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#7452, aired 2017-01-24ANTARCTICA $400: Dry valleys appear where these have retreated & wind prevents snow from collecting glaciers
#7452, aired 2017-01-24ANTARCTICA $800: Blood Falls, which flows into Lake Bonney, gets its color because it is rich in this element iron
#7452, aired 2017-01-24ANTARCTICA $2000: King penguins are big, about 35 pounds; these penguins are twice as heavy emperor penguins
#7442, aired 2017-01-10ENTERTAINMENT UNDER THE SEA $200: Living near Antarctica, Hoff crabs were named for this "Baywatch" star due to their hairy chests David Hasselhoff
#7417, aired 2016-12-06EVERY CLAIM YOU STAKE $1600: In the mid-19th century, Dumont d'Urville claimed Adelie Land, part of here, for the French Antarctica
#7400, aired 2016-11-11WHICH CONTINENT? $800: Is where you'd find the Adelie Coast Antarctica
#7387, aired 2016-10-25MAGAZINES $200: Kate Upton revealed she suffered frostbite after posing in Antarctica for this magazine's 2013 swimsuit issue Sports Illustrated
#7323, aired 2016-06-15AROUND THE WORLD $1000: This "passage" named for an explorer separates South America from Antarctica the Drake Passage
#7234, aired 2016-02-11THE "MID" SECTION $1600: A sub-oceanic ridge between Iceland & Antarctica; its peaks are islands like the Azores the Mid-Atlantic Ridge
#7221, aired 2016-01-25TREATIES $800: 12 nations signed a 1959 treaty making this a demilitarized zone preserved for (chilly) scientific research Antarctica
#7194, aired 2015-12-17LITERARY DIRECTIONS $2,000 (Daily Double): "South" is this explorer's account of his efforts from 1914 to 1917 to become the first man to cross Antarctica Sir Ernest Shackleton
#7141, aired 2015-10-05WHERE AM I? $200: (Sarah of the Clue Crew reports.) I've traveled a long way to this continent that's surrounded by what's sometimes called the Southern Ocean Antarctica
#7016, aired 2015-03-02IT BORDERS BRAZIL $400: Things can get Messi in this country whose southern tip is only about 600 miles from Antarctica Argentina
#7007, aired 2015-02-17COLD WORLD OUT THERE $200: In July 1968 Plateau Station on this continent averaged -99.8 degrees; bottom of the world, Ma! Antarctica
#7003, aired 2015-02-11SEAS THE DAY $800: The King Haakon VII Sea isn't near Norway, but off this continent's Queen Maud Land Antarctica
#6983, aired 2015-01-14EARTH $1000: Lake Vostok is the largest lake here Antarctica
#6982, aired 2015-01-13BRR, BABY, BRR $800: This continent's record low, -23 Celsius, was recorded in the Snowy Mountains on June 29, 1994 Australia
#6958, aired 2014-12-10THE FALCON $800: The name of this falcon is from a word for wander; appropriate, since it makes its home on every continent except Antarctica peregrine
#6885, aired 2014-07-18EXPLORERS $400: (Sarah of the Clue Crew reads the clue from Antarctica.) The U.S. maintains 3 year-round research stations in Antarctica--Palmer, McMurdo, & 1 named for these 2 men, whose race to the pole made them legends Amundsen & Scott
#6868, aired 2014-06-25SEALED $400: The Weddell seal is usually found hanging around this continent Antarctica
#6836, aired 2014-05-12OCEAN COMMOTION $400: (Sarah of the Clue Crew shows a globe on the monitor.) From the shores of Antarctica, the Pacific Ocean stretches north over 9,000 miles to this narrow passage the Bering Strait
#6787, aired 2014-03-04AS "IF"! $2000: At 16,067 feet above sea level, it's the highest mountain in Antarctica Vinson Massif
#6718, aired 2013-11-27FAR SOUTHERN NOVELS $600: Clive Cussler's "Atlantis Found" finds this protagonist--no relation to Brad--in Antarctica Dirk Pitt
