Jeopardy! Round, Double Jeopardy! Round, or Tiebreaker Round clues (343 results returned)

#8271, aired 2020-11-02LOVE, ACTUALLY $600: These double-talk "eyes" mean you are looking at someone with love goo-goo eyes
#8254, aired 2020-10-08YOUR 4 "I"s ONLY $1600: Look it up online! In Hawaiian this double talk word means "quickly" wikiwiki
#8223, aired 2020-05-27WE HAVE A SITUATION $800: Zero-sum is an alternative to this happier type of double-talk situation win-win
#8208, aired 2020-04-22A MARRIAGE MADE IN LITERATURE $600: Creepy! In order to get closer to Lolita, this man with a double-talk name marries her mother Charlotte Haze Humbert Humbert
#8179, aired 2020-03-12THIS & THAT $600: Camping on the Vegas strip? No clowning, you can at the full service RV park associated with this casino with a double-talk name Circus Circus
#8121, aired 2019-12-23THE "LL", "LL" YOU SAY! $1000: The double-talk name of this Washington city may come from a Native American word meaning "small rapid rivers" Walla Walla
#8075, aired 2019-10-18DOUBLE TALK $200: It weighed 50 pounds, had small, useless wings & was extinct by the end of the 17th century the dodo
#8075, aired 2019-10-18DOUBLE TALK $400: Proverbially, hindsight is said to be this designation of normal vision 20/20
#8075, aired 2019-10-18DOUBLE TALK $600: A chocolate candy with a fruit, cream or nut center bonbon
#8075, aired 2019-10-18DOUBLE TALK $800: Type of boots seen here, or the groovy disco you might have worn them to go-go
#8075, aired 2019-10-18DOUBLE TALK $1000: Give me the name of Ossining, New York's correctional facility, ya mug Sing Sing
#8071, aired 2019-10-14SPEAK SOFTLY $200: Double talk word for a low, constant stream of noise or speech murmur
#8025, aired 2019-06-28NEWER WORDS & PHRASES $800: Double-talk way of saying something or someone is insane or beyond understanding cray-cray
#8020, aired 2019-06-21YOUNG LOVE $1000: Homebound Maddy is allergic to most things, but new neighbor Olly isn't one of them in this double-talk novel from Nicola Yoon Everything, Everything
#8008, aired 2019-06-05CONVERSE $1000: It's a double-talk French term for a private conversation tête-à-tête
#7950, aired 2019-03-15POP CULTURE DOUBLE TALK $400: On "The Flintstones", he's Barney & Betty's super-strong kid Bamm-Bamm
#7950, aired 2019-03-15POP CULTURE DOUBLE TALK $800: Julia Roberts played the evil queen to Lily Collins' Snow White in this 2012 film Mirror Mirror
#7950, aired 2019-03-15POP CULTURE DOUBLE TALK $1200: This hit song in Spanish & English by DJ Snake features Ozuna, Cardi B & Selena Gomez "Taki Taki"
#7950, aired 2019-03-15POP CULTURE DOUBLE TALK $1600: This Bowie song that says "you've torn your dress" & "your face is a mess" ranks as one of the all-time best glam rock songs "Rebel Rebel"
#7950, aired 2019-03-15POP CULTURE DOUBLE TALK $2000: With music & lyrics by Burt Bacharach & Hal David, this Broadway show features the song "I'll Never Fall In Love Again" Promises, Promises
#7940, aired 2019-03-01"E"PONYMOUS $7,400 (Daily Double): The plane truth is that this 2-word branch of math is named for a Greek who lived around 300 B.C. Euclidean geometry
#7920, aired 2019-02-01CITIES THROUGH TIME $2000: About 1,000 years ago, Casablanca was a village of these double-talk people the Berbers
#7916, aired 2019-01-28BLACKJACK $400: The $5 blackjack tables are a lower-budget option at this double-talk casino opened in 1968 on the Vegas Strip Circus Circus
#7874, aired 2018-11-29HODGEPODGE $1000: The dolphinfish, also known by this double-talk name, can weigh in at 70 pounds of deliciousness the mahi-mahi
#7859, aired 2018-11-08DOUBLE TALK $200: It precedes "Who's there?" knock knock
#7859, aired 2018-11-08DOUBLE TALK $400: To split something this way is to give half to each fifty-fifty
#7859, aired 2018-11-08DOUBLE TALK $600: Popular toy that you can take "around the world" a yo-yo
#7859, aired 2018-11-08DOUBLE TALK $800: They're wielded with festive ferocity by cheerleaders pom-poms
#7859, aired 2018-11-08DOUBLE TALK $1000: Nickname of Israeli prime minister Netanyahu Bibi
#7852, aired 2018-10-30'60s MUSIC POTPOURRI $400: Diabetics beware: the top-selling pop single of 1969 was this double-talk song from the Archies "Sugar, Sugar"
#7851, aired 2018-10-29AT THE ARCADE $800: Cut a rug or 2 playing this double-talk Konami game that sounds like a plea to overthrow the government Dance Dance Revolution
#7793, aired 2018-06-27A LITTLE MISTAKE $200: An owie, or double talk for a little mistake a boo-boo
#7771, aired 2018-05-28PALINDROMIC WORDS $1000: In a song by the Wiggles, this double talk palindrome comes before "chugga chugga" toot toot
#7747, aired 2018-04-24STATE CONSUMABLES $1000: Double-talk name of Ohio's state native fruit, seen here pawpaw
#7673, aired 2018-01-10DOUBLE TALK $400: This resort town has one of the oldest casinos in Germany, but it's better known for its hot springs Baden-Baden
#7673, aired 2018-01-10DOUBLE TALK $800: It's the full name of the dog breed seen here a Chow Chow
#7673, aired 2018-01-10DOUBLE TALK $1200: Polka-dot jacket, pants, shirt & tie? It's this type of fashion folly matchy-matchy
#7673, aired 2018-01-10DOUBLE TALK $1600: He has a thing for Lolita Humbert Humbert
#7673, aired 2018-01-10DOUBLE TALK $2000: It bears repeating that this disease with a name from Sinhalese is caused by a lack of Vitamin B1 beriberi
#7672, aired 2018-01-09BUGS MEANIE $800: This double-talk fly carries parasites that can cause nagana, a disease fatal to horses & cattle a tsetse fly
#7646, aired 2017-12-04POP CULTURE DOUBLE TALK $400: "Start spreadin' the news, I'm leavin' today, I want to be a part of it", this song "New York, New York"
#7646, aired 2017-12-04POP CULTURE DOUBLE TALK $800: In CB slang it's what a trucker says to interrupt a conversation or request to use a channel breaker, breaker
#7646, aired 2017-12-04POP CULTURE DOUBLE TALK $1200: Jessie J, Nicki Minaj & Ariana Grande collaborated on this catchy 2014 hit "Bang Bang"
#7646, aired 2017-12-04POP CULTURE DOUBLE TALK $1600: Now all grown up, the pair here came to fame in the 1990s starring on this sitcom Sister, Sister
#7646, aired 2017-12-04POP CULTURE DOUBLE TALK $2000: Theodore Bikel played the Soviet captain who runs his submarine aground off New England in this 1960s comedy film The Russians are Coming, the Russians are Coming
#7573, aired 2017-07-12WHERE AM I? $400: (Sarah of the Clue Crew presents.) Behind me is this Pacific island whose double-talk name means "first born"; according to Polynesian mythology, it's the first island that the god Ta'aroa fished out of the water Bora Bora
#7442, aired 2017-01-10WHERE'S THAT OPERA HOUSE? $1000: Festspielhaus, in this double-talk town Baden-Baden
#7429, aired 2016-12-22THE WEDDING RECEPTION $1000: For vegetarians at the reception, you can serve a vegetable tagine or this double-talk North African semolina couscous
