in 1803 the Northwest Territory
#3904, aired 2001-07-19BORDERLINE STATES $400: Arkansas, Mississippi, Texas Louisiana
#3893, aired 2001-07-04IT'S THE LAW $400: Across this state, from Westwego to Thibodaux, you cannot legally gargle in public Louisiana
#3882, aired 2001-06-19HAIL TO THE CHIEF $300: In his 1805 inaugural, he said, "I know that the acquisition of Louisiana has been disapproved by some" Thomas Jefferson
#3877, aired 2001-06-12OFFICIAL STATE FLOWERS $600: Magnolia Mississippi/Louisiana
#3874, aired 2001-06-07DECODE THE POSTAL CODES $300: Lame Louisiana & Maine
#3870, aired 2001-06-01TOUGH ISLANDS $200: Pelican Island, a wildlife refuge, is off the coast of this "Sunshine State", not Louisiana Florida
#3840, aired 2001-04-20IT'S A DISASTER! $300: In 1992 "He" hit the Bahamas, Florida & Louisiana, causing about $22 billion in damage Hurricane Andrew
#3838, aired 2001-04-18STATE OF CONFUSION $200: In 1876 this state sent 2 different slates to the Electoral College; 124 years later, it threatened to do it again Florida
#3834, aired 2001-04-12AIN'T THAT AMERICA $200: This state was named for a man who was a European king from 1643 to 1715 Louisiana
#3831, aired 2001-04-09STATE BORDERS $400: Alabama & Louisiana Mississippi
#3829, aired 2001-04-05HUEY, DEWEY OR LOUIS $100: A populist Louisiana governor of the early 1930s Huey Long
#3827, aired 2001-04-03STATES' LOWEST POINTS $100: 8 feet below sea level at New Orleans Louisiana
#3816, aired 2001-03-19LET'S ALL HEAD TO KANSAS $100: Kansas became a U.S. territory as a part of this 1803 purchase Louisiana Purchase
#3813, aired 2001-03-14U.S. LAKES $1000: Rather than Lake Sallier, Louisianans took a settler's first name & called their city this Lake Charles
#3807, aired 2001-03-06U.S.A. $200: Border cities in this state include Texarkana & Texhoma Texas
#3778, aired 2001-01-24U.S. CITIES $300: This coastal city's name goes back to Louisiana governor Bernardo de Galvez Galveston
#3763, aired 2001-01-03LEND ME YOUR MOUSEKETEER EARS $300: Platinum albums, an exercise video, touring & writing a book have kept this teen from Plantwood, Louisiana busy Britney Spears
#3755, aired 2000-12-22THE 50 STATES $200: The crawfish is its state crustacean & the alligator its state reptile Louisiana
#3750, aired 2000-12-15PARISH $100: The name of this, Louisiana's most populous parish, is just 1 word -- no "New" Orleans
#3750, aired 2000-12-15PARISH $200 (Daily Double): A parish is named for this "colorful" river passing through Louisiana en route to the Mississippi Red River
#3750, aired 2000-12-15PARISH $200: In parish names this word precedes John the Baptist & Martin Saint
#3750, aired 2000-12-15PARISH $300: Sensibly, Lincoln is a northern Louisiana parish & the parish named for this opposing president is in the south Jefferson Davis
#3750, aired 2000-12-15PARISH $500: These 2 adjacent parishes are named for the rising of Jesus & of Mary into heaven Ascension & Assumption
#3737, aired 2000-11-28STATE SEALS $500: This bird is depicted on Louisiana's state seal in a nest with her 3 young Brown pelican
#3730, aired 2000-11-171812 $100: Part of a major purchase, this state entered the Union April 30, 1812 Louisiana
#3721, aired 2000-11-06THE ADAM SANDLER STORY $200: In 1998 Adam Sandler was Bobby Boucher, this title "boy" at a Louisiana university The Waterboy
#3683, aired 2000-09-13STATUARY HALL $200: Huey P. Long Louisiana
#3676, aired 2000-09-04TOTALLY 1680s! $200: In 1682 La Salle said, "Laissez les bon temps rouler" as he claimed this North American territory for France Louisiana
#3636, aired 2000-05-29ON THE GULF OF MEXICO $800: Before empyting into the Gulf, the Sabine River forms the border between Texas & this state Louisiana
#3624, aired 2000-05-11ANTEBELLUM $200: It's how you'll feel at Louisiana's Bienvenue House, a circa 1830 B&B, or what the name of the house means welcome
#3623, aired 2000-05-10THE 18TH CENTURY $600: In the 1790s the French made Toussaint L'Ouverture general-in-chief of this colony Haiti
#3612, aired 2000-04-25WOMEN'S FIRSTS $800: Cokie Roberts' mom, Lindy Boggs, was the first woman elected to Congress from this state; she served 9 terms Louisiana
#3606, aired 2000-04-17WORD ORIGINS $1000: Chiefly used in Louisiana, it's Creole for a gift given a customer by a shopkeeper at the time of purchase Lagniappe
#3601, aired 2000-04-10LITERATURE $100: William Faulkner's novel "Mosquitoes" satirizes the literary life in this Louisiana city New Orleans
#3598, aired 2000-04-05HIGHWAY 61 REVISITED $400: In the 1980s this evangelist confessed to sins he'd committed in motels along Highway 61 in Louisiana Jimmy Swaggart
#3579, aired 2000-03-09STATES' MEN $1,000 (Daily Double): Louis Armstrong, Truman Capote, Bryant Gumbel Louisiana
#3569, aired 2000-02-24REAL U.S. LOCALES $500: George Michael didn't found this Louisiana town, but it does bear the name of his old pop duo Wham
#3550, aired 2000-01-28THE 1930s $400: He said, "I'm a small fish here in Washington, but I'm a kingfish to the folks down in Louisiana" Huey Long
#3548, aired 2000-01-26AROUND THE U.S.A. $200: Away down yonder in Louisiana you'll be drawn & French Quartered to this, its largest city in population New Orleans
#3537, aired 2000-01-111800 $800: France got this territory back from Spain in 1800, saying it wouldn't transfer it again to anyone but Spain Louisiana
#3530, aired 1999-12-3119th CENTURY AMERICA $200: In the deal of the century, the U.S. made this $15 million purchase & doubled the size of the U.S. Louisiana Purchase
#3530, aired 1999-12-31ROSE IS A ROSE $800: One rose is named for this Louisiana "port", the headquarters of the American Rose Society Shreveport
#3517, aired 1999-12-14DUKE, DUKE $200: Louisiana politician David Duke was a former grand wizard in this organization Ku Klux Klan
#3507, aired 1999-11-30SPORTS VENUES $400: (Hi, I'm Wesley Walls of the Carolina Panthers) I played in this building for the 49ers in the Super Bowl; later, I played there for the Saints Louisiana Superdome
#3502, aired 1999-11-23U.S. STATES $300: Reflecting its Catholic heritage, this state has 64 parishes & no counties Louisiana
#3496, aired 1999-11-15BRIDGE OF SIZE $500: One of the world's longest railroad bridges, the Huey P. Long Bridge, is found in Metairie in this U.S. state Louisiana
#3473, aired 1999-10-13"B" IN GEOGRAPHY $800 (Daily Double): This Mississippi port was the capital of the Louisiana Territory for a brief time in the early 1700s Biloxi
#3430, aired 1999-07-02AMERICAN HISTORY $200: This 1803 land acquisition included area in what is now 13 of the 50 states the Louisiana Purchase
#3422, aired 1999-06-22STATE FAIR SITES $300: Shreveport Louisiana
#3416, aired 1999-06-14FLAGS $400: This state's flag features a mother pelican with its young Louisiana
#3409, aired 1999-06-03COUNTY SEATS $200: Paris (population 8,730) is the seat of Bourbon County in this state Kentucky
#3408, aired 1999-06-02U.S. BODIES OF WATER $300: You'll find the Big Branch National Wildlife Refuge on the shore of this big lake in Louisiana Lake Pontchartrain
