Jeopardy! Round, Double Jeopardy! Round, or Tiebreaker Round clues (60 results returned)

#8033, aired 2019-07-10THE NUCLEAR POWERS $1200: In 1960 France tested its first nuke, Gerboise Bleue, in this north African country it then controlled Algeria
#7973, aired 2019-04-17POTATO SALAD $200: Potato news is often found in the Idaho Statesman, this capital's newspaper since 1864 Boise
#7793, aired 2018-06-27WAY BACK IN THE '60s, MAN $1000: Kidnapping boy-king Francis II was the goal of 1560's conspiracy of Amboise by this French Protestant group the Huguenots
#7637, aired 2017-11-21STATE CAPITAL HAIKU $400: The "City of Trees" / & potatoes! Potatoes! / Potatoes! 'Taters! Boise
#7522, aired 2017-05-02WHAT ARE YOU MADE OF? $400: Framboise is a liqueur made from these berries raspberries
#7303, aired 2016-05-18STATE FACTS $200: Its biggest university is Boise State Idaho
#7222, aired 2016-01-26THE NORTHERNMOST STATE CAPITAL $200: Bismarck, Boise, Baton Rouge Bismarck
#7034, aired 2015-03-26STATES RHYME TIME $400: A Boise non-amateur an Idaho pro
#6890, aired 2014-07-25STATE CAPITALS $1200: This Idaho capital has a basque museum & basque language school Boise
#6877, aired 2014-07-08CONSONANT-FREE STATE CAPITALS $400: Nowhere near Hawaii: OIE Boise
#6802, aired 2014-03-25IT'S WHERE I WANT TO "B" $400: This city that in 1900 had about 6,000 people Boise
#6706, aired 2013-11-11STATE CAPITALS $3,800 (Daily Double): French-Canadian trappers named it for the tree-lined river that provided relief for those crossing the Snake River Plain Boise
#6620, aired 2013-05-31BERRIES $2,000 (Daily Double): This berry is known as framboos by the Dutch the raspberry
#6591, aired 2013-04-22SHARED COLLEGE SPORTS NICKNAMES $600: Western Michigan & Boise State the Broncos
#6563, aired 2013-03-13REPORTING FROM THE STATE CAPITAL $400: From Bronco Stadium at halftime of the Potato Bowl Boise
#6530, aired 2013-01-25small state capitals $4,400 (Daily Double): The completion of the DuPont Highway in 1924 was a catalyst in this capital's growth Dover, Delaware
#6398, aired 2012-06-13THE NEXT STATE CAPITAL ALPHABETICALLY $200: After Boise Boston
#6359, aired 2012-04-19THE 50 STATES $800: (Sarah of the clue crew gives the clue from Boise, ID) Idaho's state capitol is the only one that gets its power from the heat within the earth--this type of renewable energy in which Idaho is a leader geothermal energy
#6235, aired 2011-10-28LAND IDAHO! $200: In 1900, the population of this capital was about 6,000; by 1960, it had exploded to 34,000 Boise
#6165, aired 2011-06-03EXTRAORDINARY DENTITION $800: (Kelly of the Clue Crew holds a skull at the Smithsonian's Hall of Human Origins.) When Mary Leakey discovered Paranthropus boisei in 1959, her husband Louis saw the heavy teeth & jaws & nicknamed the species this man, like the title character of a Tchaikovsky ballet The Nutcracker
#6079, aired 2011-02-03CHICKS DIG ME $1200: At the Olduvai Gorge in 1959, she & hubby Louis found a 1.75 million-year-old Australopithecus boisei skull Mary Leakey
#6052, aired 2010-12-28WHERE'S THAT STATION? $800: KBOI Boise
#5950, aired 2010-06-25NAME THAT SPORTS CONFERENCE $1000: Boise State, Fresno State the Western Athletic Conference
#5723, aired 2009-06-24SO YOU THINK YOU CAN FRANCE $1000: With the 1960 test of Gerboise Bleue, France became the fourth of these, joining the U.S., U.S.S.R. & U.K. a nuclear power
#5698, aired 2009-05-20THE SPECIAL OLYMPICS $200: The 2009 Special Olympics World Winter Games were held in this capital of Idaho Boise
#5549, aired 2008-10-23ONE-LETTER TAKE IN ORDER $2000: It precedes "Bay" on the Internet & also name the state capital spelled out by all 5 responses E & Boise
#5496, aired 2008-06-30COLLEGE FOOTBALL $1000: Ian Johnson's 2-pt. conversion won the '07 Fiesta Bowl for this school, then his on-field wedding proposal won his GF's heart Boise State
#5462, aired 2008-05-13COLLEGE FOOTBALL GEOGRAPHY $1000: In 2006-07, the only undefeated team in Division 1-A was from this capital city, the "Crossroads of the Oregon Trail" Boise
#5327, aired 2007-11-06BROADWAY MUSICALS $1600: Donna McKechnie kicked up her heels as Cassie in this show in 1975; Charlotte d'Amboise recently played the part A Chorus Line
#5296, aired 2007-09-24ID CARDS $2000: A U.S. senator from 1957 to 1981, this Boise Idaho native led controversial investigations of the CIA in the late 1970s Frank Church
#5278, aired 2007-07-18WHERE'S THAT? $600: It's the state capital highlighted here Boise
#5133, aired 2006-12-27POUR "E" $2000: Framboise & kirsch are the most popular types of this colorless spirit, French for "water of life" eau de vie
#4614, aired 2004-09-30HUMAN EVOLUTION $800: From the size of these body parts, Australopithecus boisei became known as "Nutcracker Man" the teeth
#4577, aired 2004-06-29MR. POTATO HEAD $600 (Daily Double): Mr. Potato Head got political in the 1980s &, appropriately, ran for mayor of this state capital Boise
#4379, aired 2003-09-25STATE CAPITALS $200: It rhymes with noisy Boise
#4142, aired 2002-09-10"B" $200: Let's hear it for this capital of Idaho Boise
#4070, aired 2002-04-19STATES' MOST POPULOUS CITIES $1600: Idaho: Pop. 185,000, the only city in the state with a population over 100,000 Boise
#3749, aired 2000-12-14FRANCO-AMERICAN CITIES $400: Wooded Place, Idaho Boise
#3700, aired 2000-10-06U.S. GEOGRAPHY $200: Idaho's capital; it's the state's largest city as well Boise
#3645, aired 2000-06-09AMERICAN HISTORY $200: 2 forts were founded in Idaho in 1834: Fort Hall & this one that bore the name of the future capital Fort Boise
#3311, aired 1999-01-18STATE NAMES $400: In this state whose name means "Gem of the Mountain", Boiseans will be Boiseans Idaho
#3223, aired 1998-09-16STATE CAPITALS $300: Its one daily newspaper is the Idaho Statesman Boise
#3159, aired 1998-04-30STATES OF THE UNION $100: Trekking through the River of No Return Wilderness Area in this state will turn "Boise" to men Idaho
#2940, aired 1997-05-16STATE CAPITALS $200: The origins of this Idaho city date back to a fort built in 1863 to protect gold miners Boise
#2885, aired 1997-02-28U.S. GEOGRAPHY $100: Idaho's largest city, it's almost 3 times as populous as Pocatello, the second largest Boise
#2883, aired 1997-02-26HEAT $400: This form of energy, defined as the Earth's natural heat, warms buildings in Klamath Falls, Boise & Reykjavik Geothermal energy
#2846, aired 1997-01-06NATIONAL FORESTS $200: Much of this state is covered by 10 national forests including Salmon, Boise & Nez Perce Idaho
#2800, aired 1996-11-01U.S. RIVERS $600: This state's Boise River is used extensively for irrigation Idaho
#2734, aired 1996-06-20BALLET DANCERS ON FILM $1000: New York City ballet star Jacques D' Amboise played one of a septet of siblings in this 1954 MGM musical Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
#2550, aired 1995-10-06STATE CAPITALS $200: This Idaho capital is located on a river of the same name Boise
#2182, aired 1994-02-15STATE CAPITALS $600: The name of this capital on the Kansas River is Siouan for "a good place to dig potatoes" Topeka
#2157, aired 1994-01-11STATE CAPITALS $600: You'll find the World Center for Birds of Prey on West Flying Hawk Lane near this capital of Idaho Boise
#2107, aired 1993-11-02BALLET $400: Jacques D' Amboise's ballet "Saltarelli" was inspired by the saltarello, a court dance from this country Italy
#1765, aired 1992-04-109-LETTER WORDS $500: A French raspberry brandy framboise
#1625, aired 1991-09-27QUOTES $200: When this country's King Louis XII said, "Let George do it", he referred to Renaissance man Georges d'Amboise France
#977, aired 1988-11-29STATE CAPITALS $100: In 1863 the U.S. Army established Ft. Boise, which grew into this state's capital Idaho
#889, aired 1988-06-16FOOD $500: The French use this fruit to make "tarte aux framboises" raspberries
#510, aired 1986-11-21STATE CAPITALS $200: Name of this state capital comes from the French for its many trees, "les bois" Boise
#496, aired 1986-11-03TOYS & GAMES $500: Aptly, this toy got 4 write-in votes in Boise, Idaho's 1985 mayoral election Mr. Potato Head
#465, aired 1986-09-19DEADWOOD $400: It's estimated 1/2 of Boise's particulate air pollution is from wood burned in furnaces, fireplaces and these wood-burning stoves