#7398, aired 2016-11-09WE'RE GOING TO THE MOVIES $1600: I scream, you scream for these bite-sized chocolate-covered ice cream treats with a double talk name bonbons
#7391, aired 2016-10-31LIKE A ROCK $1,000 (Daily Double): The object of a pursuit, such as a hunted animal quarry
#7364, aired 2016-09-22POLYNESIA $1600: Less than an hour from Tahiti by plane, this double talk isle has been called "the most beautiful island in the world" Bora Bora
#7360, aired 2016-09-16DOUBLE TALK $400: In a nursery rhyme it precedes "Pumpkin Eater, had a wife and couldn't keep her" Peter Peter
#7360, aired 2016-09-16DOUBLE TALK $800: It's the name of the darlings' nursemaid/dog in "Peter Pan", or what you might call your grandmother Nana
#7360, aired 2016-09-16DOUBLE TALK $1200: In 2015 these '80s legends released "Paper Gods", their 14th studio album Duran Duran
#7360, aired 2016-09-16DOUBLE TALK $1600: This Washington city famous for its sweet onions has been described as "the town so nice they named it twice" Walla Walla
#7360, aired 2016-09-16DOUBLE TALK $2000: (Kelly of the Clue Crew delivers the clue from the Smithsonian's National Zoo in Washington, D.C.) Born in 2015, the newest member of the panda family at the Smithsonian's National Zoo was given this name which actually means "precious treasure", not newborn Bei Bei
#7354, aired 2016-07-28HISTORY $2000: The discovery of gold near this double-talk Washington city made it a hotbed of activity in the 1860s Walla Walla
#7305, aired 2016-05-20ECHO CATEGORY $400: In certain jokes it comes before "Who's there?" Knock, knock
#7305, aired 2016-05-20ECHO CATEGORY $800: In a 1939 movie this dog is in danger of being put down after biting a neighbor Toto (in The Wizard of Oz)
#7305, aired 2016-05-20ECHO CATEGORY $1200: The White House Press Secretary during Clinton's first term had this double-talk first name Dee Dee
#7305, aired 2016-05-20ECHO CATEGORY $1600: This high-kicking dance was a favorite of Parisian music hall girls can-can
#7305, aired 2016-05-20ECHO CATEGORY $2000: New York New York & this double talk hotel are at opposite ends of the Las Vegas Strip Circus Circus
#7293, aired 2016-05-04MUSICAL THEATER $2000: Dionne Warwick had 2 hits from this musical--"I'll Never Fall In Love Again" & the double-talk title tune Promises, Promises
#7262, aired 2016-03-22DUCK, DUCK, GOOSE! $2000: In 1952 the population of this double-talk Hawaiian goose was about 30 but today it thrives on Kauai nene
#7162, aired 2015-11-03ONOMATOPOEIA $800: This double-talk word can be heard medically in the heart a murmur
#7147, aired 2015-10-13IT'S TACO TUESDAY $800: I'm trying to eat a little lighter, so I'm going for the fish tacos made with this fish with a double-talk Hawaiian name mahi mahi
#7130, aired 2015-09-18POP $2000: In 2010 Shakira had a world smash hit with this double-talk song that sounds like something Fozzie Bear says Waka Waka
#7077, aired 2015-05-26THE OCCULT $1000: In New Orleans jujus include these double-talk magick bags traditionally consecrated to the 4 elements gris-gris (bags)
#7065, aired 2015-05-08"B"ILLBOARD HITS $400: Jessie J, Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj teamed up for this song with a double-talk name "Bang Bang"
#7044, aired 2015-04-09DOUBLE TALK $200: Another name for miniature golf putt-putt
#7044, aired 2015-04-09DOUBLE TALK $400: Type of "situation" in which everyone involved benefits win-win
#7044, aired 2015-04-09DOUBLE TALK $600: It was The Mamas & The Papas' only No. 1 hit "Monday Monday"
#7044, aired 2015-04-09DOUBLE TALK $800: Nickname of former lightweight boxing champ Ray Mancini "Boom Boom"
#7044, aired 2015-04-09DOUBLE TALK $1000: Done around 1640, the painting here may be one of the last illustrations made of a live one of these a dodo
#7011, aired 2015-02-23THE STATE OF WASHINGTON $800: A state penitentiary is in this double-talk city Walla Walla
#6896, aired 2014-09-15DOUBLE TALK $200: Cheerleaders know it traditionally precedes "sis, boom, bah!" Rah rah
#6896, aired 2014-09-15DOUBLE TALK $400: In 1983 there was no harmony at this New York prison when inmates rioted over poor conditions Sing Sing
#6896, aired 2014-09-15DOUBLE TALK $600: In an '80s hit it precedes "Keep it down now, voices carry" Hush, Hush
#6896, aired 2014-09-15DOUBLE TALK $800: At recipes for this fish include Macadamia Nut Crusted & Grilled Tacos mahimahi
#6896, aired 2014-09-15DOUBLE TALK $1000: German health plans cover visits to a spa, including this one at the foothills of the Black Forest Baden-Baden
#6891, aired 2014-07-28DOUBLE TALK $200: A cheerleader wields it pompom
#6891, aired 2014-07-28DOUBLE TALK $400: We hope kids never stop "walking the dog" & going "around the world" with this toy a yo-yo
#6891, aired 2014-07-28DOUBLE TALK $600: To mean an equal chance, you could say 1 to 1, but most people use this number combination 50-50
#6891, aired 2014-07-28DOUBLE TALK $800: A small round projectile fired from an air gun BB
#6891, aired 2014-07-28DOUBLE TALK $1000: As seen here, strange juxtapositions were the norm for this fatherly early 20th century art movement dada
#6871, aired 2014-06-30TV HOSTS $800: For the 11th season of her talk show, the double "L" in her first name was changed to the number 11 Ellen DeGeneres
#6820, aired 2014-04-18IT HAS 2 "BU" $1200: Let's all be this double-talk term for familiarly friendly buddy-buddy
#6820, aired 2014-04-18IT HAS 2 "BU" $2000: It's the double-talk name of the Japanese dish seen here shabu-shabu
#6713, aired 2013-11-20HYPHENATED TERMS $600: It's the double-talk name for a gong with indefinite pitch tam-tam
#6675, aired 2013-09-27THE "BAD" $1000: This Black Forest city with a double-talk name has been home to soothing baths since Roman times Baden-Baden
#6615, aired 2013-05-24B1, B2... $2000: Seen often in Asia, this disease with a double-talk name is caused by a B1 deficiency beriberi
#6505, aired 2012-12-21DOUBLE TALK $200: This breed was kept by fierce Asian tribes for hunting & guarding the chow chow
#6505, aired 2012-12-21DOUBLE TALK $400: The music for this high-kicking dance of France is heard here the cancan
#6505, aired 2012-12-21DOUBLE TALK $600: From Chinese, this piece of double talk can be a toast or casual, light chatter chin-chin
#6505, aired 2012-12-21DOUBLE TALK $800: It's also called the dolphinfish the mahimahi
#6505, aired 2012-12-21DOUBLE TALK $1000: (Kelly of the Clue Crew holds a root in Molokai, HI.) Made from a root, the mildly sedative ancient elixir of Hawaii is called "'awa" locally but is known elsewhere by this double talk name kava-kava
#6474, aired 2012-11-08DOUBLE-TALK NAMES $400: "The Starter Wife" is by Ms. Levangie Grazer, who has this first name Gigi
#6474, aired 2012-11-08DOUBLE-TALK NAMES $800: In kids' books, the gang at Tarrytown Airport includes this jet plane Jay Jay
#6474, aired 2012-11-08DOUBLE-TALK NAMES $1200: Nickname of the Olympian seen here Lolo (Jones)