#6718, aired 2013-11-27FAR SOUTHERN NOVELS $1000: In John Campbell's novella "Who Goes There?", filmed with this title, an alien ship is found in Antarctica The Thing
#6707, aired 2013-11-12THE RACE IS TO THE STRONG $600: The 4 deserts ultramarathon races are held in the Gobi, Sahara, Antarctica & this other desert that begins & ends in "A" the Atacama desert
#6664, aired 2013-08-01EXPLORATION $800: In 1958 Vivian Fuchs became the first to cross Antarctica by land; he was joined partway by this Everest conquerer Edmund Hillary
#6607, aired 2013-05-14ON THE MAP $400: It's the closest of the other continents to Antarctica South America
#6574, aired 2013-03-28I LOVE THE CORE $1200: Paleoclimate is studied by taking these long cylinders from glaciers in Greenland and Antarctica ice core (samples)
#6573, aired 2013-03-27UNIQUE PLACES $800: Antarctica's Don Juan Pond almost never freezes--in this quality it measures 18 times the oceans salinity
#6554, aired 2013-02-28ON WHAT CONTINENT? $800: Marie Byrd land Antarctica
#6512, aired 2013-01-01NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS $400: I will journey to this continent to climb some of the Queen Maud Mountains, named for the Queen of Norway Antarctica
#6490, aired 2012-11-30IT'S CHILE IN HERE $400: This cape, the southernmost point of Chile & of South America, is only about 600 miles from Antarctica Cape Horn
#6488, aired 2012-11-28THE ERA OF ERAS $400: The first 2 decades of the 20th century are called the "heroic era" of exploration of this continent Antarctica
#6432, aired 2012-07-31NAME THAT CONTINENT $1000: Named for an explorer, Byrd Station Antarctica
#6416, aired 2012-07-09SEAS OF THE WORLD $600: The Bellingshausen Sea, an area around this continent, is named for the second man to circumnavigate it Antarctica
#6312, aired 2012-02-14ISLANDS $400: Alexander Island, one of this continent's largest, is connected to it by the George VI ice shelf Antarctica
#6296, aired 2012-01-23THE ARCTIC ENVIRONMENT $1000: (Sarah of the Clue Crew presents from the Svalbard Islands in Norway.) After Antarctica & Greenland, many consider Nordaustland in Svalbard to be covered with the third-largest in volume of this form of slow-moving glacier an ice cap
#6293, aired 2012-01-18THE LAND $400: Victoria Land, one of its regions, lies north of the Ross Ice Shelf Antarctica
#6231, aired 2011-10-24VOLCANOES $800: In 1908 members of Ernest Shackleton's expedition became the first to climb this continent's Mount Erebus Antarctica
#6212, aired 2011-09-27CHANNEL SURFING $800: In 1903 Otto Nordenskjold named a channel in Antarctica for this country's crown prince Gustav Norway (& Sweden)
#6201, aired 2011-07-25HOW CONTINENTAL! $200: July temperatures on this continent range from about -94 to a balmy high of around -40 Antarctica
#6184, aired 2011-06-30MAMMALS $800: (Sarah of the Clue Crew reports from Antarctica as a whale blows.) The characteristic shape of this whale, the only species in the genus megaptera, makes it the easiest great whale to identify the humpback whale
#6173, aired 2011-06-15WEATHER, MAN $800: Bring a jacket--this highest continent is also the windiest Antarctica
#6169, aired 2011-06-09GOING TO X STREAMS $400: At around 20 miles long, the Onyx River is this continent's longest Antarctica
#6164, aired 2011-06-02MARINE BIOLOGY $1200: (Lindblad National Geographic underwater specialist Lisa trotter delivers the clue from Antarctica.) This shrimp-like crustacean is a major link in the Antarctic food chain; from January to April swarms of them may reach concentrations of 35 lbs. per cubic yard krill
