Jeopardy! Round, Double Jeopardy! Round, or Tiebreaker Round clues (39 results returned)

#8130, aired 2020-01-03IT'S A HAND! IT'S MICHIGAN! $800: Over toward the pinkie side is this city where Gerald Ford got married in 1948. The city is named for the swift current of a river Grand Rapids
#8067, aired 2019-10-08MUNICIPAL BEFORE & AFTER $2,000 (Daily Double): "Small" piano that is the Michigan burial place for Gerald Ford Baby Grand Rapids
#7884, aired 2018-12-131940s AMERICA $800: In 1945 Grand Rapids became the first city to do this to its drinking water, revolutionizing dental care to fluoridate
#7678, aired 2018-01-17PRESIDENTIAL BURIAL PLACES $600: Grand Rapids, Michigan Gerald Ford
#7512, aired 2017-04-18STATE THE CITY $1000: Michigan: Served by Gerald R. Ford International Airport Grand Rapids
#7409, aired 2016-11-24FIRST LADIES $600: Her first marriage was to furniture salesman William Warren of Grand Rapids, Michigan Betty Ford
#6934, aired 2014-11-06WOMEN IN GOVERNMENT $800: This 2-named Michigan city, thought Susan Baldwin, was grrreat! Susan served 4 terms as mayor Battle Creek
#6914, aired 2014-10-09THAT PLACE IS "GRAND"! $400: This city about 25 miles east of Lake Michigan, was founded by a fur trader in 1826 Grand Rapids
#6853, aired 2014-06-04MICHIGAN ODDS & ENDS $200: Appropriately, this type of public building in Grand Rapids is named after astronaut Roger B. Chaffee a planetarium
#6794, aired 2014-03-13FORD $600: Gerald Ford grew up in this Michigan city, the largest after Detroit Grand Rapids
#6549, aired 2013-02-21THE YEAR THAT WAS $200: Grand Rapids, Michigan became the first city in the U.S. to have this added to its water supply fluoride
#6497, aired 2012-12-11PATRON SAINTS $400: St. Thomas Aquinas: These institutions, like one named for him in Grand Rapids a college
#6402, aired 2012-06-19THE NAME ON THE AIRPORT $400: The airport serving Grand Rapids, Michigan is named for this 38th president Gerald Ford
#6359, aired 2012-04-19THE 50 STATES $1000: The Grand, at whose rapids a city sprang up, is this state's longest river Michigan
#5810, aired 2009-12-11MICHIGAN MUSICIAN MISHMASH $1600: Anthony Kiedis was born in Grand Rapids, but got a Flea infestation in L.A. in 1983 & formed this band The Red Hot Chili Peppers
#5596, aired 2008-12-29WHERE AM I? $400: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew reports from Michigan.) I'm not at Gerald R. Ford's presidential library in Ann Arbor, but at his museum in this city, Michigan's second largest Grand Rapids
#5513, aired 2008-07-23U.S. PRESIDENTS $1200: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew reads from the Gerald Ford Museum in Grand Rapids, MI.) One of Ford's biggest foreign crises was the capture of the U.S. ship Mayaguez by this Asian country in 1975 Cambodia
#5508, aired 2008-07-16IN THE CABINET $800: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew reads from the Gerald Ford Museum in Grand Rapids, MI.) The museum has a replica of the Cabinet room; Ford's advisors included Secretary of State Kissinger and this Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld
#5437, aired 2008-04-08THE GERALD R. FORD MUSEUM $400: (Cheryl of the Clue Crew reports from the Gerald R. Ford museum in Grand Rapids, MI.) This is the actual pen used by President Ford on Sept. 8, 1974 to affix his signature to this document, saying that "It is the right thing to do" the pardon of Richard Nixon
#5197, aired 2007-03-27THE LATE PRESIDENT FORD $800: The Michigan city where he set up his law practice, before his political career Grand Rapids
#4996, aired 2006-05-08FIRST LADIES $1200: In her early 20s, she studied dance under Martha Graham in NYC; she moved back home to Grand Rapids in 1941 Mrs. (Betty) Ford
#4965, aired 2006-03-24"RAP" SHEET $200: In city names, they can be Grand or Cedar Rapids
#4881, aired 2005-11-28TAKE A MICHIGANDER AT THIS $1600: Born in Grand Rapids in 1935, he perished with fellow astronauts Grissom & White in 1967 (Roger) Chaffee
#4878, aired 2005-11-231945 $400: In 1945 Grand Rapids, Mich. & Newburgh, N.Y. became the first 2 cities to add this chemical to the water supply fluoride
#4769, aired 2005-05-05BEFORE HE WAS PRESIDENT... $1200: He practiced law in Grand Rapids, Michigan Gerald Ford
#4550, aired 2004-05-21THE OLD COLLEGE TRY $2000: New Haven has Albertus Magnus; Grand Rapids, Michigan has a school named for this other 13th c. theologian St. Thomas Aquinas
#4376, aired 2003-09-22WHERE'D YOU GO ON VACATION $2000: Grand Rapids, Michigan, where we visited this former President's library & museum Gerald Ford
#4086, aired 2002-05-13"GRAND" CENTRAL $400: This midwestern city of 190,000 was built on the site of an Ottawa Indian village Grand Rapids
#3193, aired 1998-06-17FIRST LADIES $300: Her first marriage was to William Warren of Grand Rapids, Michigan Betty Ford
#3035, aired 1997-11-07THEME PARK FUN $200: You'll get wet when you ride the Grand Canyon Rapids at MGM Grand Adventures in this Nevada city Las Vegas
#3004, aired 1997-09-25FAMOUS EAGLE SCOUTS $1,000 (Daily Double): In 1927 this future politician became an Eagle Scout of Grand Rapids Boy Scout Troop 15: Gerald Ford
#2964, aired 1997-06-19ANNUAL EVENTS $300: Each June Grand Rapids, Minnesota honors this "Wizard of Oz" star with a 4-day festival Judy Garland
#2937, aired 1997-05-13FIRST LADIES $800: Her first date with the future president was for drinks at a Grand Rapids, Michigan bar in 1947 Betty Ford
#2914, aired 1997-04-10AMERICAN MUSIC FESTIVALS $300: This state has a Banjo-rama in Davison & a fiddlers jamboree in Grand Rapids Michigan
#2910, aired 1997-04-04COMPANY TOWNS $100: The original name of the Kellogg Company included the name of this city, its location Battle Creek, Michigan
#2515, aired 1995-07-07AMERICANA $300: This U.S. first lady once taught dance in Grand Rapids Betty Ford
#1593, aired 1991-07-0320th CENTURY AMERICA $100: In 1945 Grand Rapids, MI & Newburgh, NY became the first U.S. cities to add this to drinking water fluoride
#861, aired 1988-05-09"G.R." $400: It's home to the John Ball Park & Zoo, Aquinas College, & the Gerald R. Ford Museum Grand Rapids, Michigan
#766, aired 1987-12-28PETS $300: Heaviest domestic dog on record is a 310 lb. one of these living in Grand Rapids, MI St. Bernard