#6474, aired 2012-11-08DOUBLE-TALK NAMES $1600: Completes the title of a spin-off from "Toddlers & Tiaras", "Here Comes Honey..." Boo Boo
#6474, aired 2012-11-08DOUBLE-TALK NAMES $2000: It's the Hawaiian name of the goose seen here nene
#6362, aired 2012-04-24SPEAKING HAWAIIAN $600: It's the double-talk Hawaiian name for an assorted platter of appetizers pupu platter
#6357, aired 2012-04-17I'VE GOT 2 TICKETS TO PARADISE $2000: This island is spelled with a double "A" if you're talking about the Dutch part, with beaches like Guana Bay Saint Martin
#6355, aired 2012-04-13DOUBLE TALK $200: Prison on the Hudson Sing Sing
#6355, aired 2012-04-13DOUBLE TALK $400: An abnormal sound in the heart a murmur
#6355, aired 2012-04-13DOUBLE TALK $600: Vegas casino with a clown marquee Circus Circus
#6355, aired 2012-04-13DOUBLE TALK $800: Yogi's bud Boo-Boo
#6355, aired 2012-04-13DOUBLE TALK $1000: A lack of vitamin B1 will give you this disease beriberi
#6344, aired 2012-03-2914-, 15- & 16-LETTER WORDS $2000: Poe knows this word for the ringing or sound of bells starts with a bit of double talk tintinnabulation
#6340, aired 2012-03-23LET'S TALK ABOUT "SEX" $400: Half a dozen born at the same time sextuplets
#6340, aired 2012-03-23LET'S TALK ABOUT "SEX" $800: Someone over the age of 59 but not yet 70 a sexagenarian
#6340, aired 2012-03-23LET'S TALK ABOUT "SEX" $1200: Some think a box found on a Pacific atoll in 1940 contained one of these navigational aids belonging to Amelia Earhart a sextant
#6340, aired 2012-03-23LET'S TALK ABOUT "SEX" $1600: A Mae West movie title, or one type of musical combo a sextet
#6340, aired 2012-03-23LET'S TALK ABOUT "SEX" $2000: This person is in charge of the holy objects of a church the sexton
#6327, aired 2012-03-06SWEET LI'L FILMS $1200: Paul Giamatti wrestles with life affer taking a teen grappler into his home in this double-talk 2011 film Win Win
#6326, aired 2012-03-05SEAFOOD $200: This fish with a double-talk Hawaiian name is also called dorado mahi-mahi
#6311, aired 2012-02-13VIRAL VIDEOS $1000: Gary Brolsma's first viral video sensation has this double-talk name Numa Numa
#6279, aired 2011-12-29OPERA $1200: Alban Berg's 1937 opera is a real doozy, or a real this, the double-talk name of its title character Lulu
#5990, aired 2010-10-01ART STYLES $1200: This double talk art style arose in part from the despair following WWI Dada
#5972, aired 2010-07-27DOUBLE TALK $200: A hollow-nosed bullet that expands on impact a dumdum
#5972, aired 2010-07-27DOUBLE TALK $400: Moroccans add saffron to this semolina staple, while Algerians like to add tomatoes couscous
#5972, aired 2010-07-27DOUBLE TALK $600: A soft sound separate from normal heart action; it may indicate a serious problem a murmur
#5972, aired 2010-07-27DOUBLE TALK $800: Oxford lays claim to a head & a foot of one of these extinct birds the dodo
#5972, aired 2010-07-27DOUBLE TALK $1000: This German city's Roman baths were built during the reign of Caracalla Baden-Baden
#5958, aired 2010-07-07TOYS & GAMES $400: The hot toys for Christmas 2009 were the hamsters from this brand of "pets" with a double talk name Zhu Zhu Pets
#5927, aired 2010-05-25BEAT "OU" $2000: This double-talk word refers to elaborate decoration or the rustling of a woman's silk dress froufrou
#5921, aired 2010-05-17TECH-TONICS $800: The GO 550 LIVE GPS from this double-talk company scouts both fuel prices & traffic problems TomTom
#5886, aired 2010-03-29DOUBLE TALK $400: It describes a situation in which you & I both benefit; how can you say no? a win-win situation
#5886, aired 2010-03-29DOUBLE TALK $800: An expression of annoyance or mild scolding that doubles the name of an ancient pharaoh tut-tut
#5886, aired 2010-03-29DOUBLE TALK $1600: It's another term for antiaircraft fire ack-ack
#5886, aired 2010-03-29DOUBLE TALK $2000: This cartoon lad of adventure & his dog Snowy first appeared in 1929 Tintin
#5886, aired 2010-03-29DOUBLE TALK $3,000 (Daily Double): It's the double talk way to say "78 inches tall" 6'6"
#5879, aired 2010-03-18"TALK" SOUP $600: It's it's ambiguous ambiguous language language that that sounds sounds good good but but isn't isn't double talk
#5878, aired 2010-03-17INTERNATIONAL SEAFOOD $400: A Maltese specialty, lampuki pie is made with the fish better known by this double talk name mahi mahi
#5801, aired 2009-11-30IT BEGINS WITH "X" $400: What's What's now now this this company company began began in in 1906 1906 Xerox
#5774, aired 2009-10-22A WORD ABOUT FOOD $1000: Cream of this double-talk stuff is added to candy to give a creamier consistency cream of tartar
#5760, aired 2009-10-02ONLINE SLANG $400: TTFN is short for this double talk phrase "for now" ta-ta
#5709, aired 2009-06-04IN THE BAG $1000: This double-talk word refers to a voodoo talisman: a bag filled with herbs, oils, stones & jujus gris-gris
#5680, aired 2009-04-24SOUNDS LIKE A SNEEZE $200: Double talk railroad term in the title of a 1941 hit song with Tex Beneke on vocals choo choo
#5671, aired 2009-04-13"BUD" $400: To make a show of possibly fake friendship is to act all this double-talk term buddy-buddy
#5639, aired 2009-02-26DOUBLE TALK $400: Hip hip hooray! It's that tasseled stick or fluffy ball a cheerleader waves in her hand a pom-pom
#5639, aired 2009-02-26DOUBLE TALK $800: Zurich & Paris were centers of this early 20th C, art movement based on chance & spontaneity Dada
#5639, aired 2009-02-26DOUBLE TALK $1200: This sound of firecrackers is also a name for Grandpa, as in the kids' book "My" this "Is A Pirate" pop-pop
#5639, aired 2009-02-26DOUBLE TALK $1600: This Chinese pianist has appeared with the world's great orchestras & has his own Adidas shoe Lang Lang
#5639, aired 2009-02-26DOUBLE TALK $2000: (Sarah of the Clue Crew shows a picture on the monitor.) Mentioned by Jane Austen, a sunken fence designed to keep out animals but not ruin the view is called this, from the chuckle of surprise on noticing it a ha-ha
#5544, aired 2008-10-16DOUBLE TALK $400: Wile E. Coyote could tell you it's what the Road Runner says "Beep! Beep!"
#5544, aired 2008-10-16DOUBLE TALK $800: In one of their biggest hits, the Osmonds compared the ups & downs of love to this object a yo-yo
#5544, aired 2008-10-16DOUBLE TALK $1200: Let's hit the dance floor for this dance performed to the music heard here the cha cha
#5544, aired 2008-10-16DOUBLE TALK $1600: The official vegetable of Washington State is a sweet onion that shares its name with this valley & city Walla Walla
#5544, aired 2008-10-16DOUBLE TALK $2000: James Michener called this French Polynesian island with its fabled blue lagoon "the most beautiful in the world" Bora Bora
#5540, aired 2008-10-1010-LETTER WORDS $3,000 (Daily Double): Greek for "city of the dead", it's the term for a large, ancient cemetery a necropolis
#5526, aired 2008-09-22AMERICAN LIT $2000: Thomas Sutpen goes south to seek his destiny in this Faulkner novel with a double talk title Absalom, Absalom!