#3405, aired 1999-05-28U.S. GEOGRAPHY $100: This river's delta covers more than 12,000 square miles in Louisiana Mississippi River
#3401, aired 1999-05-24U.S. CITIES $400: In 1904 people met at the fair in this city to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Louisiana Purchase St. Louis
#3399, aired 1999-05-20LITERARY TOURISM $200: William Faulkner once lived at 624 Pirates Alley in this Louisiana city; it's now a bookstore that sells his works New Orleans
#3357, aired 1999-03-23U.S. GOVERNORS $800: In 1995 this state's voters went bananas for Mike Foster, who succeeded 4-termer Edwin Edwards Louisiana
#3352, aired 1999-03-16I REALLY DIG YOU (UP) $800: Carl Weiss was exhumed to investigate his alleged 1935 assassination of this former Louisiana gov. Huey Long
#3345, aired 1999-03-05STATE LICENSE PLATES $1000: EPL 024 Sportsman's Paradise Louisiana
#3342, aired 1999-03-02STATE CAPITALS $300: Now a museum, the old Governor's Mansion in this capital was constructed by Huey P. Long in 1930 Baton Rouge
#3323, aired 1999-02-03STATE NICKNAMES $100: The "Creole State" Louisiana
#3308, aired 1999-01-13HISTORIC NEBRASKA $200: With the purchase of this region in 1803, the area now known as Nebraska became part of the United States the Louisiana Territory (the Louisiana Purchase accepted)
#3278, aired 1998-12-02U.S. FIRSTS $100: The Mouton girls of Louisiana were the first of these successfully separated, in 1953 Siamese twins
#3271, aired 1998-11-23FOR HE'S A JOLLY LONGFELLOW $600: A statue of this Longfellow character in St. Martinsville, Louisiana honors exiled Acadians Evangeline
#3256, aired 1998-11-02AUTHORS' HOME STATES $500: Anne Rice Louisiana
#3236, aired 1998-10-05GEOGRAPHER'S DICTIONARY $200: These administrative subdivisions of Louisiana correspond to counties in other states Parishes
#3234, aired 1998-10-01WEIGHTS & MEASURES $800: Originally French, an arpent, which is about an acre, is mainly used in these 2 places: a state & a province Louisiana & Quebec
#3223, aired 1998-09-16STATE CAPITALS $500 (Daily Double): The old governor's mansion in this capital was built by Huey Long in 1930 Baton Rouge, Louisiana
#3220, aired 1998-09-11TOUGH U.S. CITIES $200: Parks in this Louisiana city include Audubon & Pontchartrain New Orleans
#3217, aired 1998-09-08WELL, EXHUME ME! $400: Some want this Louisiana Territory explorer exhumed to prove he didn't commit suicide Meriwether Lewis
#3206, aired 1998-07-06PEOPLE & PLACES $400: It's okay for folks to call you a pelican if you're from this "Pelican State" Louisiana
#3203, aired 1998-07-01WAX MUSEUMS $400: Jean Lafite & Louis Armstrong are depicted in wax at the Musee Conti Wax Museum in this Louisiana city New Orleans
#3200, aired 1998-06-26FUN THINGS TO DO $100: For an unusual evening out, this Louisiana city's historic Voodoo Museum offers moonlight swamp cruises New Orleans
#3189, aired 1998-06-11OFFBEAT MUSEUMS $200: Crowley, Louisiana has a museum devoted to this food; Uncle Ben would approve Rice
#3170, aired 1998-05-15AMERICAN HISTORY $200: 2 years after exploring the Northwest with William Clark, he was named gov. of the Louisiana territory Meriwether Lewis
#3160, aired 1998-05-01U.S. PRESIDENTS $200: The Louisiana Purchase, made during his term, doubled the size of the U.S. Thomas Jefferson
#3134, aired 1998-03-26LET'S GO SHOPPING $600: Bourbon French Parfums in this Louisiana city has sold custom-blended fragrances for over 150 years New Orleans
#3130, aired 1998-03-20THE 19th CENTURY $1000: 1853 purchase that brought the contiguous U.S. about up to its present area the Gadsden Purchase
#3107, aired 1998-02-17U.S. CAPITALS OF THE WORLD $200: Fans of these freshwater crustaceans know that Breaux Bridge, Louisiana is their capital crayfish/crawfish
#3099, aired 1998-02-05YUMMY! $1000: Oysters Bienville is named for the founder of this Louisiana city New Orleans
#3071, aired 1997-12-29AMERICAN CUISINE $200: Often filled with fried oysters, a po' boy is a Louisiana type of this item named for an earl Sandwich
#3069, aired 1997-12-25STATE CAPITALS $100: It's Louisiana's second largest city & its capital Baton Rouge
#3062, aired 1997-12-1620th CENTURY AMERICA $300: During every decade from the 1920s to 1960, some member of this family was governor of Louisiana Long
#3043, aired 1997-11-19POLITICAL QUOTES $200: Louisiana "Kingfish" who reportedly said, "The time has come for all good men to rise above principle" Huey Long
#3042, aired 1997-11-18AMERICAN HISTORY $300: The U.S. made this great buy from France in 1803 & would have been happy with just New Orleans Louisiana Purchase
#3036, aired 1997-11-10COLLEGE MASCOTS $400: [video clue] the University of Florida
#3034, aired 1997-11-06mini-mountains $300: Going from Monroe to Shreveport, you might see this state's highest peak, 535' Mt. Driskill Louisiana
#3020, aired 1997-10-17LOUISIANIANS $100: This fitness guru who grew up big in Louisiana now urges, "One should eat to live; not live to eat" Richard Simmons
#3006, aired 1997-09-29SAUCE $500: Avery Island, Louisiana has shipped little bottles of this hot sauce to the world since 1868 Tabasco sauce
#2985, aired 1997-07-18AMERICANA $500: The world's oldest Zydeco festival takes place annually in Plaisance, near Opelousas in this state Louisiana
#2982, aired 1997-07-15ANNUAL EVENTS $300: The Crescent City Classic, a 10K run held in the spring in this Louisiana city, is followed by a huge celebration New Orleans
#2959, aired 1997-06-12CHEESES OF THE WORLD $200: Creole cream cheese, a specialty of this U.S. state, may be eaten for breakfast with sugar & fruit Louisiana
#2956, aired 1997-06-09"SAINT"LY CITIES $500: In 1804 this city became the seat of government of the Louisiana Territory Saint Louis
#2953, aired 1997-06-04TALL TALES $400: Annie Christmas, who unloaded boats in this Louisiana city, could carry a barrel of flour under each arm New Orleans
#2952, aired 1997-06-03U.S. GEOGRAPHY $400: The parishes in this state's East Gulf Coastal Plain are called the "Florida Parishes" Louisiana
#2936, aired 1997-05-12AMERICANA $100: During the 1800s, this Louisiana city was known as the "Paris of America" New Orleans
#2916, aired 1997-04-14THE CIVIL WAR $200: In 1862 the Union captured this Louisiana capital; the Confederates moved the capital to Opelousas Baton Rouge
#2911, aired 1997-04-07STATE BIRDS $400: This pouched state bird of Louisiana has been designated an endangered species in North America the pelican
#2900, aired 1997-03-21MILITARY GOVERNORS $200: Benjamin Franklin "Beast" Butler was dismissed in 1862 as military governor of this Louisiana city New Orleans
#2900, aired 1997-03-21U.S. HISTORY $100: This 1803 territorial acquisition gave the U.S. free navigation of the Mississippi River Louisiana Purchase
#2891, aired 1997-03-10HISTORIC HOMES $400: Moss-draped oak trees surround Shadows-On-The-Teche, one of this state's most famous plantations Louisiana
#2883, aired 1997-02-26BLACK AMERICA $200: Ernest Morial was the first black mayor of this Louisiana city; his son Marc became mayor in 1994 New Orleans
#2879, aired 1997-02-20AMERICAN RESTAURANTS $200: This famous chef's sister Enola Prudhomme has her own Cajun cafe in Carencro, Louisiana Paul Prudhomme