Final Jeopardy! Round clues (2 results returned)

#4012, aired 2002-01-29FAMOUS AMERICANS: The international airport in Grand Rapids, Michigan is named for this man who moved to the city from Nebraska as a child Gerald Ford
#3204, aired 1998-07-02AMERICAN ARTISTS: From 1919 to 1924, this artist taught art in the public schools of Cedar Rapids, Iowa Grant Wood

Players (12 results returned)

Emily Riippa, a 12-year-old seventh grader from Grand Rapids, Michigan "She is a fast reader, and her mother says she was...
Pamela Friedl, a waitress originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan Season 15 player (1999-04-29).
Jim Fahner, a pediatric oncologist from Grand Rapids, Michigan Season 13 3-time champion: $30,801.
Amy Vandenberg, a high school English teacher from Grand Rapids, Michigan Season 14 player (1997-10-09).
Mike Zwick, an attorney from Grand Rapids, Michigan Season 17 player (2001-06-12).
Deana Weibel-Swanson, an assistant professor from Grand Rapids, Michigan Season 23 player (2007-06-22). Jeopardy! Message Board user name: Amadour1
Rachel Anderson, an assistant professor of English from Grand Rapids, Michigan Season 25 player (2009-03-02).
Megan Cornell, a stay-at-home mom from Grand Rapids, Michigan Season 27 player (2010-11-23).
Ashley Shannon, an English professor from Grand Rapids, Michigan Season 28 player (2011-10-11).
Rachel Snyder, a writer from Grand Rapids, Michigan
Brennan Summers, a food truck owner from Grand Rapids, Michigan Season 34 player (2017-12-14).
Evan Beals, a salesman from Grand Rapids, Michigan
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