#5486, aired 2008-06-16SOMETHING'S FISHY $600: It's the double talk name for the tropical food fish also known as the dolphinfish mahimahi
#5466, aired 2008-05-19BOOZE-A-PALOOZA $2000: Double-talk name for a Piña Colada made with vodka instead of rum Chi-Chi
#5405, aired 2008-02-22DOUBLE TALK $200: In a popular children's song, it's followed by "little star, how I wonder what you are" Twinkle, twinkle
#5405, aired 2008-02-22DOUBLE TALK $400: Something that you are expressly told not to do a no-no
#5405, aired 2008-02-22DOUBLE TALK $600: Oh, goody goody! It's a French term for a chocolate candy with a nut center a bonbon
#5405, aired 2008-02-22DOUBLE TALK $800: It's another name for miniature golf putt-putt
#5405, aired 2008-02-22DOUBLE TALK $1000: Poet cummings e. e.
#5360, aired 2007-12-21OLD MOVIE QUOTES $3,000 (Daily Double): 1944: "We were talking about automobile insurance, only you were thinking about murder" Double Indemnity
#5355, aired 2007-12-14DOUBLE TALK ROCK $200: This group that was "Hungry Like The Wolf" was named after a villain in the movie "Barbarella" Duran Duran
#5355, aired 2007-12-14DOUBLE TALK ROCK $400: It precedes "Top" in the name of the group that sang, "She's got legs, she knows how to use them" ZZ
#5355, aired 2007-12-14DOUBLE TALK ROCK $600: Neil Diamond had his first Top 10 hit with this song that says, "She got the way to move me" "Cherry, Cherry"
#5355, aired 2007-12-14DOUBLE TALK ROCK $800: "Head To Toe" & "Lost In Emotion" were huge hits for her & Cult Jam Lisa Lisa
#5355, aired 2007-12-14DOUBLE TALK ROCK $1000: This one-named Scottish lass topped the charts in 1967 with "To Sir With Love" Lulu
#5342, aired 2007-11-27DOUBLE TALK $400: Check it out! It's how I refer to my flashy diamonds & gold chains bling bling
#5342, aired 2007-11-27DOUBLE TALK $800: It's what the ladies are doing in the print seen here the can-can
#5342, aired 2007-11-27DOUBLE TALK $1200: Numerically, it's normal vision 20/20
#5342, aired 2007-11-27DOUBLE TALK $1600: In a children's song, "dear little Nellie" is "way down yonder in" this fruit patch pawpaw
#5342, aired 2007-11-27DOUBLE TALK $2000: In the 1950s this secret militant movement opposed British rule in Kenya the Mau Mau movement
#5285, aired 2007-07-27AROUND NEW YORK STATE $800: The museum for a N.Y. prison known by this double-talk name includes a replica electric chair made by prisoners Sing Sing
#5279, aired 2007-07-19THE SHAPE OF THINGS $2,800 (Daily Double): It's another term for a spiral, especially when talking about spiraled strands of DNA a helix
#5191, aired 2007-03-19WHAT UP, "G"? $1200: Follow these double-talk dancers to your local discotheque go-go dancers
#5149, aired 2007-01-18SEAFOOD $400: It's the double talk Hawaiian name of the dorado, found in warm waters worldwide Mahi-mahi
#5142, aired 2007-01-09TO TELL THE TRUCE $1200: In Octtober 1951 Korean War armistice talks moved from Kaesong to this village in the DMZ Panmunjeom
#5133, aired 2006-12-27MERRIAM-WEBSTER'S NEW WORDS FOR 2006 $200: It's about time this double-talk term for flashy & expensive jewelry was added bling-bling
#5007, aired 2006-05-23SHOP 'TIL YOU DROP $2000: This clothing & retail line's double-talk name comes from Hamlet's famous line; that is the question bebe
#4989, aired 2006-04-27DOUBLE TALK $400: The true one of these unfortunate birds had the scientific name Raphus cucullatus a dodo
#4989, aired 2006-04-27DOUBLE TALK $800: It's Hawaiian for snacks or appetizers often served on a platter pupu
#4989, aired 2006-04-27DOUBLE TALK $1,000 (Daily Double): A classic 1900 book says he "was not gray; he was a little black dog with long, silky hair" Toto
#4989, aired 2006-04-27DOUBLE TALK $1200: This disease of the peripheral nerves is caused by a deficiency of vitamin B1 beriberi
#4989, aired 2006-04-27DOUBLE TALK $1600: Chichi & this other term from the French both refer to elaborate, showy decoration froufrou
#4947, aired 2006-02-28PRIMATES $600: This unusual primate with a "double talk" name is the only surviving member of its family the aye-aye
#4924, aired 2006-01-265-SYLLABLE WORDS $1,000 (Daily Double): Having many sides, like diplomatic talks among more than 2 parties multilateral
#4856, aired 2005-10-24MISCELLANY $1600: In the Cajun vernacular, this double-talk term refers to a voodoo spell, good or bad gris-gris (juju accepted)
#4830, aired 2005-09-16DOUBLE TALK $200: Please, no mumbling when I tell you it's an abnormal sound in a person's heartbeat a murmur
#4830, aired 2005-09-16DOUBLE TALK $400: Using a hot sauce called harissa, Tunisians spice up this steamed semolina dish couscous
#4830, aired 2005-09-16DOUBLE TALK $600: Many parts of Africa are uninhabitable due to this fly that spreads African sleeping sickness the tsetse fly
#4830, aired 2005-09-16DOUBLE TALK $800: Traitorous WWII broadcaster William Joyce was better known as Lord this Lord Haw-Haw
#4830, aired 2005-09-16DOUBLE TALK $1000: (Jon of the Clue Crew delivers the clue.) Just like the word "gong", the word for this gong of Chinese origin is derived from the sound it makes a tam-tam
#4703, aired 2005-02-02ALSO A DOG BREED $400: Double talk slang slang for food food chow chow
#4653, aired 2004-11-24NAMES FROM THE GERMAN $13,200 (Daily Double): In English it means "truthful"; in German it's "Frenchman" Frank
#4473, aired 2004-02-04DOUBLE TALK $400: It means neither very good nor very bad; with "and" in the middle, it means someone you may think is very bad so-so
#4473, aired 2004-02-04DOUBLE TALK $800: This term for something flashy, like jewelry, has recently gained currency bling-bling
#4473, aired 2004-02-04DOUBLE TALK $1200: It can precede "O'Riley" & "au Rhum" as well as "Wawa" Baba
#4473, aired 2004-02-04DOUBLE TALK $1600: This Asian-sounding breath freshener was developed in Rochester, N.Y. in the late 1800s Sen-Sen
#4473, aired 2004-02-04DOUBLE TALK $2000: The "Macbeth" witches' recipe calls for nose of turk & lips of this fierce Asiatic type of person Tartar
#4316, aired 2003-05-12DOUBLE TALK $400: It was the size of a turkey & had a large hooked bill dodo
#4316, aired 2003-05-12DOUBLE TALK $800: This musical covers 50 years in the life of a married couple from their wedding day on I Do! I Do!