#2879, aired 1997-02-20THE SOUTH $300: More crayfish are produced in this state than any other Louisiana
#2872, aired 1997-02-11BODIES OF WATER $600: Named for a French statesman, this Louisiana lake is about half the size of Rhode Island Lake Pontchartrain
#2870, aired 1997-02-07U.S. HISTORY $200: The U.S. added the Badlands of South Dakota through this acquisition of land The Louisiana Purchase
#2852, aired 1997-01-14COLONIAL AMERICA $200: This city became the capital of the Louisiana territory in 1722 New Orleans
#2850, aired 1997-01-10AMERICAN HISTORY $400: Though elected to the Senate in 1930, this Louisiana governor didn't take his seat until 1932 Huey Long
#2844, aired 1997-01-02TRAVEL U.S.A. $100: Commander's Palace is an elegant restaurant in this Louisiana city's Garden District New Orleans
#2840, aired 1996-12-27HISTORY $1000: In 1612 this French explorer claimed & named the Louisiana region for Louis XIV La Salle
#2831, aired 1996-12-16PORT CITIES $400: 4 of the top 10 U.S. ports, including the port of Plaquemine, are in this state Louisiana
#2823, aired 1996-12-04SUSAN SARANDON CINEMA $100: An Oscar went to Sarandon for playing Helen Prejean, a Louisiana nun, in this film "Dead Man Walking"
#2823, aired 1996-12-04U.S. CITIES $400: Steamboat builder & operator Henry M. Shreve has a city named for him in this state Louisiana
#2805, aired 1996-11-08U.S. STATES $100: About 30% of this state's population lives in metropolitan New Orleans Louisiana
#2797, aired 1996-10-29WEATHER $1000: In terms of damage, this 1992 hurricane that hit Florida & Louisiana was the USA's costliest Andrew
#2785, aired 1996-10-11U.S. CITIES $400: Around 1720 this Mississippi port became the capital of France's Louisiana territory Biloxi
#2776, aired 1996-09-30COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES $100: This state university's medical center has campuses in New Orleans & Shreveport LSU (Louisiana State)
#2759, aired 1996-09-05U.S. GEOGRAPHY $800: Covering 625 square miles, it's Louisiana's largest lake Lake Pontchartrain
#2758, aired 1996-09-04COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES $200: Louisiana State University & Louisiana A&M were founded in this capital in 1860 Baton Rouge
#2752, aired 1996-07-16TRAVEL U.S.A. $300: The French Quarter of this Louisiana city is world-famous for its nightlife New Orleans
#2748, aired 1996-07-10AMERICAN POTPOURRI $300: In the 1930s Harold Ickes said this Louisiana senator "is suffering from halitosis of the intellect" Huey Long
#2742, aired 1996-07-02AMERICAN HISTORY $200: Concerning this 1803 land acquisition, Thomas Jefferson said he had gone "beyond the Constitution" the Louisiana Purchase
#2707, aired 1996-05-14PLANTS $400: This "bald" swamp tree is the state tree of Louisiana cypress
#2705, aired 1996-05-10AMERICAN HISTORY $200: The U.S. negotiated this 1803 acquisition with French Finance Minister Francois de Barbe-Marbois the Louisiana Purchase
#2702, aired 1996-05-07U.S. STATES $200: Orleans is this state's largest parish in population Louisiana
#2687, aired 1996-04-16GOURMET CUISINE $200: Named for a dramatist, Eggs Sardou was created at Antoine's Restaurant in this Louisiana city New Orleans
#2680, aired 1996-04-05U.S. GEOGRAPHY $200: This state's parishes began as administrative units of the Catholic Church under Spanish rule Louisiana
#2670, aired 1996-03-22U.S.A. $300: Some descendants of Jean Lafitte's pirate crew still live on Grand Isle in this state Louisiana
#2649, aired 1996-02-22"SH" $400: This third-largest Louisiana city is home to one of the branches of LSU Shreveport
#2646, aired 1996-02-19POLITICAL TERMS $1000: "Every Man a King" was a slogan of this Louisiana governor Huey Long
#2642, aired 1996-02-13ANNUAL EVENTS $400: Houma in this state is home to an annual praline festival Louisiana
#2628, aired 1996-01-24AMERICAN HISTORY $200: Unaware of the Treaty of Ghent signed earlier, the British attacked this Louisiana city on Jan. 8, 1815 New Orleans
#2619, aired 1996-01-11HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: On August 30 this state observes Huey P. Long Day Louisiana
#2598, aired 1995-12-13NEW ORLEANS $500: This chef's K-Paul's Louisiana Kitchen is famous for its jalapeno martinis Paul Prudhomme
#2584, aired 1995-11-23AMERICAN HISTORY $100: On October 20, 1803, the senate ratified the treaty for this land acquisition Louisiana Purchase
#2582, aired 1995-11-21U.S. STATES $800: A region in the southern part of this state is called Acadiana Louisiana
#2571, aired 1995-11-06U.S. PRESIDENTS $600: During his administration, the slave trade was abolished & the Louisiana Territory was purchased Thomas Jefferson
#2541, aired 1995-09-25AMERICAN LAKES $1000: Lake Borgne connects this Louisiana lake to the Gulf of Mexico Lake Pontchartrain
#2531, aired 1995-09-11CORRUPTED WORDS $400: Acadian was corrupted into this word after a move from Canada to Louisiana Cajun
#2468, aired 1995-05-03WEIGHTS & MEASURES $200: In Louisiana land is sometimes measured in arpents, which are slightly smaller than these acres
#2453, aired 1995-04-12FAMOUS ANIMALS $100: Scannon, a Newfoundland, accompanied this pair on their exploration of the Louisiana Purchase Lewis & Clark
#2446, aired 1995-04-03U.S.A. $100: Indian legend says that Bayou Teche in this state was created by a giant snake Louisiana
#2432, aired 1995-03-14SOUTHERN CITIES $600: Native Americans called the site of this Louisiana capital Istrouma Baton Rouge
#2387, aired 1995-01-10ANNUAL EVENTS $100: June is the month for this state's annual Bayou Lacombe Crab Festival Louisiana
#2374, aired 1994-12-22ARCHITECTURE $400: The Union Tank Car Company in Baton Rouge, Louisiana is one of his best known geodesic domes Buckminster Fuller
#2358, aired 1994-11-30HISTORIC DOCUMENTS $100: The bill of sale for this was dated April 30, 1803 the Louisiana Purchase
#2355, aired 1994-11-25STATE CAPITALS $100: Built in 1792, St. Joseph's Cathedral is the oldest church in this Louisiana capital Baton Rouge
#2307, aired 1994-09-20LOUISIANA $100: Louisiana has 3 of the nations top 6 ports, including New Orleans & this capital Baton Rouge
#2307, aired 1994-09-20LOUISIANA $200: He coerced Spain to return Louisiana to him in 1800, then sold it to the U.S. in 1803 Napoleon
#2307, aired 1994-09-20LOUISIANA $300: These, Louisiana's equivalent of counties, are often governed by bodies called police juries parishes
#2307, aired 1994-09-20LOUISIANA $400: The Vieux Carre section of New Orleans is better known as this the French Quarter
#2307, aired 1994-09-20LOUISIANA $500: In 1948 his son Russell was elected to the U.S. Senate from Louisiana Huey Long
#2245, aired 1994-05-13STATE ANIMALS $300: Resembling a small lobster, it's Louisiana's state crustacean a crayfish
#2242, aired 1994-05-10HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $600: All Saints' Day, observed on this date, is a legal holiday in Louisiana November 1st
#2188, aired 1994-02-23THE CIVIL WAR $400: In October 1861 Louisiana Gov. Thomas Moore stopped the shipment of this fiber to Europe cotton
