Jeopardy! Round, Double Jeopardy! Round, or Tiebreaker Round clues (43 results returned)

#7938, aired 2019-02-27AFRICAN-AMERICAN ACTRESSES $400: She's played a Desperate Housewife & the scheming Wilhemina on "Ugly Betty" (Vanessa) Williams
#7931, aired 2019-02-18SAVING THE ANIMALS $800: This TV housewife rules in her devotion to animal welfare through her foundation & rescue center (Lisa) Vanderpump
#7447, aired 2017-01-17A TRIPLE FEATURE $2000: Joanne Woodward won an Oscar for playing a Georgia housewife with multiple personalities in this 1957 film The Three Faces of Eve
#7339, aired 2016-07-07POST HASTE $1000: It's German for "housewife" hausfrau
#7315, aired 2016-06-03TV IN ALL FORMS $800: Once a "Desperate Housewife" , today she stars in "Telenovela", a sitcom poking fun at Latin American soap operas (Eva) Longoria
#7102, aired 2015-06-30WHOLE LOTTA LOVE BOAT $800: Before she was a desperate housewife, she was a Love Boat "mermaid" who danced at the ship's club Teri Hatcher
#6332, aired 2012-03-1318th CENTURY AMERICA $400: Every Colonial home had to have "The Compleat Housewife", an early collection of "receipts", i.e. this type of book a cookbook
#6266, aired 2011-12-12COOKBOOKS $1000: This Bravo star & former "New York Housewife" offers up some easy & healthy recipes in "The Skinnygirl Dish" Bethenny Frankel
#6220, aired 2011-10-07SPLITSVILLE $400: Rumors of Tony Parker's infidelity swirled when this Desperate Housewife filed for divorce in 2010 Eva Longoria
#6041, aired 2010-12-13LITERATURE SEQUELS? $400: He jazzed up one of his stories, "The Wife of Bath's Tale", with "The Desperate Housewife of Bath's Revenge!" Chaucer
#5889, aired 2010-04-01MERYL STREEP MOVIE ROLES $600: Lonely Iowa housewife Francesca Johnson The Bridges of Madison County
#5749, aired 2009-09-17DESPERADO HOUSEWIVES $1200: In 2009 a housewife who practiced file-sharing was found to have infringed these on 24 songs & hit with a $2 mil. judgment copyright
#5656, aired 2009-03-23FASHION FORWARD & BACKWARD $400: calls a '70s-style tunic in a '60s print a "mippie", a blend of mod & this word hippie
#5429, aired 2008-03-27CLINT EASTWOOD: A CAREER IN HOLLYWOOD $400: Meryl Streep played an Iowa housewife who has a brief affair with Clint Eastwood in this film The Bridges of Madison County
#5340, aired 2007-11-231960s TV $2000: In 1964 Mary Tyler Moore won her first Emmy, as this New Rochelle housewife Laura Petrie (on the Dick Van Dyke Show)
#5028, aired 2006-06-21THE DESPERATE HOUSEWIFE WHO... $200: an Oscar nomination in 2006 Felicity Huffman
#5028, aired 2006-06-21THE DESPERATE HOUSEWIFE WHO... $400: ...showered a little too much affection on Terrell Owens on "Monday Night Football" Nicollette Sheridan
#5028, aired 2006-06-21THE DESPERATE HOUSEWIFE WHO... $600: ...appeared on the cover of the April 2006 Vanity Fair Teri Hatcher
#5028, aired 2006-06-21THE DESPERATE HOUSEWIFE WHO... $800: ...literally blew up "Melrose Place" as Dr. Kimberly Shaw Marcia Cross
#5028, aired 2006-06-21THE DESPERATE HOUSEWIFE WHO... $1000: ...has a B.S. in kinesiology & was No. 1 on Maxim Magazine's "Hot 100" list Eva Longoria
#4792, aired 2005-06-07MOVIE LOCATIONS $2000: (Cheryl of the Clue Crew reports from Delos, Greece.) In this 1989 film, a frustrated Liverpool housewife finds love, leisure, and liberation here on the islands of Greece Shirley Valentine