#4316, aired 2003-05-12DOUBLE TALK $1200: Artistic movement that included Man Ray & Duchamp Dada
#4316, aired 2003-05-12DOUBLE TALK $1600: It's the administrative capital of American Samoa Pago Pago
#4316, aired 2003-05-12DOUBLE TALK $2000: (Alex presents from Tanzania.) This crater in Tanzania is the largest unbroken caldera in the world, & it's home to over 20,000 wild animals Ngorongoro
#4252, aired 2003-02-11DOUBLE TALK $200: In kids' jokes, it precedes "Who's there?" Knock knock
#4252, aired 2003-02-11DOUBLE TALK $400: In the familiar nursery rhyme, this "pumpkin-eater had a wife and couldn't keep her" Peter Peter
#4252, aired 2003-02-11DOUBLE TALK $600: In a 2002 movie Sandra Bullock comes to know her mother a little better with help from this "sisterhood" Ya-Ya
#4252, aired 2003-02-11DOUBLE TALK $800: In a line from Samuel Taylor Coleridge, it precedes "everywhere, nor any drop to drink" Water water
#4252, aired 2003-02-11DOUBLE TALK $1000: Tourism is a major source of income on this French Polynesian island that's about 160 miles northwest of Tahiti Bora Bora
#4210, aired 2002-12-13PLANTS $10,800 (Daily Double): In the 1950s pollen grains of this crop plant estimated to be 60,000 years old were found in Mexico City corn (or maize)
#4203, aired 2002-12-04THAT'S GOTTA HURT $200: A "separated" one of these refers to a dislocation at the acromioclavicular joint collarbone or shoulder
#4165, aired 2002-10-11THE COURAGE TO "B" $1600: If you've got a deficiency of vitamin B1, you've got the disease with this double-talk name beriberi
#4118, aired 2002-06-26DOUBLE TALK ROCK $200: This "Rio" band included 3 unrelated guys named Taylor Duran Duran
#4118, aired 2002-06-26DOUBLE TALK ROCK $400: (Hi, I'm Jeff Probst, host of Rock and Roll Jeopardy!) In a Neil Young song, it precedes "Rock and roll is here to stay" "Hey Hey, My My"
#4118, aired 2002-06-26DOUBLE TALK ROCK $600: It's where we're going in the title of the song heard here: "Well, there's a brand new place I've found / Where people go from miles around..." to a go-go
#4118, aired 2002-06-26DOUBLE TALK ROCK $800: You couldn't call this No. 1 hit heard here saccharine: "You are my candy girl / And you got me wanting you... "Sugar, Sugar"
#4118, aired 2002-06-26DOUBLE TALK ROCK $1000: On a 2001 album Californian Belinda Carlisle sings, "Landing in a perfect happy place... living life in" this "land" "La La Land"
#4081, aired 2002-05-06MUSIC APPRECIATION $6,400 (Daily Double): The name of this small harpsichord may come from the Latin for "rod" or the Latin for "maiden" virginal
#4051, aired 2002-03-25DOUBLE TALK FOOD & DRINK $200: It's a chocolate-dipped candy with a fondant center a bonbon
#4051, aired 2002-03-25DOUBLE TALK FOOD & DRINK $400: A staple of North Africa, this semolina dish can be eaten like porridge with steeped fruit & milk or cream couscous
#4051, aired 2002-03-25DOUBLE TALK FOOD & DRINK $600: It's the Hawaiian term for a platter of hot or cold appetizers pupu
#4051, aired 2002-03-25DOUBLE TALK FOOD & DRINK $800: Dorado is another name for this tropical fish mahi-mahi
#4051, aired 2002-03-25DOUBLE TALK FOOD & DRINK $1000: It's a pina colada made with vodka instead of rum chi-chi
#3985, aired 2001-12-21DO DO THAT VOODOO $800: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew at the Voodoo Museum.) The voodoo charm here--its double-talk name may be from the french for "gray", as it can tame black & white magic gris-gris
#3682, aired 2000-09-12ANIMAL PLANET $100: It's the double-talk name for the tropical food fish also known as the dolphinfish Mahi-mahi
#3677, aired 2000-09-05DOUBLE TALK $100: Don Messick was the voice of this companion to Yogi Bear Boo Boo
#3677, aired 2000-09-05DOUBLE TALK $200: The press called JFK Jr. by this boyhood nickname "John-John"
#3677, aired 2000-09-05DOUBLE TALK $300: This dance originated in Cuba as a variation of the mambo Cha-cha
#3677, aired 2000-09-05DOUBLE TALK $500: In "The Mikado", the "Three Little Maids From School" are Pitti-Sing, Peep-Bo & this tasty one Yum-Yum
#3677, aired 2000-09-05DOUBLE TALK $500 (Daily Double): It's the pseudonym used by the lecherous middle-aged protagonist of Nabokov's novel "Lolita" Humbert Humbert
#3521, aired 1999-12-20DOUBLE TALK $100: You'll find this "big top" casino in Las Vegas Circus Circus
#3521, aired 1999-12-20DOUBLE TALK $200: It was the nickname of designer Chanel Coco
#3521, aired 1999-12-20DOUBLE TALK $300: This city of southeast Washington state was founded in 1856 at the site of an old Army fort Walla Walla
#3521, aired 1999-12-20DOUBLE TALK $400: It's the third name in Idi Amin's full name Dada
#3521, aired 1999-12-20DOUBLE TALK $500: This singer's only No. 1 hit in the U.S. was "To Sir With Love" in 1967 Lulu
#3487, aired 1999-11-02DOUBLE TALK $200: Before you ever "walked the dog" in the U.S., this toy was a Filipino hunting weapon Yo-yo
#3487, aired 1999-11-02DOUBLE TALK $400: In popular names it precedes "Bean" & "Cool J" L.L.