#2174, aired 1994-02-03AMERICANA $600: Breaux Bridge, a town in this state, claims to be the crawfish capital of the world Louisiana
#2161, aired 1994-01-176-LETTER WORDS $100: A Louisianan of French descent, or his dialect Creole
#2159, aired 1994-01-13INCREDIBLE EDIBLES $500: Prejean's Restaurant in Lafayette, Louisiana features an entire meal based on this large reptile an alligator
#2155, aired 1994-01-07FOOD $600: This Louisiana chef was the first to make blackened fish that wasn't a mistake Paul Prudhomme
#2150, aired 1993-12-31U.S.A. $400: Acadia & Evangeline are parishes in this state Louisiana
#2120, aired 1993-11-19UNOFFICIAL STATE NICKNAMES $100: Because of the way it was formed, Louisiana is sometimes called "The Child of" this river Mississippi
#2113, aired 1993-11-10U.S.HISTORY $400: On Oct. 20, 1803 the Senate approved the acquisition of this 828,000-square-mile area from France the territory of Louisiana (the Louisiana Purchase)
#2084, aired 1993-09-30COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES $400: Hubert Humphrey taught political science at this Baton Rouge school in 1939 & 1940 Louisiana State University
#2066, aired 1993-09-06U.S.A. $300: The Cafe du Monde in this Louisiana city has been serving cafe au lait & beignets since 1862 New Orleans
#2052, aired 1993-07-06FORESTS $1,000 (Daily Double): Divisions of this Southern state's Kisatchie National Forest include Vernon & Evangeline Louisiana
#2009, aired 1993-05-06AMERICANA $1000: New Iberia in this state boasts a 7'-tall ancient Roman statue of Emperor Hadrian Louisiana
#1985, aired 1993-04-02POLITICIANS $200: In 1973 Lindy Boggs became the first woman elected to the house from this "Bayou State" Louisiana
#1983, aired 1993-03-31SPORTS $400: In 1975 this college football bowl game moved from Tulane Stadium to the Louisiana Superdome the Sugar Bowl
#1960, aired 1993-02-26MUSEUMS $400: Crowley, Louisiana has a museum devoted to this grain grown in flooded fields rice
#1953, aired 1993-02-17SINGERS $500: Harry Connick, Jr. was a little boy when his father defeated Jim Garrison & became D.A. of this Louisiana city New Orleans
#1907, aired 1992-12-15U.S. CITIES $200: The Cabildo in this city was the headquarters of the Spanish rulers of Louisiana New Orleans
#1897, aired 1992-12-01NOTORIOUS $500: This famous pair of robbers met their end near Gibsland, Louisiana in May 1934 Bonnie & Clyde
#1897, aired 1992-12-01THE MISSISSIPPI RIVER $200: Silt from the river had added about 50 square miles to this state in the last 200 years Louisiana
#1896, aired 1992-11-30AMERICAN LITERATURE $400: Willie Stark in "All the King's Men" is said to have been modeled on this Louisiana governor Huey Long
#1880, aired 1992-11-06FAMOUS GEMINIS $400: Louisiana observes this Gemini president's birthday as Confederate Memorial Day Jefferson Davis
#1873, aired 1992-10-28"NEW" PLACES $200: This Louisiana city's been called "The Queen of the South" & "Crescent City" New Orleans
#1856, aired 1992-10-05THE SOUTH $200: The 2 French-speaking groups in Louisiana are the Creoles & this group originally from Canada the Cajuns
#1836, aired 1992-09-0720TH CENTURY AMERICA $400: On September 8, 1935 this Louisiana senator was shot by Dr. Carl Weiss in Baton Rouge Huey Long
#1806, aired 1992-06-08IN STATUARY HALL $200: If this Louisiana statue talked, it might say, "I'm the Kingfish" Huey Long
#1788, aired 1992-05-13U.S. HISTORY $100: It was the eastern boundary of the land bought in the Louisiana purchase the Mississippi River
#1755, aired 1992-03-27U.S. STATES $200: From 1804 to 1812, this state was known as the Territory of Orleans Louisiana
#1754, aired 1992-03-26U.S. CITIES $400: This city on the Texas-Arkansas border takes its name from the two states plus Louisiana Texarkana
#1700, aired 1992-01-10THE SOUTH $500: Rather than counties, Louisiana has 64 of these parishes
#1698, aired 1992-01-08U.S. GEOGRAPHY $800: This Louisiana capital is on the site of a pole that marked the boundary of 2 indian nations Baton Rouge
#1640, aired 1991-10-18U.S.A. $400: After English it's the second-most-spoken major language in Maine & Louisiana French
#1635, aired 1991-10-11LOUISIANA $100: During the Civil War, the state capital was moved to Opelousas; it returned to this city in 1882 Baton Rouge
#1635, aired 1991-10-11LOUISIANA $200: New Orleans first held this festival in 1699 Mardi Gras
#1635, aired 1991-10-11LOUISIANA $300: This country got Louisiana from France in 1762 & kept it for 38 years before ceding it back to France Spain
#1635, aired 1991-10-11LOUISIANA $400: The state seal features this bird feeding 3 of its young the pelican
#1635, aired 1991-10-11LOUISIANA $500: The state's first railroad was begun in 1831 by a company named for this large lake Lake Pontchartrain
#1625, aired 1991-09-27THE 50 STATES $400: 3 large egret colonies are located in Evangeline Parish in this state Louisiana
#1606, aired 1991-09-02FOREIGN WORDS & PHRASES $1000: Louisiana Creole word for a small gift given by a shopkeeper to show appreciation lagniappe
#1599, aired 1991-07-11SOUTH DAKOTA $200: The land that is South Dakota was acquired by the U.S. in this 1803 deal the Louisiana Purchase
#1554, aired 1991-05-09U.S. GEOGRAPHY $500: Descendants of Jean Laffite's men live on Grand Isle, just off the coast of this state Louisiana
#1527, aired 1991-04-02RELIGION $400: In 1988 this Louisiana-based minister was defrocked by the Assemblies of God (Jimmy) Swaggart
#1498, aired 1991-02-20LAW $100: Except in Louisiana, American law is based on this country's common law Britain (or England)
#1472, aired 1991-01-15U.S. STATES $600: Founded by the French c. 1714, Natchitoches is the oldest permanent settlement in this state Louisiana
#1454, aired 1990-12-20EXPLORERS $1000: After claiming the Mississippi Valley for France, he named the region Louisiana La Salle
#1426, aired 1990-11-12STARTS & ENDS WITH "A" $400: The Cajuns of Louisiana are descended from French settlers of this Canadian region Acadia
#1370, aired 1990-07-13NEW ORLEANS $400: The 27-story Louisiana Superdome is home to the Sugar Bowl & this NFL team the New Orleans Saints
#1367, aired 1990-07-10THE SOUTH $600: You might say Avery Island is one of Louisiana's hot spots; it's the home of this famous hot sauce Tabasco
#2, aired 1990-06-23U.S. STATES $1000: The bald cypress, which grows in the swamps & bayous, is this state's official tree Louisiana
#1354, aired 1990-06-21U.S. STATES $100: This state's tourist info phone number is 1-800-33-gumbo Louisiana
#1346, aired 1990-06-11U.S. GEOGRAPHY $600: Lake Pontchartrain is this state's largest lake Louisiana
#1337, aired 1990-05-29SPANISH HISTORY $200: He forced Spain to cede Louisiana to him in 1800 but sold it to the U.S. 3 years later Napoleon
#1331, aired 1990-05-21FAMOUS COUPLES $200: Chef whose wife, K, is the "K" in K-Paul's Louisiana Kitchen Paul Prudhomme
#1323, aired 1990-05-09LANGUAGES $800: Languages derived from French that are spoken in Haiti & Louisiana are both called this Creole
#1294, aired 1990-03-29NOTORIOUS $800: They were gunned down near Gibsland, Louisiana on May 23, 1934 Bonnie Parker & Clyde Barrow