#6164, aired 2011-06-02MARINE BIOLOGY $2000: (Sarah of the Clue Crew delivers the clue from Antarctica.) Researchers recognize individual whales & follow their migration based on the pattern on the underside of this, each half of the whale's tail the fluke
#6121, aired 2011-04-04JEOPARDY PLATFORMS $1,000 (Daily Double): The Kangshung Face, the North Col & the Khumu Icefall are all parts of this dangerous place Mt. Everest
#6069, aired 2011-01-20PENGUINS $400: (Lindblad and National Geographic naturalist Tom Ritchie delivers the clue from Antarctica.) The recent increase in gentoo penguin numbers may be due to decreased sea ice coverage caused by this phenomenon of rising average air temperatures global warming
#6069, aired 2011-01-20PENGUINS $500 (Daily Double): (Sarah of the Clue Crew delivers the clue from Antarctica.) This 7-letter term for a breeding place for penguins comes from the name of a colony of another black bird a rookery
#6069, aired 2011-01-20PENGUINS $800: (Lindblad and National Geographic naturalist Tom Ritchie delivers the clue from Antarctica.) Because the chicks of this largest penguin take so long to mature, females lay their eggs in winter so that the chicks can be independent by summer the emperor penguin
#6069, aired 2011-01-20PENGUINS $1600: (Lindblad and National Geographic naturalist Tom Ritchie delivers the clue from Antarctica.) This species of small penguin is distinguished by a narrow black band that runs across its throat & seems to be holding a black cap upon its head the chinstrap penguin
#6069, aired 2011-01-20PENGUINS $2000: (Underwater specialist Lisa Trotter delivers the clue from Antarctica.) Though efficient swimmers, penguins must come up for air, & do so in a method called this, after the way a certain cetacean leaps in and out of the water porpoising
#6018, aired 2010-11-10FAR OUT FACTS $400: A 2007 brawl forced some to be airlifted from the Amundsen-Scott Station on this continent Antarctica
#5998, aired 2010-10-13ALL ABOUT ANTARCTICA $200: (Tom Ritchie presents the clue from Antarctica.) The 1959 Antarctic Treaty opened the continent to science & made possible such findings as this hole in the atmosphere in the 1980s the ozone
#5998, aired 2010-10-13ALL ABOUT ANTARCTICA $400: The youngest mountain chain in Antarctica is a southward extension of this South American range the Andes
#5998, aired 2010-10-13ALL ABOUT ANTARCTICA $600: (Tom Ritchie presents the clue from Antarctica.) Port Lockroy was the start of Britain's permanent presence in Antarctica as a secret base to observe German movements during this war World War II
#5998, aired 2010-10-13ALL ABOUT ANTARCTICA $800: Explorer Richard E. named an unclaimed region of Antarctica Marie this Land, for his wife Byrd
#5998, aired 2010-10-13ALL ABOUT ANTARCTICA $1000: (Tom Ritchie presents the clue from Antarctica.) Lifeless boats and rusted tanks that once held the precious oil are relics of Deception Island's past: from 1906 to 1931, it was a processing center for this brutal trade whaling
#5973, aired 2010-07-28ANTARCTIC WILDLIFE $400: (Sarah of the Clue Crew floats near a floe in Antarctica.) This seal here--the only type that eats warm-blooded animals--is named after a big cat due to the dark spots on its coat the leopard seal
#5973, aired 2010-07-28ANTARCTIC WILDLIFE $800: (Sarah of the Clue Crew goes hunting for killer whales in Antarctica.) One of the most spectacular features of the male orca, or killer whale, is this stabilizing fin; from the Latin for "of the back", it can be 6 feet in height the dorsal fin
#5973, aired 2010-07-28ANTARCTIC WILDLIFE $1200: (Lisa Trotter reports from Antarctica.) Frigid Antarctic water is full of dissolved oxygen; it circulates through ice fish so they don't need this oxygen-carrying pigment, making them nearly colorless hemoglobin