#3487, aired 1999-11-02DOUBLE TALK $600: If you're a swan in "Swan Lake", you're probably wearing one of these Tutu
#3487, aired 1999-11-02DOUBLE TALK $800: Said of something neither very good nor very bad; passable So-so
#3487, aired 1999-11-02DOUBLE TALK $1,000 (Daily Double): It's the once scandalous 19th century dance performed to the music heard here Can-Can
#3353, aired 1999-03-17DOUBLE TALK $200: This word for an inadvisable act is a real double negative No-no
#3353, aired 1999-03-17DOUBLE TALK $400: Members say it in the House of Commons when a statement pleases their ears Hear hear
#3353, aired 1999-03-17DOUBLE TALK $600: Rebecca Wells' novel about Southern women is called "Divine Secrets of" this "Sisterhood" Ya-Ya
#3353, aired 1999-03-17DOUBLE TALK $800: In 1954 Don Clayton founded this more challenging form of miniature golf Putt-Putt
#3353, aired 1999-03-17DOUBLE TALK $1000: Add 2 letters to chic to get this word meaning chic or overly precious Chichi
#3314, aired 1999-01-21DOUBLE TALK NAMES $200: Nickname of the female fashion designer born in France's Loire Valley region in 1883 Coco (Chanel)
#3314, aired 1999-01-21DOUBLE TALK NAMES $400: "La boheme", "Rent" & "The Drew Carey Show" all have a character with this name Mimi
#3314, aired 1999-01-21DOUBLE TALK NAMES $600: 1976's "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" was a No. 1 duet by Elton John & this woman Kiki Dee
#3314, aired 1999-01-21DOUBLE TALK NAMES $800: A nickname for Josephine, this name is stereotypically used for French poodles Fifi
#3314, aired 1999-01-21DOUBLE TALK NAMES $1000: Richard Pryor played this title character in a 1986 film; his life was calling Jo Jo Dancer
#3214, aired 1998-07-16DOUBLE TALK $100: In the familiar jokes, it precedes "Who's there?" Knock Knock
#3214, aired 1998-07-16DOUBLE TALK $200: It's a sailor's way of saying to a superior "I understand & will obey" Aye-Aye
#3214, aired 1998-07-16DOUBLE TALK $300: This full, loose women's garment with a bright print is traditional attire in Hawaii Muumuu
#3214, aired 1998-07-16DOUBLE TALK $400: It's a hand-beaten drum used by American Indians Tom-tom
#3214, aired 1998-07-16DOUBLE TALK $500: He's Barney & Betty Rubble's noisy son Bamm-Bamm
#3128, aired 1998-03-18ALL EARS $400: According to folklore, if your ears are doing this, someone is talking about you burning
#3082, aired 1998-01-13DIRECTING THEIR WIVES $600: "Double talk" title of the first film Paul Newman directed; it starred his wife, Joanne Woodward Rachel, Rachel
#3014, aired 1997-10-09DOUBLE TALK $200: The name of this candy or bite-sized chocolate-covered ice cream is French for "good good" bonbon
#3014, aired 1997-10-09DOUBLE TALK $400: In the nursery rhyme, it comes between "lavender's blue" & "lavender's green" Dilly-Dilly
#3014, aired 1997-10-09DOUBLE TALK $600: First name of cellist Ma Yo-Yo
#3014, aired 1997-10-09DOUBLE TALK $1,000 (Daily Double): Group heard here in a 1997 release from "The Saint" soundtrack: Duran Duran
#3014, aired 1997-10-09DOUBLE TALK $1000: It's the capital of American Samoa Pago Pago
#3008, aired 1997-10-01DOUBLE TALK $100: In the 1920s Donald Duncan introduced this child's toy to America & it's had its ups & downs ever since Yo-Yo
#3008, aired 1997-10-01DOUBLE TALK $200: It's Orkan for "hello" "Na-Nu Na-Nu"
#3008, aired 1997-10-01DOUBLE TALK $300: This Mamas & Papas hit was "all I hoped it would be" "Monday, Monday"
#3008, aired 1997-10-01DOUBLE TALK $400: During World War II this English "lord" broadcast propaganda for the Germans, & it wasn't funny Lord Haw-Haw
#3008, aired 1997-10-01DOUBLE TALK $500: This Washington city whose name means "many waters" was known as Steptoeville until 1859 Walla Walla
#2782, aired 1996-10-08DOUBLE TALK NAMES $100: Neuwirth of "Cheers" Bebe
#2782, aired 1996-10-08DOUBLE TALK NAMES $200: Bean or Cool J L.L.
#2782, aired 1996-10-08DOUBLE TALK NAMES $300: Michelle Pfeiffer's sister who was in "Vamp" & "Falling Down" Dedee
#2782, aired 1996-10-08DOUBLE TALK NAMES $400: Poet cummings, whose first book of poetry, "Tulips and Chimneys", came out in 1923 e.e.
#2782, aired 1996-10-08DOUBLE TALK NAMES $500: Singer Peniston or Winans CeCe
#2541, aired 1995-09-25DOUBLE TALK $100: It skirts the issue if the issue happens to be a ballerina a tutu
#2541, aired 1995-09-25DOUBLE TALK $200: Something forbidden or unacceptable is one of these a no-no
#2541, aired 1995-09-25DOUBLE TALK $300: In "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner", it was "everywhere, nor any drop to drink" water, water
#2541, aired 1995-09-25DOUBLE TALK $400: Famous Puerto Rican golf pro Rodriguez Chi-Chi
#2541, aired 1995-09-25DOUBLE TALK $500: From Chinese Pidgin English, it means very quickly chop-chop
#2531, aired 1995-09-11THE 1950s $500 (Daily Double): Introduced in 1952, an example of one is seen here: oil painting by numbers
#2243, aired 1994-05-11MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS $600: This drum with a double-talk name is tuned by moving rings up & down the lacing a tom-tom
#1866, aired 1992-10-19DOUBLE TALK $100: It can be a synonym for a train, or the sound that a train makes choo-choo
#1866, aired 1992-10-19DOUBLE TALK $200: In "Mork and Mindy", this phrase was Orkan for "goodbye" nanu nanu
#1866, aired 1992-10-19DOUBLE TALK $300: French dress designer Gabrielle Chanel was known by this nickname Coco
#1866, aired 1992-10-19DOUBLE TALK $400: Term for anyone with lots of school spirit, not necessarily a cheerleader rah-rah
#1866, aired 1992-10-19DOUBLE TALK $500: This American Samoa port was the setting for Somerset Maugham's short story "Rain" Pago Pago
#1605, aired 1991-07-19DOUBLE TALK $200: A short ballet skirt, or South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu
#1605, aired 1991-07-19DOUBLE TALK $400: German spa town in the Black Forest region Baden-Baden
#1605, aired 1991-07-19DOUBLE TALK $600: This maker of artificial flowers is in love with Rodolpho in Puccini's opera "La Boheme" Mimì
#1605, aired 1991-07-19DOUBLE TALK $800: In 1972 Stanford researchers began teaching this female gorilla sign language Koko
#1605, aired 1991-07-19DOUBLE TALK $1000: Frilly trimmings such as ribbons or ruffles on women's clothing froufrou
#1428, aired 1990-11-14DOUBLE TALK $100: Perhaps from a nickname for Louise, it's a slang word for an object or idea that is remarkable lulu
#1428, aired 1990-11-14DOUBLE TALK $200: This confection has a creamy center with fruit or nuts & is usually covered with chocolate bonbon
#1428, aired 1990-11-14DOUBLE TALK $300: Descriptive song title Cher used to show how "My baby shot me down" "Bang Bang"
#1428, aired 1990-11-14DOUBLE TALK $400: This African antelope was named for the sound it makes when alarmed dik-dik
#1428, aired 1990-11-14DOUBLE TALK $500: In June 1990 this Las Vegas-based co. opened the world's largest resort hotel, the 4,000-room Excalibur Circus Circus
#1355, aired 1990-06-22"OF" SONGS $1,200 (Daily Double): (AUDIO DAILY DOUBLE) It's what Matt Monro was describing in the following song: "She walks like an angel walks / She talks like an angel talks / And her hair has a kind of curl..." "My Kind of Girl"
#1304, aired 1990-04-12DOUBLE TALK $100: In "The Flintstones", he's the Rubbles' adopted son Bamm-Bamm
#1304, aired 1990-04-12DOUBLE TALK $200: This Wash. city, first called Steptoeville, was named after a Nez Perce Indian word meaning "little river" Walla Walla
#1304, aired 1990-04-12DOUBLE TALK $300: Nickname of former lightweight boxing champ Ray Mancini "Boom Boom"
#1304, aired 1990-04-12DOUBLE TALK $400: Born Marie Lawrie, her only No. 1 hit was "To Sir With Love", in 1968 Lulu
#1304, aired 1990-04-12DOUBLE TALK $500: James Michener said this island, 140 miles NW of Tahiti, is the world's most beautiful Bora Bora
#1294, aired 1990-03-29BIRDS $1,000 (Daily Double): (VIDEO DAILY DOUBLE): Though these members of the parrot family rarely learn to talk, they can perform stunts: Cockatoos
#1171, aired 1989-10-09DOUBLE TALK $100: As a toddler, JFK Jr. was widely known by this nickname John-John
#1171, aired 1989-10-09DOUBLE TALK $200: A disease of the peripheral nerves caused by a vitamin B1 deficiency beriberi
#1171, aired 1989-10-09DOUBLE TALK $300: Selling over 150,000 copies on the 1st day of its release, it became the only No. 1 hit for The Mamas & the Papas Monday, Monday
#1171, aired 1989-10-09DOUBLE TALK $400: Mary Martin & Robert Preston starred in this musical based on "The Fourposter" I do I do
#1171, aired 1989-10-09DOUBLE TALK $500: In a song, it precedes "I've been thinking what a grand world it would be" Reuben, Reuben
#1116, aired 1989-06-12DOUBLE TALK $100: A really dumb person or the toy Tommy Smothers plays with on his "Comedy Hour" yo-yo
#1116, aired 1989-06-12DOUBLE TALK $200: In a certain Coleridge poem it precedes "everywhere, nor any drop to drink" Water, water
#1116, aired 1989-06-12DOUBLE TALK $300: It's the capital of America Samoa Pago Pago ("Pongo Pongo")
#971, aired 1988-11-21DOUBLE LETTERS $500: Double talk, or a flashy action intended to deceive, it's probably an alteration of razzle dazzle razzmatazz
#953, aired 1988-10-26SINGING CELEBRITIES $300 (Daily Double): (AUDIO DAILY DOUBLE) She was one of the most talked-about women of 1987: Satan is a roaring lion / On Earth this very hour / We know he’s looking ‘round about for whom he may devour/ But the Devil is defeated / The Victory’s yours today / So when he rears… Tammy Faye Bakker
#823, aired 1988-03-16DOUBLE TALK $100: Family-oriented Las Vegas hotel that's home to the world's largest permanent big-top show Circus Circus
#823, aired 1988-03-16DOUBLE TALK $200: 1st name of Quick Draw McGraw's sidekick, Looey, & last name of the 40 thieves' adversary Baba
#823, aired 1988-03-16DOUBLE TALK $300: This suburb of Calcutta gave its name to both the city's airport & to expanding bullets Dum Dum
#823, aired 1988-03-16DOUBLE TALK $800 (Daily Double): It's what Al Martino wanted the girl to say in the following song: "Blue Spanish eyes / Teardrops are falling from your Spanish eyes..." sí sí
#697, aired 1987-09-22DOUBLE TALK $100: In Alka-Seltzer commercials, it followed "Plop, plop" fizz fizz
#697, aired 1987-09-22DOUBLE TALK $200: "Little" comic character originally created by Marge for the Saturday Evening Post Lulu
#697, aired 1987-09-22DOUBLE TALK $400: Alan Arkin played a befuddled Soviet sailor whose sub ran aground off New England in this '66 film The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!