#4719, aired 2005-02-24DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES $1,600 (Daily Double): This organization was founded by 214-pound housewife Jean Nidetch in the early 1960s Weight Watchers
#4655, aired 2004-11-26FRAIDY CAT $200: Suriphobia, fear of these, may set a housewife screaming while standing on a kitchen chair mice
#4508, aired 2004-03-24BEFORE & AFTER $400: Joan Crawford won an Oscar as this housewife-turned-waitress who went on to play James Bond Mildred Pierce Brosnan
#4366, aired 2003-09-08STAND BY YOUR BRAND $600: "The most famous person who never existed", she was invented by admen to represent the average housewife Betty Crocker
#4278, aired 2003-03-19MAD $600: Back in the '60s Sue Kaufman wrote the "Diary of a Mad" this Housewife
#4087, aired 2002-05-14"U"2 $400: A Hamburg housewife hausfrau
#3926, aired 2001-10-01MUSTN'T SEE TV $800: In 1989 housewife Terry Rakolta tried to get advertisers & viewers to boycott this Fox sitcom Married... with Children
#3899, aired 2001-07-12A FORD IN YOUR PAST $1,000 (Daily Double): In a Shakespeare play, Mistress Ford was a housewife in this town Windsor
#3857, aired 2001-05-154-LETTER VERBS $500: A housewife might do it to the mantle; a forensic expert would do it to look for fingerprints Dust
#3800, aired 2001-02-23A RANDOM HOUSE DICTIONARY $400: A woman who hangs out with her kids watching TV, or who supervises Cub Scouts Den mother
#3539, aired 2000-01-13LEADING LADIES $1000: She won an Oscar for playing housewife-turned-waitress Mildred Pierce Joan Crawford
#3456, aired 1999-09-20COFFEE $1000: This corporation bears the first name of a German housewife who invented the drip coffee filter in 1908 Melitta (Benz)
#3431, aired 1999-07-05"HOUSE" MUSIC $1000: In 1968 Glen Campbell sang of "The Dreams of" this woman the everyday housewife
#3375, aired 1999-04-16LADIES HOME JOURNAL $500: A housewife is also known as a homemaker or one of these "engineers" Domestic engineer
#3211, aired 1998-07-13CLIFFS NOTES $1,000 (Daily Double): Bored French housewife commits adultery; commits herself to huge debt; commits suicide Madame Bovary
#3102, aired 1998-02-10REEL MOTHERS $100: Kathleen Turner is a psychopathic housewife on a killing spree in this 1994 John Waters comedy Serial Mom
#3045, aired 1997-11-21POLITICALLY INCORRECT $400: A 1989 protest by a Michigan housewife against this Fox sitcom only boosted its popularity Married... With Children
#2991, aired 1997-09-08LET'S SPEAK SWAHILI $600: We wonder if a Swahili-speaking housewife cleans up before this person, the mtumishi wa kike, comes Maid
#2883, aired 1997-02-26ACTRESSES & TV ROLE $200: Pert Kelton, Audrey Meadows, Sue Ann Langdon & Sheila MacRae played this "greatest" housewife Alice Kramden
#1336, aired 1990-05-28NONFICTION $200: Published in 1742, "The Complete Housewife" was the first of this type of book in the U.S. a cookbook
#1016, aired 1989-01-23POLITICAL QUOTES $400: This president compared herself to "A crusading housewife let loose in a den of...thieves" Corazon Aquino
#776, aired 1988-01-11THIS IS JEOPARDY! $500 (Daily Double): Voice heard here on the debut show March 30, 1964: "And now, entering the studio are today's contestants--this is Mrs. Mary Eubanks, a housewife from Candor, North Carolina..." Don Pardo