#1291, aired 1990-03-26U.S. GEOGRAPHY $1000: One of the largest of these shallow channels in the U.S. is the Bartholomew in N. Louisiana Bayou
#1289, aired 1990-03-22THE 50 STATES $1,200 (Daily Double): The 3 states represented in the name of the city of Texarkana Arkansas, Louisiana & Texas
#1255, aired 1990-02-02U.S. STATES $200: The state that contains the mouth of the Mississippi Louisiana
#1236, aired 1990-01-08U.S. HISTORY $500: The Cajuns migrated to Louisiana from there Nova Scotia
#1209, aired 1989-11-30STATE NICKNAMES $200: "The Creole State" Louisiana
#1185, aired 1989-10-2719th CENTURY AMERICA $100: On April 30, 1812, the territory of Orleans became this state Louisiana
#1166, aired 1989-10-02ANIMALS $300: At the tip of the Mississippi flyway, Louisiana attracts pintail, teal & mallard types of this bird ducks
#1161, aired 1989-09-25COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES $400: Of BYU, LSU or NYU, the one that's state sponsored LSU
#1152, aired 1989-09-12COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES $1000: Tulane University is the largest privately run institution of higher learning in this state Louisiana
#1146, aired 1989-09-04AMERICAN ISLANDS $200: Some descendants of Jean Lafitte's pirate crew live on Grand Isle in this state Louisiana
#1136, aired 1989-07-10U.S. STATES $800: Jimmy Swaggart usually preaches via TV from this, his home state Louisiana
#1125, aired 1989-06-23CAMPAIGN '88 $500: Democrat who took Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia, Mississippi & Virginia on "Super Tuesday" Jesse Jackson
#1085, aired 1989-04-28U.S. HISTORY $400: This "real estate deal" brought the U.S. all or part of at least 13 future states the Louisiana Purchase
#1040, aired 1989-02-24U.S. STATES $200: Louisiana was named in honor of the king of this country France
#1018, aired 1989-01-25MINNESOTA $200: The land that is now Minnesota became part of the U.S. as a result of this sale Louisiana Purchase
#1013, aired 1989-01-18LAW $600: The only state whose basic law is not based on British common law but on the Napoleonic Code Louisiana
#997, aired 1988-12-27COLONIAL AMERICA $600: Founded circa 1714 as Fort St. Jean Baptiste, Natchitoches is the oldest town in this state Louisiana
#988, aired 1988-12-14WORD PLAY $200: The artificial turf in this stadium is nicknamed "Mardi Grass" Louisiana Superdome
#980, aired 1988-12-02THE 50 STATES $400: The state where you're most likely to get invited to a dance party called a "fais dodo" Louisiana
#980, aired 1988-12-02THE BLUE & THE GRAY $1000: This Louisiana creole general designed the famous Confederate battle flag General Beauregard
#969, aired 1988-11-17LAKES & RIVERS $800: Shreveport, Louisiana, and Hanoi, Vietnam, are both on rivers that have this colorful name Red River
#930, aired 1988-09-23THE SOUTH $500 (Daily Double): Until the 1970s Louisiana had the longest of these in the U.S., containing over a quarter-million words state constitution
#916, aired 1988-09-05THE 1800s $100: Major act of Jefferson's presidency that doubled the size of the United States the Louisiana Purchase
#887, aired 1988-06-14MUSEUMS $500: The cabildo where this agreement was signed in 1803 now houses part of the Louisiana State Museum the Louisiana Purchase
#875, aired 1988-05-27U.S. GEOGRAPHY $200: At 5 feet below sea level, this city is the lowest point in Louisiana New Orleans
#874, aired 1988-05-26LAKES & RIVERS $500: The world's longest over-water highway spans this lake in southeastern Louisiana Lake Pontchartrain
#859, aired 1988-05-05GOVERNMENT $200: In Louisiana, the equivalent of this local unit of government is called a parish a county
#829, aired 1988-03-24TRAVEL & TOURISM $200: In this state, once part of the French colony of Louisiana, you'll find Lincoln's tomb Illinois
#825, aired 1988-03-18NOTORIOUS $100: Pirate who reportedly smuggled slaves into Louisiana using a blacksmith shop as a cover Jean Lafitte
#801, aired 1988-02-15STATE FLAGS $800: One of the few flags to have a bird other than an eagle on it, this Southern state's has a pelican Louisiana
#799, aired 1988-02-11U.S. HISTORY $200: Congress originally granted them only $2500 to explore the Louisiana Territory Lewis and Clark
#782, aired 1988-01-19LOUISIANIANS $200: In 1928, he was elected governor by the greatest margin in Louisiana history Huey Long
#773, aired 1988-01-0619TH C. AMERICA $400: Some Federalists felt acquisiton of this land in 1803 dissolved the original states' allegiance to the Union the Louisiana Purchase
#759, aired 1987-12-17U.S. GEOGRAPHY $200: Complete with big toe projection into the Gulf of Mexico, this state resembles a boot Louisiana
#757, aired 1987-12-15SPORTS $800: In 1976, this bowl game was moved from Tulane Stadium to the Louisiana Superdome the Sugar Bowl
#754, aired 1987-12-10AMERICAN INDIAN NAMES $100: It's the name of a Cherokee village in Louisiana & a Bankhead from Alabama Tallulah
#740, aired 1987-11-20RELIGION $400: At first, Jim Bakker claimed that this Louisiana-based Pentecostal preacher wanted to take over the PTL Jimmy Swaggart
#733, aired 1987-11-11PARKS $200: This city's Forest Park was the site of the 1904 Louisiana Purchase exposition St. Louis
#720, aired 1987-10-23U.S. STATES $100: The lowest point of elevation in Louisiana is 5 feet below sea level in this port city New Orleans
#704, aired 1987-10-01U.S. CITIES $400: State which includes a port city named for co-founder Henry M. Shreve Louisiana
#702, aired 1987-09-29MUSIC ON THE MAP $300: In a fight over a Cajun queen, Big John sent a fellow from this state "to the Promised Land" Louisiana
#687, aired 1987-09-08STATE OBJECTS $1000: The beignet, featured at New Orleans' Cafe Du Monde, is this state object of Louisiana a doughnut
#678, aired 1987-07-15COLLEGES $100: Some of these large reptiles inhabit a lake on campus at the University of Southwestern Louisiana alligators
#672, aired 1987-07-07PICK "COTTON" $400: In song, they were located "Down in Louisiana just a mile from Texarkana" old cotton fields back home
#620, aired 1987-04-24DYNASTIES $400: Louisiana Governor Huey P. begat Louisiana Senator Russell B. the Longs
#593, aired 1987-03-18BLACK AMERICA $400: The winningest college football coach of all time is Eddie Robinson of this Louisiana school Grambling
#579, aired 1987-02-26TEEN CUISINE $500: Some types of these after school treats are "Louisiana", "Tahiti", "Brussels" & "Geneva" (Pepperidge Farm) cookies
#574, aired 1987-02-19AMERICANA $500: When Louisiana's governor offered $500 for pirate Jean Laffite's head, Laffite offered $5000 for this governor's head
#560, aired 1987-01-30EXPLORERS $400: Cause of the 1809 gunshot death of this Louisiana Purchase explorer is still undetermined Meriwether Lewis
#504, aired 1986-11-13UNIVERSITIES $600 (Daily Double): In lists in World Book & World Almanac, the only accredited colleges which begin with "X" share this name Xavier
#503, aired 1986-11-12COOKS & BOOKS $600: Cajun chef whose book is "Louisiana Kitchen" & whose Louisiana kitchen is "K-Paul's" Paul Prudhomme