Final Jeopardy! Round clues (5 results returned)

#4415, aired 2003-11-14STATE CAPITALS: 2 of the 3 state capitals with 5-letter names (2 of) Boise, Salem & Dover
#3411, aired 1999-06-07STATE CAPITALS: Chartered in 1781, it's the only state capital named for a French city Montpelier, Vermont
#2579, aired 1995-11-16STATE CAPITALS: This state capital was a compromise choice between North Platters & South Platters Lincoln, Nebraska
#1989, aired 1993-04-08STATE CAPITALS: This city in the northwest is the "City of Trees"; its name comes from the French for "wooded" Boise
#1044, aired 1989-03-02STATE CAPITALS: One of three state capitals with the shortest names--only five letters long (1 of) Dover, DE, Boise, ID & Salem, OR

Players (6 results returned)

Lisa McClain, a history professor and Director of Gender Studies from Boise, Idaho Season 23 1-time champion: $20,500 + $2,000.
Emily Ochoa, an English teacher in France originally from Boise, Idaho Season 24 player (2008-06-10).
Kevin Brown, a senior at Louisiana State University from Boise, Idaho 2016 College Championship quarterfinalist: $5,000.
Niki Peters, a sophomore at the University of California, Berkeley originally from Boise, Idaho 2015 College Championship 1st runner-up: $50,000.
AJ Freeman, a customer solutions advisor from Boise, Idaho Season 34 player (2018-03-20).
J.B. Evans, an attorney from Boise, Idaho
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