#5973, aired 2010-07-28ANTARCTIC WILDLIFE $2000: (Tom Ritchie reports from Antarctica.) The stubby bill & white eye ring are ways to recognize this penguin species that French explorer Jules Dumont d'Urville named after his wife the Adelie penguin
#5973, aired 2010-07-28ANTARCTIC WILDLIFE $3,000 (Daily Double): (Sarah of the Clue Crew reports from Antarctica.) The Antarctic is home to several species of petrels, named perhaps because their habit of flying close to the water's surface is reminiscent of this apostle, who tried to walk on water with Jesus Peter
#5934, aired 2010-06-03HELLO, NATHANIEL $1600: Century in which Nathaniel Palmer made one of the first sightings of Antarctica the 19th century
#5917, aired 2010-05-11SOMETIMES A GREAT OCEAN $400: Part of Asia separated from Australia & Antarctica in the Middle Jurassic, causing this ocean to begin to form the Indian Ocean
#5916, aired 2010-05-10A VISIT TO ANTARCTICA $200: (Tom Ritchie of the Clue Crew delivers the clue from aboard a boat in Antarctica.) Notorious for its turbulence, we are now in the passage between South America & Antarctica, named for this English sailor Sir Francis Drake
#5916, aired 2010-05-10A VISIT TO ANTARCTICA $400: (Sarah of the Clue Crew delivers the clue from near a glacier in Antarctica.) In Antarctica, iceberg formation is at its most spectacular as huge masses break off from continental glaciers--a process called this calving
#5916, aired 2010-05-10A VISIT TO ANTARCTICA $600: (Sarah of the Clue Crew delivers the clue from Antarctica--with penguins.) Penguins usually walk upright, but if in a hurry, flop on their bellies & push off with their flippers & feet, traveling in a way named for this Native American sled a toboggan
#5916, aired 2010-05-10A VISIT TO ANTARCTICA $800: (Tom Ritchie delivers the clue from Antarctica.) Both the Antarctic sea we're in & the seal beside me are named for this famous 19th-century British explorer (James) Weddell
#5916, aired 2010-05-10A VISIT TO ANTARCTICA $1000: (Sarah of the Clue Crew walks barefoot along the shore in Antarctica.) Surprisingly, you can even walk barefoot in some Antarctic water, like here on volcanic Deception Island at this type of vent in the earth, from the Latin for "smoke" fumarole
#5913, aired 2010-05-05THAT'S HOT! $800: In 1974 the temp reached a balmy 59 at Vanda Station on this continent (hey, that's hot for there) Antarctica
#5886, aired 2010-03-29STUPID ANSWERS $2000: Congressman Carl Vinson was lucky to have a massive aircraft carrier & this peak in Antarctica named for him Vinson Massif
#5879, aired 2010-03-18THE CONTINENT WHERE YOU'LL FIND... $1000: Ellsworth Land Antarctica
#5856, aired 2010-02-15NONFICTION $1000: "Endurance" & "Shipwreck at the Bottom of the World" chronicle this Brit's ill-fated 1914 expedition Sir Ernest Shackleton
#5853, aired 2010-02-10NAME THAT CONTINENT $400: The Filchner Ice Shelf Antarctica
#5815, aired 2009-12-18PREY LATER $400: Found on all continents except Antarctica, this "structural" bird helps to control rodent populations a barn owl
#5804, aired 2009-12-03ALSO A U.S. STATE $4,000 (Daily Double): 2-word beseeching request for Ms. Fanning to continue in the direction of Antarctica South Dakota
#5785, aired 2009-11-06THE WORLD'S OCEANS $1000: It's the directional name given to the ocean that surrounds Antarctica the Southern Ocean
#5717, aired 2009-06-1610 YEARS GONE $800: Sir Vivian Fuchs, who led the first known expedition across this continent, died in 1999 at 91 Antarctica
#5637, aired 2009-02-24AROUND THE WORLD $800: The first person known to be born on this continent was Emilio Palma in 1978 Antarctica