#460, aired 1986-09-12THE SOUTH IN SONG $400 (Daily Double): The 2 states mentioned in "Oh, Susanna!" Alabama and Louisiana
#423, aired 1986-04-23LOUISIANA $100: Though only the southern end is in Louisiana, this is considered the major physical feature of the state the Mississippi River
#423, aired 1986-04-23LOUISIANA $200: In production of cotton, minerals & natural gas, the 1 in which Louisiana doesn’t rank #2 in the U.S. cotton
#423, aired 1986-04-23LOUISIANA $300: Counting migrants, in January 25% of all these fowl in the U.S. are wintering in Louisiana duck
#423, aired 1986-04-23LOUISIANA $400: Louisiana has had 11, including 1 which was over 250,000 words & amended 537 times a constitution
#423, aired 1986-04-23LOUISIANA $500: The more familiar name of New Orleans’ 85-block “Vieux Carre” the French Quarter
#375, aired 1986-02-14WORLD HISTORY $200: He sold us the Louisiana Purchase at 4¢ an acre Napoleon Bonaparte
#278, aired 1985-10-02AMERICAN HISTORY $200: This 1803 acquisition doubled the size of the U.S. Louisiana Purchase
#126, aired 1985-03-04U.S. GEOGRAPHY $500: These 2 states are "Cajun Country" Louisiana and Texas
#19, aired 1984-10-04U.S. GEOGRAPHY $100: Much of this largest Louisiana city is below sea level New Orleans

Final Jeopardy! Round clues (23 results returned)

#7955, aired 2019-03-22HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES: This day created in the U.S. in 1872 is observed in Florida & Louisiana in January, but Maine & Alaska hold it in May Arbor Day
#7217, aired 2016-01-19U.S. STATES: In 1721 explorer Charlevoix called a point at the border of these 2 states "the finest confluence in the world" Missouri & Illinois
#7108, aired 2015-07-08THE THOMAS JEFFERSON ADMINISTRATION: Of this agreement, Thomas Jefferson said he "stretched the Constitution until it cracked" the Louisiana Purchase
#7013, aired 2015-02-25LANGUAGES: They're the 2 states with the highest percentage of people who speak French at home Louisiana & Maine
#6664, aired 2013-08-01POSTAL ABBREVIATIONS: Like NM & MN, the postal abbreviations of these 2 states are the reverse of one another Alabama (AL) & Louisiana (LA)
#6375, aired 2012-05-11AMERICAN HISTORY: When the future state of Iowa became part of the United States, this man was President Thomas Jefferson
#5731, aired 2009-07-06NAPOLEON: Napoleon died before some of his officers could sneak him to this U.S. state where his death mask now resides Louisiana
#5644, aired 2009-03-05FRANCO-AMERICAN HISTORY: After a large French army was wiped out by yellow fever on this island in 1802, Napoleon decided to sell Louisiana Hispaniola (or Haiti)
#5315, aired 2007-10-19AMERICAN HISTORY: It was the main cause of the 1803 jump in the national debt to $86.4 million the Louisiana Purchase
#5259, aired 2007-06-21STATE POPULATIONS: Between July 2005 & July 2006, this state gained nearly 580,000 people, more than any other state Texas
#5226, aired 2007-05-07U.S. STATES: Of all the U.S. states named after European monarchs, it's the one that reaches the farthest west Louisiana
#5000, aired 2006-05-12ISLANDS: Davis Strait, named for a Northwest Passage seeker, separates these 2 islands that total over 1 million square miles Greenland & Baffin Island
#4886, aired 2005-12-05U.S. STATES: Now the fourth largest in area, it's the largest state formed primarily from the Louisiana Purchase Montana
#4665, aired 2004-12-10STATE MOTTOES: 2 of the 5 states whose mottoes aren't in English or Latin (2 of) Hawaii, Washington, Montana, Minnesota, or California
#3895, aired 2001-07-06HISTORIC MONARCHS: This monarch, who sold the United States its 2nd-largest piece of territory, was the second to bear his name Alexander II
#3728, aired 2000-11-15ROYAL RESIDENCES: The only palaces on U.S. soil that were built for monarchs are found in this state Hawaii
#3614, aired 2000-04-27STATE NAME ORIGINS: 3 of the 4 states whose names come from the first names of European kings (3 of) Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina & South Carolina
#2122, aired 1993-11-23HISTORIC FRENCHMEN: In 1704 he was commandant of Detroit; a few years later, he was made governor of Louisiana Antoine de Cadillac
#1019, aired 1989-01-26U.S. STATES: It's the only state besides Hawaii whose name has 3 adjacent vowels Louisiana
#979, aired 1988-12-01STATE CAPITALS: The 2 state capitals located on the Mississippi River St. Paul, Minnesota & Baton Rouge, Louisiana
#863, aired 1988-05-11U.S. GEOGRAPHY: 2 of the 5 states whose highest point of elevation is less than 1000 feet above sea level (2 of) Florida, Delaware, Louisiana, Mississippi & Rhode Island
#804, aired 1988-02-18THE NORTH & THE SOUTH: Rhode Island was smallest state in size in the Union, while this was the smallest in the Confederacy South Carolina
#66, aired 1984-12-10U.S. GEOGRAPHY: The 2 states on both sides of the Mississippi Louisiana and Minnesota

Players (152 results returned)

Nathan Gordon, a bar manager from New Orleans, Louisiana Season 21 player (2004-10-25). KJL game 59.
Michelle Martinez, a sports agate clerk from Chalmette, Louisiana Season 14 player (1998-01-05).
Joe Zito, a medical student from New Orleans, Louisiana Season 18 player (2001-09-06).
Ouida Rellstab, a teacher and Seniors Tournament winner from Metairie, Louisiana 1990 Super Jeopardy! quarterfinalist: $5,000. 1989 Tournament of Champions wildcard semifinalist: $5,000. 1989 Seniors Tournament winner: $25,000.
Bernard Pena, a towboat captain from Marrero, Louisiana Season 18 1-time champion: $4,100.
Kristin Frankhouser, a 12-year-old from Baton Rouge, Louisiana "Her future plans include becoming a physical therapist, a wife, and...
Deborah Slattery, a homemaker from New Orleans, Louisiana Season 22 2-time champion: $28,300 + $2,000. Jeopardy! Message Board user name: The Bee
Pooja Dhume, a junior from New Orleans, Louisiana 1997-A Teen Tournament wildcard semifinalist: $5,000.
James Reeves, a writer originally from New Orleans, Louisiana Season 22 player (2005-12-13).
Jude Theriot, a graduate student originally from Catahoula, Louisiana Season 13 player (1997-03-07).
Kevin Marshall, a student from Metairie, Louisiana 2006 Tournament of Champions semifinalist: $10,000. Season 22 6-time champion: $98,201...
Bill Hart, a home-sale account executive from Mandeville, Louisiana Season 17 player (2001-07-13).
Camille Bullock, a senior from New Orleans, Louisiana 2006 Teen Tournament wildcard semifinalist: $10,000. Jeopardy! Message Board user name: Camille88
Faith Dawson, a communications coordinator from New Orleans, Louisiana Season 15 player (1998-09-14).
Graham Powell, a computer consultant from Shreveport, Louisiana Season 15 player (1998-10-08).
Alex Gershanik, an investment consultant from New Orleans, Louisiana Season 15 player (1998-10-12).
Jamie Phillippe, a customer service representative from Baton Rouge, Louisiana Season 15 2-time champion: $16,201.
Jennifer Young, a graduate student from River Ridge, Louisiana Season 15 player (1998-10-22).
Emily Eagan, a law student from New Orleans, Louisiana Season 17 player (2001-07-18).
Adriana Bate, an office manager from New Orleans, Louisiana Season 15 3-time champion: $22,810.