#697, aired 1987-09-22DOUBLE TALK $500: Hawaiians eat the dolphin fish, not the same-named mammal, & call it this mahi-mahi
#697, aired 1987-09-22DOUBLE TALK $800 (Daily Double): It was a group called the Tymes, not Johnny Mathis that made this song a Top 10 hit: "Sometimes we walk, hand in hand by the sea / And we breathe in the cool salty air / You turn to me, with a kiss in your eyes..." "Wonderful! Wonderful!"
#633, aired 1987-05-13AFRICA $1,000 (Daily Double): (AUDIO DAILY DOUBLE) African explorer referred to in title of the following: "[Zeppo, talk-singing] He went into the jungle Where all the monkeys THROW nuts [Groucho] If I stay here I'll GO nuts [Party guests] Hooray hooray hooray!" Captain Spaulding
#612, aired 1987-04-14DOUBLE TALK $100 (Daily Double): (Audio Daily Double) Despite what you may have heard, published lyrics of this song are not at all racy: "Louie Louie"
#612, aired 1987-04-14DOUBLE TALK $100: 1st name -- or is it 1st & middle? -- of the winner of the 1936 Miss Hungary beauty pageant Zsa Zsa
#612, aired 1987-04-14DOUBLE TALK $200: To the French this sugary candy is "good good" bon bon
#612, aired 1987-04-14DOUBLE TALK $400: The capital of American Samoa, Pago Pago, was formerly named & is usually still called this Pango Pango
#612, aired 1987-04-14DOUBLE TALK $500: Nickname of former NHL star B. Geoffrion & Freddie Washington on "Welcome Back, Kotter" Boom Boom
#544, aired 1987-01-08DOUBLE TALK $100: Formalists might mistakenly call this small African antelope Richard-Richard dik-dik
#544, aired 1987-01-08DOUBLE TALK $200: Often used to hide smoker's breath, its formula is still a secret Sen-Sen
#544, aired 1987-01-08DOUBLE TALK $300 (Daily Double): Sharp singer who had her biggest hit with this song: "A Mashed Potato started long time ago / With a guy named Sloppy Joe / You'll find this dance is so cool to do / Come on baby, gonna teach it to you..." Dee Dee Sharp
#496, aired 1986-11-03DOUBLE TALK $100: A black sheep's bleat baa baa
#496, aired 1986-11-03DOUBLE TALK $200: Completes the lyric of 1957 Frankie Lymon hit "So you met someone who set you back on your heels..." goody goody
#496, aired 1986-11-03DOUBLE TALK $300: TV show which began with Dody Goodman yelling the name of Louise Lasser's character Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman
#496, aired 1986-11-03DOUBLE TALK $400: This group's "Broken Wings" broke them into the Top 10 in 1986 Mr. Mister
#496, aired 1986-11-03DOUBLE TALK $500: Descriptive of the "better thing" Sidney Carton did "A far, far better thing"
#461, aired 1986-09-15DOUBLE TALK $100: While the Flintstones named their daughter Pebbles, the Rubbles named their boy this Bamm-Bamm
#461, aired 1986-09-15DOUBLE TALK $200: In title of Ian Fleming book, words which follow "Chitty, Chitty," Bang Bang
#461, aired 1986-09-15DOUBLE TALK $300: In the Playmates' 1958 hit, it's the sound the Little Nash Rambler made Beep Beep
#461, aired 1986-09-15DOUBLE TALK $400: According to Guinness Book of College Records, it's the college song most often sung in movies "Boola Boola"
#461, aired 1986-09-15DOUBLE TALK $500: From Singhalese word for "weakness", it's disease caused by lack of B vitamins beri beri
#424, aired 1986-04-2411-LETTER WORDS $600 (Daily Double): (AUDIO DAILY DOUBLE) Group singing the following: [Instrumental opening of "My Girl" plays] "I've got sunshine on a cloudy day..." The Temptations
#10, aired 1984-09-21DOUBLE TALK $100: Not a Hawaiian cow, but a dress worn by Hawaiian women a muumuu
#10, aired 1984-09-21DOUBLE TALK $200: Affirmative reply to an admiral's command aye aye
#10, aired 1984-09-21DOUBLE TALK $300: Adopted baby of Barney & Betty Rubble Bamm-Bamm
#10, aired 1984-09-21DOUBLE TALK $400: Washington's panda with pregnancy problems Ling-Ling
#10, aired 1984-09-21DOUBLE TALK $500: British rockers whose name came from villain in sci-fi film "Barbarella" Duran Duran

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#7939, aired 2019-02-28BRITISH LITERATURE: A chapter of "The Jungle Book" has this double-talk title, echoing the opening line of a Brit's poem some 100 years prior "Tiger! Tiger!"

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Inta Antler, a retired computer programmer from Scarborough, Ontario, Canada Season 25 1-time champion: $12,700 + $2,000. Inta Antler - A...
Aisha Tyler, a comedienne, host and actress from Talk Soup, Friends, The 5th Wheel and Ghost Whisperer 2009 Celebrity Jeopardy! winner: $50,000 split between the International Rescue Committee/Congo...
Fred Beukema, a structural engineer from Minneapolis, Minnesota Season 25 3-time champion: $69,401 + $2,000. Last name pronounced like...
Becky Anderson, a retired software specialist originally from Morganton, North Carolina Season 25 1-time champion: $16,401 + $2,000. Becky Anderson - A...
Melanie Baker-Streevy, a United Methodist pastor from Parma, Michigan Season 25 1-time champion: $26,900 + $1,000. Melanie Baker-Streevy - A...
