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#7759, aired 2018-05-10HOBBIES & PASTIMES $200: A 3-ball cascade is the most basic pattern used in this hobby, but one day you might attempt a flying disco drop juggling
#7759, aired 2018-05-10HOBBIES & PASTIMES $400: The British version of this board game changes Tennessee Ave. into Marlborough & Boardwalk into Mayfair Monopoly
#7759, aired 2018-05-10HOBBIES & PASTIMES $600: Come up out of the basement & tell us you know "Final Fantasy" is an RPG, short for this role-playing game
#7759, aired 2018-05-10HOBBIES & PASTIMES $800: If you can bear it, spelunking is this active hobby exploring caves
#7759, aired 2018-05-10HOBBIES & PASTIMES $1000: Looking for something exotic? You could try raising one of these snakes like a ball or a Burmese python
#7406, aired 2016-11-21HOBBIES & PASTIMES $200: You'll want to hang onto your silver dollars in this hobby AKA numismatics coin collecting
#7406, aired 2016-11-21HOBBIES & PASTIMES $400: Now synonymous with in-line skating, this brand has been turning on a single row of wheels since 1980 Rollerblade
#7406, aired 2016-11-21HOBBIES & PASTIMES $600: It's mind over minutiae in this board game in which you answer questions in order to collect 6 wedges to win Trivial Pursuit
#7406, aired 2016-11-21HOBBIES & PASTIMES $800: It's the practice of dressing up like a character from a pop culture source, especially manga or anime cosplay
#7406, aired 2016-11-21HOBBIES & PASTIMES $1000: Options for wax when making candles: beeswax, soy or this petroleum "p"roduct paraffin
#6269, aired 2011-12-15PASTIMES $200: Wendy the Snapple Lady is among those who collect these candy dispensers Pez
#6269, aired 2011-12-15PASTIMES $400: Take a page from this pastime seen here scrapbooking
#6269, aired 2011-12-15PASTIMES $600: The first modern one of these was published Dec. 21, 1913 in the New York World's Sunday Supplement crossword puzzle
#6269, aired 2011-12-15PASTIMES $800: The FCC assigns call signs, like N8DNR, to use in this hobby ham radio
#6269, aired 2011-12-15PASTIMES $1000: This basic knitting stitch is drawn through the back of the preceding loop purl
#6222, aired 2011-10-11ONE-LINERS $800: Oscar Levant: Joe DiMaggio's divorce from her "proves that no man can be a success in 2 national pastimes" Marilyn Monroe
#5894, aired 2010-04-08PRESIDENTIAL PASTIMES $200: Jimmy Carter liked to grab his flies & do some of this in Hunting Creek, near Camp David fishing
#5894, aired 2010-04-08PRESIDENTIAL PASTIMES $400: John Quincy Adams loved to "rack 'em up" after buying the first one of these for the White House a pool table
#5894, aired 2010-04-08PRESIDENTIAL PASTIMES $800: President Clinton not only enjoyed listening to music but playing this instrument as well, even on TV the saxophone
#5894, aired 2010-04-08PRESIDENTIAL PASTIMES $1,000 (Daily Double): (Kelly of the Clue Crew strolls through the gardens at Monticello, Virginia.) For Thomas Jefferson, gardening was a welcome retreat from political life, and never more so than in 1807 when he suffered from migraines & stress due to this former vice president's treason trial Aaron Burr
#5894, aired 2010-04-08PRESIDENTIAL PASTIMES $1000: He enjoyed gambling on the ponies; he also bred racehorses at his Hermitage home Andrew Jackson
#5446, aired 2008-04-21PRESIDENTIAL PASTIMES $200: He spent time at his California ranch where he could ride horses, chop wood & play the part of a cowboy Reagan
#5446, aired 2008-04-21PRESIDENTIAL PASTIMES $400: Warren Harding often had a full house drinking & playing this card game into the wee hours poker
#5446, aired 2008-04-21PRESIDENTIAL PASTIMES $600: As seen in the picture, Franklin Roosevelt enjoyed stamp collecting, this nine-letter hobby philately
#5446, aired 2008-04-21PRESIDENTIAL PASTIMES $800: He liked to box, wrestle & hunt & loved to play tennis; in fact, his group of advisers was known as the Tennis Cabinet Teddy Roosevelt
#5446, aired 2008-04-21PRESIDENTIAL PASTIMES $1000: For exercise, this president seen here liked to swing Indian clubs Calvin Coolidge
#5161, aired 2007-02-05NORSE MYTHOLOGY $2000: Feasting & fighting are favorite pastimes at this "hall of the slain" Valhalla
#4900, aired 2005-12-23PRESIDENTIAL PASTIMES $200: As seen in the photo, this president liked to paint to help himself relax Eisenhower
#4900, aired 2005-12-23PRESIDENTIAL PASTIMES $400: In good weather, John Quincy Adams liked to spend his mornings skinny-dipping in this river the Potomac
#4900, aired 2005-12-23PRESIDENTIAL PASTIMES $600: Fond of this sport, Richard Nixon lived life in the fast lane, often scoring in the 170s or higher bowling
#4900, aired 2005-12-23PRESIDENTIAL PASTIMES $800: Even when pushing 300 pounds, this 27th president enjoyed playing golf & tennis Taft
#4900, aired 2005-12-23PRESIDENTIAL PASTIMES $1000: & in other news... during a fishing trip in Georgia in 1979, Jimmy Carter was attacked by a "killer" one of these a rabbit
#2648, aired 1996-02-21PASTIMES $100: Yo! The 1996 Players Dictionary for this game now includes the word yo Scrabble
#2648, aired 1996-02-21PASTIMES $200: It's the art of making rugs or textiles on a loom weaving
#2648, aired 1996-02-21PASTIMES $300: If you can stomach it, it's the sport of plunging from tall heights attached to an elasticized cord bungee jumping
#2648, aired 1996-02-21PASTIMES $400: Rollerblading is properly referred to as this type of skating inline skating
#2648, aired 1996-02-21PASTIMES $500: This Japanese art of paper folding is occasionally used to teach students solid geometry origami
#2629, aired 1996-01-25FILE UNDER "H" $1000: One of Ireland's national pastimes is this stick & ball game similar to field hockey Hurling
#2620, aired 1996-01-12DOWN TO RIO $100: Yachting & horse racing are popular pastimes in Rio but this sport rules supreme futbol (soccer)

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