Dana Ezell, a social worker from Baton Rouge, Louisiana Season 15 player (1998-11-30).
Mike Adams, a chemistry professor from New Orleans, Louisiana Season 15 player (1998-12-07).
Don Wright, a Ph.D. candidate from New Orleans, Louisiana Season 14 2-time champion: $25,300.
Kristi Yacich, an artist & designer from New Orleans, Louisiana Season 15 1-time champion: $5,700.
James Arey, a hotel concierge from New Orleans, Louisiana 1999 Tournament of Champions quarterfinalist: $2,500. Season 15 5-time champion: $42,802...
Kevin Marshall, a student from Metairie, Louisiana 2006 Tournament of Champions semifinalist: $10,000. Season 22 6-time champion: $98,201...
Linda St. Clair-James, a registered nurse from Lake Charles, Louisiana Season 15 player (1998-12-28).
Bob Mesko, an arts administrator from Denver, Colorado 2006 Tournament of Champions wildcard semifinalist: $10,000. Season 22 5-time champion:...
Jill Rupert-Bennett, a graduate student from New Orleans, Louisiana Season 15 player (1999-01-07).
Mysti Kofford, a junior at Boston University from New Orleans, Louisiana 2001 College Championship wildcard semifinalist: $5,000. Mysti was 19 at the...
Kristin Lawhead, a multimedia artist from New Orleans, Louisiana Season 18 player (2001-11-26).
Mittie Boyer, a business analyst from New Orleans, Louisiana Season 18 player (2001-12-06).
James Arey, a hotel concierge from New Orleans, Louisiana 1999 Tournament of Champions quarterfinalist: $2,500. Season 15 5-time champion: $42,802...
Nathalie Henderson, a housewife from Baton Rouge, Louisiana Season 23 1-time champion: $30,400 + $1,000.
Katie Sunseri, a teacher of the visually impaired from New Orleans, Louisiana Season 17 3-time champion: $32,001.
Susan Canavello, an attorney from New Orleans, Louisiana Season 17 player (2001-06-04).
Jay Pierce, a line cook from Marrero, Louisiana Season 17 player (2001-06-11).
Chacko George, a high school student from Slidell, Louisiana 2005 Ultimate Tournament of Champions Round 1 player: $5,000. 2000 Tournament...
Michael Malone, a commercial property manager from Baton Rouge, Louisiana Trebek pilot 2 player. Actual spelling of Michael's last name unknown.
John Hammond, a marketing director originally from New Orleans, Louisiana Season 13 1-time champion: $4,400.
Todd Leopold, a student from New Orleans, Louisiana Season 4 player (1988-01-13). Won $1,000 on Who Wants to Be...
Ouida Rellstab, a teacher from New Orleans, Louisiana 1990 Super Jeopardy! quarterfinalist: $5,000. 1989 Tournament of Champions wildcard semifinalist: $5,000. 1989 Seniors Tournament winner: $25,000.
Harry Shearer, an actor/writer/producer from The Simpsons and Le Show "His many credits include providing voices for The Simpsons, and he's...
Jill Futch, an attorney from West Monroe, Louisiana Season 18 player (2002-01-29).
Dave Simon, a pediatrics resident from New Orleans, Louisiana Season 18 player (2002-03-08).
Jill Whitehead, a graduate student from Natchitoches, Louisiana Season 17 player (2001-04-18).
Erica Gaddy, a stay-at-home mom from Carencro, Louisiana Season 17 player (2001-05-15).
Bridget Derbyshire, a high school English teacher from Meraux, Louisiana Season 17 player (2001-05-24).
Kent Coker, an advertising sales representative from River Ridge, Louisiana Season 17 player (2001-02-19).
Peter Sze, a former teacher originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana Season 18 player (2002-07-12). Last name pronounced like "SHOO."
Peter Zuppardo, a grocer from Metairie, Louisiana Season 18 player (2002-03-25).
Wanda Berthelot, a high school teacher from Lafayette, Louisiana Season 18 player (2002-04-03). Last name pronounced like "BERTH-uh-lot".
Curt King, a junior at Eleanor McMain Magnet High School from New Orleans, Louisiana 1987 Teen Tournament quarterfinalist: $1,000.
Daniel Ellis, a graduate student from New Orleans, Louisiana Season 17 player (2000-09-22).
Dianne Lindsay, a publisher's representative from Baton Rouge, Louisiana Season 23 player (2007-05-30). Diane also appeared on the original Art...
Shala Carlson, a news editor from New Orleans, Louisiana Season 16 player (1999-12-31).
Veronica Russell, a costume designer from New Orleans, Louisiana Season 16 player (2000-01-26).
Leni Sumich, a physician from River Ridge, Louisiana Season 16 player (1999-09-13).
Suzanne Kling, a former English teacher from New Orleans, Louisiana Season 16 player (2000-04-25).
Lise Stephenson, a construction accountant from Metairie, Louisiana Season 16 player (2000-06-01).
Sara Clarke, a filmmaker and graphic designer originally from Houma, Louisiana Season 24 player (2007-10-05). Sara lived in Brooklyn, New York at...
Marcail Moran, a sophomore at Hollins University from New Orleans, Louisiana 2000-A College Championship quarterfinalist: $2,500. 20 at the time of the College Championship.
Whiton Paine, a restaurant owner from New Orleans, Louisiana Season 24 player (2007-10-31).
Natalia Fuentes, a secretary from Gretna, Louisiana Season 16 player (1999-12-06).
Adam Swensek, an attorney from New Orleans, Louisiana Season 24 player (2007-11-29).
Cynthia Patterson, a database specialist and artist originally from New Orleans, Louisiana Season 24 player (2007-12-05).
Buffy Thoms, a schoolteacher from Watson, Louisiana Season 24 1-time champion: $22,801 + $1,000.
Randy Boudreaux, an attorney from New Orleans, Louisiana Season 15 player (1999-03-09).
Shannan Cvitanovic, a graduate student from New Orleans, Louisiana Season 15 player (1999-06-15).
Ann Mulkern, a university professor from Baton Rouge, Louisiana Season 24 player (2008-04-16).
Kitty Estopinal, an assistant district attorney from Shreveport, Louisiana Season 15 player (1999-06-18).
Shelby Hammer, a technical writer originally from New Orleans, Louisiana Season 15 player (1999-07-07).
Vic Chandhok, a mediator from New Orleans, Louisiana Season 15 2-time champion: $25,101.
Chacko George, a junior from Slidell, Louisiana 2005 Ultimate Tournament of Champions Round 1 player: $5,000. 2000 Tournament...
Dominic Clust, from Metairie, Louisiana "This future lawyer likes to argue and he's good at it....
Nate Hudac, a sixth grade teacher from New Orleans, Louisiana Season 25 player (2008-10-14).
Matt Hackler, a graduate student from Lafayette, Louisiana Season 25 player (2008-11-04).
Shyra Latiolais, a legal secretary from New Orleans, Louisiana Season 25 1-time champion: $20,000 + $1,000. Last name pronounced like...
Russell Berris, a junior from Baton Rouge, Louisiana 2003 Teen Tournament semifinalist: $5,000. 16 at the time of the Teen Tournament.
Robin Roberts, an anchorwoman from ESPN "This ESPN anchor and commentator was once a star basketball player...
Kevin Yokum, a 12-year-old from New Orleans, Louisiana "He plans on becoming an engineer just like both his mom...
Emily Robin, a development officer originally from Lafayette, Louisiana Season 20 player (2003-10-13). Last name pronounced like "RO-bin".
Belinda Reid, a retired teacher from Farmerville, Louisiana Season 20 player (2004-01-08).
David Johnston, a radiological technician from Harahan, Louisiana Season 20 1-time champion: $23,400 + $2,000.
Megan Langhoff, a graduate student from New Orleans, Louisiana Season 26 player (2010-01-01).