#5569, aired 2008-11-20ANTARCTICA $200: Found on Ross Island, Mount Erebus is the southernmost active one of these in the world a volcano
#5569, aired 2008-11-20ANTARCTICA $400: Of -29, -129, or -229 F., the coldest temperature ever recorded on Earth, at Vostok, Antarctica in 1983 -129
#5569, aired 2008-11-20ANTARCTICA $600: What some call the Antarctic Ocean is made up of the waters of these 3 oceans the Indian Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean
#5569, aired 2008-11-20ANTARCTICA $800: Antarctica's coasts are moist, but the interior gets so little snowfall it's been called a "polar" one of these a desert
#5569, aired 2008-11-20ANTARCTICA $1000: A research base at the South Pole is co-named for these 2 explorers, the first 2 to reach it (Robert) Scott & (Roald) Amundsen
#5514, aired 2008-07-24SCRIPPS INSTITUTION OF OCEANOGRAPHY $1000: (Sarah of the Clue Crew holds up a big popsicle from UC San Diego's Scripps Institution of Oceanography.) It's 10 below in a special locker where ancient air helps us understand climate change using ice cylinders from Antarctica called these core samples
#5492, aired 2008-06-24LAST $200: It was the last continent to be discovered Antarctica
#5489, aired 2008-06-19AFRICAN ANIMALS $800: Most of these flightless birds live near Antarctica, but the jackass species is found off South Africa penguins
#5483, aired 2008-06-11THE CONTINENT... $800: ...that contains 70% of Earth's fresh-water resources Antarctica
#5456, aired 2008-05-05AROUND THE WORLD $1,000 (Daily Double): (Jimmy of the Clue Crew indicates a map on the monitor.) The waterway that separates South America from Antarctica is known as this passage, for an explorer who may have navigated it in 1578 the Drake Passage
#5448, aired 2008-04-23LOOK OUT BELOW $200: Seen here in a satellite photo, an iceberg almost twice the size of Delaware broke off this continent in 2000 Antarctica
#5441, aired 2008-04-14FIRST BASE $1600: The first base he established on Antarctica was "Little America" on the Bay of Whales (Richard) Byrd
#5435, aired 2008-04-04FUN ON THE MAP $400: Say ahhhhhhhh! The Dalton Iceberg Tongue on this continent actually looks like a tongue Antarctica
#5432, aired 2008-04-01COLD $400: At a place appropriately called Northice on this largest world island, temps dropped to -87° F. in Jan. 1954 Greenland
#5426, aired 2008-03-24EXPLORERS $400: In 1935 Lincoln Ellsworth discovered the Eternity Range on this continent Antarctica
#5406, aired 2008-02-25"O.L." $400: in the 1980s research scientists first detected a "hole" in this above Antarctica the ozone layer
#5339, aired 2007-11-22FACTS & FIGURES $1000: In 2000 an almost 4,200-square-mile iceberg broke free from this ice shelf in Antarctica the Ross Ice Shelf
#5338, aired 2007-11-21STATES & TERRITORIES OF AUSTRALIA $200: An Australian territorial claim covers 42% of this continent Antarctica
#5282, aired 2007-07-24MOUNTAINS $4,800 (Daily Double): Geological evidence shows that this 5,000-mile mountain chain may extend south into Antarctica the Andes
#5278, aired 2007-07-18WHERE'S THAT? $1000: Antarctica's not too far from this country, seen here in red New Zealand
#5267, aired 2007-07-03IT FLOATS! $400: Until it broke up in the Ross Sea off Antarctica in 2003, B15 was the world's largest one of these, at 4,400 square miles an iceberg
#5248, aired 2007-06-06FOR RICHARD $1600: In a 1930 article, this aviator & explorer wondered of Antarctica, "Is it a continent?" (Richard) Byrd
#5241, aired 2007-05-28DESTINATION: MARS $1200: Strangely, in 1984, an ancient meteorite thought to be from Mars was found on this continent Antarctica