Liz Murphy, a foreign service officer originally from Scranton, Pennsylvania 2010 Tournament of Champions semifinalist: $10,000. Season 25 5-time champion: $121,302...
Jean Cui, a student originally from Garden City, New York Season 25 2-time champion: $14,200 + $2,000. Last name pronounced like...
Mark Petterson, a senior from the University of Kansas 2009 College Championship wildcard semifinalist: $10,000. 21 and from Prairie Village,...
Jennifer Duann, a senior from the Ohio State University 2009 College Championship quarterfinalist: $5,000. 21 and from Worthington, Ohio at...
Greg Lichtenstein, a freshman from Vassar College 2009 College Championship semifinalist: $10,000. 18 and from Plainview, New York...
Anthony Dedousis, a sophomore from Harvard University 2009 College Championship quarterfinalist: $5,000. 19 and from Manhasset, New York...
Ariella Goldstein, a junior from Muhlenberg College 2009 College Championship wildcard semifinalist: $10,000. 20 and from Cortlandt Manor,...
Justin Bernbach, a lobbyist from Brooklyn, New York 2010 Tournament of Champions semifinalist: $10,000. Season 25 7-time champion: $155,001...
Harris Cohen, a family physician from Lower Gwynedd, Pennsylvania Season 25 2-time champion: $17,800 + $1,000. Jeopardy! Message Board user...
A.J. Schumacher, a radio show production intern from St. Paul, Minnesota Season 25 1-time champion: $10,800 + $2,000. AJ Schumacher Saint Paul,...
Ingrid Nelson, a judicial assistant from Lake Mills, Wisconsin Season 25 2-time champion: $27,802 + $2,000. Ingrid Nelson - A...
James Erwin, a writer from Des Moines, Iowa Season 25 2-time champion: $22,598 + $1,000. Jeopardy! Message Board user...
Emily Heaney, a freelance costume designer from White Bear Lake, Minnesota Season 25 1-time champion: $2,200 + $1,000. Last name pronounced like...
Stefan Goodreau, a video game tester and camp counselor from Los Angeles, California 2010 Tournament of Champions 2nd runner-up (semifinalist by wildcard): $50,000. Season...
Gary Bechtold, a garage door company owner from St. Cloud, Minnesota Season 26 3-time champion: $42,001 + $2,000. Last name pronounced like...
Andy Srinivasan, a high school science teacher from Garner, North Carolina 2010 Tournament of Champions semifinalist: $10,000. Season 26 4-time champion: $69,600...
Jenifer Thomas, a teacher assistant from Jacksonville, North Carolina Season 26 1-time champion: $13,400 + $2,000. Jenifer Thomas October 5,...
Jen McFann, a Peace Corps recruiter from Astoria, New York Season 26 1-time champion: $19,410 + $2,000. Jen McFann Astoria, New...
Christine Valada, a photographer and attorney originally from Walton, New York 2010 Tournament of Champions quarterfinalist: $5,000. Season 26 4-time champion: $68,703...
Chris Rodrigues, a personal banking representative from New Bedford, Massachusetts Season 26 3-time champion: $41,498 + $2,000. Last name pronounced like...
Kimberly Jantz, an attorney from Tulsa, Oklahoma Season 26 1-time champion: $22,200 + $2,000. Kimberly Jantz - an...
Dave Belote, the base commander from Nellis Air Force Base, Las Vegas 2010 Tournament of Champions wildcard semifinalist: $10,000. Season 26 5-time champion:...
Jove Graham, a biomedical engineer from Lewisburg, Pennsylvania Season 26 1-time champion: $34,401 + $1,000. Jove's second contestant interview...
Jennifer Broders, a junior high school social studies teacher from Stockton, Iowa Season 26 2-time champion: $59,801 + $1,000. Jennifer Broders - a...
Pat Sajak, a game show host from Wheel of Fortune "A former TV weatherman, he's gone on to become the world's...
Rebecca Dixon, a graduate student and musician from Vancouver, Washington Season 26 2-time champion: $53,002 + $1,000. Rebecca and her partner...
Robbie Berg, a freshman from the University of Pennsylvania 2010-A College Championship quarterfinalist: $5,000. Hometown: Davie, Florida. Robbie Berg Blog...
Surya Sabhapathy, a senior from the University of Michigan 2010-A College Championship 2nd runner-up (semifinalist by wildcard): $26,600. Hometown: Northville,...
Lindsay Eanet, a senior from the University of Missouri 2010-A College Championship semifinalist: $10,000. Hometown: Deerfield, Illinois. Last name pronounced...
Elizabeth Galoozis, a reference librarian from Cambridge, Massachusetts Season 26 2-time champion: $38,801 + $2,000. Elizabeth Galoozis - A...
Tom Toce, an actuary from New York, New York Season 26 2-time champion: $39,200 + $2,000. Last name pronounced like...
Laura Hughes, a mom from New Market, Maryland Season 26 1-time champion: $27,500 + $2,000. Wife of Season 16...
Marty Scott, an assistant district attorney from Forney, Texas Season 26 3-time champion: $64,002 + $2,000. Marty won $250,000 on...
Paul Kursky, a copywriter from San Francisco, California 2011 Tournament of Champions quarterfinalist: $5,000. Season 26 5-time champion: $109,411...
Janet Bradlow, an insurance agent from New York, New York Season 26 3-time champion: $58,000 + $2,000. Janet Bradlow New York,...
Aaron Wicks, a planning and evaluation manager from Rochester, New York Season 26 1-time champion: $18,001 + 1,000. Aaron Wicks Rochester, NY...
Alison Stone Roberg, an administrative assistant from Kansas City, Missouri Season 26 3-time champion: $85,102 + $2,000. Jeopardy! Message Board user...
Roger Craig, a graduate student of computer science from Newark, Delaware 2019 All-Star Games member of wildcard-match 2nd-place Team Austin: a share...
Sara Wilkinson, a country club concierge from Athens, Georgia Season 27 3-time champion: $72,701 + $2,000.
Matt DeTura, a recent law school graduate from Washington, D.C. Season 27 3-time champion: $61,601 + $2,000. Jeopardy! Message Board user name: MDT
Steve Greene, a senior from UCLA from Elk Grove, California 2010-B College Championship wildcard semifinalist: $10,000 + a Nintendo Wii +...
Hans von Walter, a junior from Southern Adventist University from Avon Park, Florida 2010-B College Championship 2nd runner-up (semifinalist by wildcard): $25,000 + a...
Erin McLean, a sophomore from Boston University from Danvers, Massachusetts 2011 Tournament of Champions wildcard semifinalist: $10,000. 2010-B College Championship winner:...
Ellen Eichner, a junior from the Ohio State University from Northbrook, Illinois 2010-B College Championship semifinalist: $10,000 + a Nintendo Wii + the...
Tom Nissley, an online books editor from Seattle, Washington 2014 Battle of the Decades invitee: $5,000. 2011 Tournament of Champions...
Marissa Goldsmith, a web developer from Springfield, Virginia Season 27 3-time champion: $44,100 + $2,000. Jeopardy! Message Board user name: marteena
Mike Nelson, a mechanical engineer from Geneva, Illinois Season 27 2-time champion: $20,800 + $1,000. Jeopardy! Message Board user name: Longhorny
Zack Terrill, a senior at Vanderbilt University from Winter Springs, Florida 2012 College Championship 2nd runner-up (semifinalist by wildcard): $25,000. 21 at...
Brooks Humphreys, a high school social studies teacher from Omaha, Nebraska "He teaches at an all-girls Catholic school operated by the Sisters...
Brenton Montie, a sixth grade social studies teacher from South Lyon, Michigan "He teaches at a school ranked in the top 5% in...
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