Josh Woo, an eleven-year-old seventh-grader from River Ridge, Louisiana 2003 Back to School Kids Week player (2003-09-26). Josh hosted 50...
Sarah Bright, a radiology resident from Metairie, Louisiana Season 26 player (2010-03-19).
Ryan Hedlund, a civil engineer from Baton Rouge, Louisiana Season 27 player (2010-09-17).
James Brown, a university administrator from Baton Rouge, Louisiana Season 27 player (2010-10-05). Son of Season 27 player Barbara Brown....
Tim Campos, an architect from New Orleans, Louisiana Season 27 player (2010-10-12).
Barbara Brown, a retired housewife from Baton Rouge, Louisiana Season 27 player (2010-10-28). Mother of Season 27 player James Brown.
Charlie Penrod, an assistant professor of law from Natchitoches, Louisiana Season 27 1-time champion: $17,000 + $2,000. Jeopardy! Message Board user name: CharlieP
Sally O'Rourke, a freelance copywriter originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana Season 27 1-time champion: $33,601 + $1,000.
Elaine Thompson, an assistant professor of history originally from Clinton, Louisiana Season 27 player (2011-01-24).
Alison Roberts, an attorney originally from Port Sulphur, Louisiana Season 5 3-time champion: $27,099.
Makeen Huda, a lab assistant from Metairie, Louisiana Season 27 player (2011-06-09).
Lindsy Lassere, a homemaker and fitness instructor originally from Lake Charles, Louisiana Season 28 player (2011-09-29).
Stuart Wald, a law student from New Orleans, Louisiana Season 8 1-time champion: $19,700.
Paul Voiron, a law clerk from Harvey, Louisiana Season 9 player (1992-12-14).
Kendra Anspaugh, a community college instructor from New Orleans, Louisiana Season 28 2-time champion: $61,300 + $2,000.
Molly Dahlberg, a tutor and opera singer from Baton Rouge, Louisiana Season 28 player (2012-01-06).
Rhonda Hammons, a former video store owner from Winnsboro, Louisiana Season 28 player (2011-01-26).
Mithun Kamath, a law student originally from New Orleans, Louisiana Season 28 player (2012-03-26).
Megan Davenport, an administrative coordinator and graduate student from Ruston, Louisiana Season 28 player (2012-04-12).
Elyse Mancuso, a junior from Omaha, Nebraska 2012 Teen Tournament winner: $79,600. 16 at the time of the...
Catherine Briley, a senior from Grand Prairie, Louisiana 2012 Teen Tournament 2nd runner-up (semifinalist by wildcard): $31,000. 17 at...
Injee Hong, a 12-year-old from Metairie, Louisiana "If her dreams of becoming a lawyer don't come true, she...
Bruce Richards, an urban planning consultant from Metairie, Louisiana Season 29 player (2013-07-26). JBoard user name: B-Rich
Stuart Anderson, a JAG originally from New Orleans, Louisiana Season 30 3-time champion: $51,601 + $1,000. Stuart was a captain...
Whitney Magendie, a public health program coordinator from New Orleans, Louisiana Season 30 player (2013-11-28).
Blake Perkins, an environmental scientist from Baton Rouge, Louisiana Season 30 player (2014-01-20).
Ouida Rellstab, a teacher from New Orleans, Louisiana 1990 Super Jeopardy! quarterfinalist: $5,000. 1989 Tournament of Champions wildcard semifinalist: $5,000. 1989 Seniors Tournament winner: $25,000.
Nancy Wolf, a retail manager from Metairie, Louisiana Season 17 player (2001-05-31).
Lillie Salsberry, a librarian from Baton Rouge, Louisiana Season 20 1-time champion: $2,700 + $1,000.
Kasey Berry, a wife and mother from Covington, Louisiana Season 20 player (2003-12-30).
Jason Flowers, a high school teacher originally from Morgan City, Louisiana Season 20 player (2003-10-03).
Eugene Britton, a chemical engineer from Gonzales, Louisiana Season 31 player (2014-11-25).
Ann Conger, a healthcare analyst from New Orleans, Louisiana Season 31 2-time champion: $21,799 + $2,000.
Alysha Rooks, a writer originally from New Orleans, Louisiana Season 31 2-time champion: $29,824 + $2,000.
Dan Boehme, a real estate marketing agent originally from New Orleans, Louisiana Season 6 player (1989-09-29).
Shannon Gillard, a certified opthalmic assistant from Lake Charles, Louisiana Season 31 player (2015-02-24).
Jay Malarcher, a teacher from New Orleans, Louisiana Season 5 player (1988-12-16). Jay won $0, though received a $1,000...
Alison Saunders, an architectural historian from Baton Rouge, Louisiana Season 32 player (2015-10-20).
Kevin Brown, a senior at Louisiana State University from Boise, Idaho 2016 College Championship quarterfinalist: $5,000.
Todd Giese, a hotel front desk manager from New Orleans, Louisiana Season 32 4-time champion: $82,403 + $1,000. JBoard user name: cherrypork
Ben Foley, a structural engineer from New Orleans, Louisiana Season 32 player (2016-06-21).
Laura Crain, a student and housewife from New Orleans, Louisiana Season 9 player (1993-03-03).
Colin Utley, an operations and logistics manager from New Orleans, Louisiana Season 33 player (2016-12-27). Colin won $5,000 on Who Wants to...
Carl Falstrom, an immigration attorney from New Orleans, Louisiana Season 33 player (2017-02-08).
Michael Roy, a controls engineer from New Orleans, Louisiana Season 33 player (2017-03-13).
Margaret McGeorge, a clerk and typist from Slidell, Louisiana Season 5 player (1989-01-27).
Randy Woodland, a university lecturer originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana Season 5 player (1989-06-28).
LaKedra Pam, a physician from Baton Rouge, Louisiana Season 34 2-time champion: $32,800 + $2,000. First name pronounced like...
Lorie Gasior, a license director from Gonzales, Louisiana Season 34 player (2018-02-05).
Amy Yacorzynski, an attorney from New Orleans, Louisiana Season 34 player (2018-03-15).
Caroline Trammell, a junior at Furman University from Baton Rouge, Louisiana 2018 College Championship quarterfinalist: $5,000.
Rex Moroux, a commercial real estate broker from Lafayette, Louisiana Season 34 player (2018-04-23).
Caitlion O'Neill, a vegan cheesemaker from New Orleans, Louisiana Season 34 player (2018-07-18).
Courtney Llewellyn, an assistant editor from New Orleans, Louisiana Season 35 player (2018-09-25).
John Fowle, a landscaper from New Orleans, Louisiana
Alix Basden, a student from Lafayette, Louisiana
Salil Kumar, a senior at Isidore Newman High School from Harahan Louisiana 1987 Teen Tournament semifinalist: $5,000.
Mike Becker, a senior at Jesuit High School from Gretna, Louisiana 1987 Teen Tournament semfinalist: $5,000.
Judy Deck, an attorney from Kenner, Louisiana Season 9 player (1992-09-25).
Shawn Dugas, a library associate from Metairie, Louisiana Season 36 player (2020-04-24).
Shawn Buell, a civil engineer from Zachary, Louisiana Season 36 1-time champion: $24,801 + $1,000.
Martha Van Hoy, a senior from Lake Charles, Louisiana 1995 Teen Tournament quarterfinalist: $1,000.
Tonya Schaan, a travel planner from Shreveport, Louisiana Season 36 player (2020-06-08).
Anne Laird, a teacher from New Orleans, Louisiana 1990 Seniors Tournament semifinalist: $5,000.
Scott Hackler, a sophomore from Louisiana State University 1995 College Championship quarterfinalist: $1,000.
Glen Cotton, a senior from Louisiana State University 1992 College Championship semifinalist: $5,000.
Julia Simmons, a homemaker originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana Season 11 player (1995-01-02).
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