Final Jeopardy! Round clues (1 result returned)

#4345, aired 2003-06-20FORMER WORLD LEADERS: Filling out her application to run in 1986, this widowed mother of 5 listed her occupation as housewife Corazon Aquino (of the Philippines)

Players (52 results returned)

Merle Milder, a housewife from Edison, New Jersey Season 14 1-time champion: $10,600. Merle won $5,000 on Who Wants...
Gina Ruttle, a housewife from Palos Park, Illinois Season 14 player (1997-09-10).
Isabel Leininger, a housewife originally from Maryland Season 6 player (1990-02-26).
Gretchen Pruett, a housewife & student from Saugerties, New York Season 6 player (1990-03-08).
Glenda Wells, a housewife from Dahlgren, Illinois Season 6 player (1990-03-26).
Lisa Newman, a housewife from Ventura, California Season 13 player (1997-06-27).
Susan Lee, a housewife from Glencoe, Illinois Season 13 player (1997-07-02).
Ronnie O'Rourke, a homemaker from Marietta, Georgia Season 18 1-time champion: $2,000 + $2,000. Ronnie describes her experience...
Nathalie Henderson, a housewife from Baton Rouge, Louisiana Season 23 1-time champion: $30,400 + $1,000.
Linda Sheppard, a housewife from Hayward, California 1993 Tournament of Champions quarterfinalist: $1,000. Season 9 4-time champion: $39,700.
Donna Rosen, a housewife from Studio City, California Season 17 1-time champion: $9,000.
Jane Barnes, a housewife from Parker, Texas Season 17 player (2001-02-23).
Tricia Schroyer, a housewife and freelance seamstress from Pensacola, Florida Season 14 player (1998-06-24).
Burns Cameron, a realtor from Standish, Maine 1990 Super Jeopardy! quarterfinalist: $5,000. Burns appeared on the original version...
Barbara Frascelli, a housewife and mother from Staten Island, New York Season 24 player (2007-10-19).
Pat Kennedy, a housewife, mother, and substitute teacher from Holland, Pennsylvania Season 24 player (2007-10-29).
Lynda Tuennerman, a housewife from Cleveland, Ohio Season 16 player (1999-12-15).
Susanne Sutton, a housewife from Atlanta, Georgia Season 15 player (1999-03-24).
Mary Kay Schmidt, a housewife and volunteer from Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin Season 24 1-time champion: $22,400 + $2,000.
Karen Wegenke, a housewife from Sun Prairie, Wisconsin Season 24 player (2008-07-01).
Lucinda Sabino, a housewife and writer from Rochester, Michigan Season 20 player (2004-07-05). KJL game 24.
Linda Marshall, a housewife from Great Falls, Virginia Season 3 player (2009-06-23).
Ann Rusthoven, a housewife from Florence, South Carolina Season 26 player (2010-03-04).
Barbara Brown, a retired housewife from Baton Rouge, Louisiana Season 27 player (2010-10-28). Mother of Season 27 player James Brown.
Sara Heard, a housewife from Brooklyn, New York Season 27 4-time champion: $85,601 + $2,000. Sara was the alternate...
Thomas L. Friedman, an author and foreign affairs columnist from The New York Times "He has won three Pulitzer Prizes and authored six best sellers,...
Norma Walch, a housewife and part-time teacher from Del Rey Oaks, California Season 2 player (1985-12-20).
Phyllis Grinnell, a housewife from New York City, New York Season 2 X-time champion: $X.
Linda Shewey, a housewife from Richmond, Virginia Season 3 2-time champion: $14,000.
Rosemary Lancos, a housewife originally from Cleveland, Ohio Season 9 player (1993-04-08).
Markee Bourget, a housewife from West Saint Paul, Minnesota 1989 Senior Tournament semifinalist: $5,000.
Cheryl van Middlesworth, a housewife from Cerritos, California Season 4 4-time champion: $36,900 + Jeopardy! home game.
Chandreyi Ghosh, a housewife from Atlanta, Georgia Season 32 1-time champion: $34,401 + $2,000.
Jeri Anderson, a housewife from Las Vegas, Nevada Season 4 2-time champion: $12,800.
Judi Greenberg, a housewife from Northbrook, Illinois Season 4 1-time champion: $3,500.
Judi Greenberg, a housewife from Northbrook, Illinois Season 3 player (1987-01-08).
Patti Demerirjian, a housewife from Dayton, Ohio Season 3 player (1987-07-01).
Margaret Schwind, a housewife from Rockville, Maryland Season 11 player (1995-04-12).
Laura Crain, a student and housewife from New Orleans, Louisiana Season 9 player (1993-03-03).
Alison Carey, a housewife from Cleveland Heights, Ohio Season 33 player (2016-12-06).
Lynda Weiner, a housewife and neighborhood geographer from Daly City, California Season 13 player (1997-03-04).
Chris Pietrandrea, a housewife originally from Koppel, Pennsylvania Season 8 player (1992-02-12).
Elle Hood, a housewife & attorney from Camarillo, California Season 4 player (1988-05-23).
Colleen Ligibel, a housewife from Mission Hills, Kansas Season 5 player (1988-12-20).
Charlene Hofferstad, a housewife from North Haven, Connecticut
Nancy Dorn, a housewife from Denver, Colorado Season 5 player (1989-05-30).
Kay Guesdon, a housewife from Sherman Oaks, California Season 3 player (1986-09-15).
Roz Jay, a housewife from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Season 7 player (1991-03-25). Mother of Season 35 player Kate Jay Zweifler.
Vonetta Lapidow, a housewife from Essex Junction, Vermont 1990 Seniors Tournament quarterfinalist: $1,000.
Elizabeth Goss, a housewife from Pleasant Ridge, Michigan
Helen Druva, a housewife from Alexandria, Virginia 1993 Seniors Tournament quarterfinalist: $1,000.
Kathleen Guzzi, a housewife from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Season 2 player (1986-05-30).
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