#5222, aired 2007-05-01LESSER-KNOWN NAMES $400: In 1935 Lincoln Ellsworth flew over this continent & claimed parts of it for the U.S. Antarctica
#5215, aired 2007-04-20DISCOVERIES $800: Lake Vostok, the size of Lake Ontario, was only discovered in the last 40 years, as it's under 2 1/2 miles of this ice
#5209, aired 2007-04-12THERE ARE NO SMALL PARTS $1000: 250 miles long, the Lambert this empties a large portion of East Antarctica's ice into Amery Ice Shelf Lambert Glacier
#5182, aired 2007-03-061840 $200: Captain Charles Wilkes spots what will become Wilkes Land, a part of this continent Antarctica
#5162, aired 2007-02-06IDENTIFY THE CONTINENT $200: It's the coldest, least populous & most remote continent Antarctica
#5108, aired 2006-11-22WEATHER $400: In 1983 Vostok Station on this continent had the lowest temp. ever recorded on Earth, -128.6 degrees F. Antarctica
#5079, aired 2006-10-12WHAT'S THAT SOUND? $1000: Antarctica's McMurdo Sound was discovered in 1841 by this Brit who has a nearby sea & ice shelf named for him (Sir James Clark) Ross
#5076, aired 2006-10-09BREAST CANCER SURVIVORS $400: Dr. Jerri Nielsen was forced to treat herself for breast cancer while she was stuck at this remote location Antarctica
#5072, aired 2006-10-03COOL MOVIES $1600: A really cool film of 2006 was this one about a pack of sled dogs stranded in Antarctica Eight Below
#4982, aired 2006-04-18THE NEAREST NATIONAL CAPITAL TO... $2000: ...the continent of Antarctica Wellington, New Zealand
#4950, aired 2006-03-03A NICE "VIN"TAGE $2000: Over 16,000 feet high, this "Massif" is the highest peak in Antarctica Vinson Massif
#4933, aired 2006-02-08ALPHABETICALLY FIRST $400: Of the 7 continents Africa
#4899, aired 2005-12-22PEAKS & VALLEYS $400: This continent has only one mountain exceeding 16,000 feet: Vinson Massif Antarctica
#4866, aired 2005-11-07FINALS $2000: In 1955 this admiral made his fifth & final expedition to Antarctica Admiral Byrd
#4854, aired 2005-10-20AQUATIC LIFE $800: Antarctica's leopard type of this mammal has a big, toothy mouth and a spotted hide seal
#4846, aired 2005-10-1010-LETTER WORDS $1,400 (Daily Double): The only continent that fits the category Antarctica
#4796, aired 2005-06-13THE INDIAN OCEAN $400: The Indian Ocean's longest north-south distance measures about 6,100 miles from Pakistan to this continent Antarctica
#4706, aired 2005-02-07CATCH OF THE DAY $1600: With a razor-sharp beak & studded tentacles, a 20-foot one of these cephalopods was captured in Antarctica in 2003 a squid
#4686, aired 2005-01-10THE WEATHER CHANNEL $800: In terms of rainfall, it's the driest continent after Antarctica Australia
#4658, aired 2004-12-01DECEMBER 1st $400: 1959: 12 countries including the U.S. & the U.S.S.R. sign a treaty to keep this continent a scientific preserve Antarctica
#4578, aired 2004-06-30GREENLAND $600: Greenland's major physical feature is its massive ice sheet, which is second in size only to one found here Antarctica
#4574, aired 2004-06-24CONTINENTS BY VOLCANO $1600: Deception Island, Erebus Antarctica
#4568, aired 2004-06-16COOL PLACES TO GO $400: An American seal hunter named John Davis is believed to be the first person to set foot on this continent Antarctica
#4541, aired 2004-05-10BIG, REALLY BIG! $600: In 1956 a 12,000-square-mile one of these was seen floating off Antarctica; you might call it titanic an iceberg
#4540, aired 2004-05-07ANTARCTICA $200: First reached in 1911, it's the point in Antarctica through which the Earth's axis passes the South Pole
#4540, aired 2004-05-07ANTARCTICA $400: The crab-eater type of this, like the one seen here, is a common sight in Antarctica a seal
#4540, aired 2004-05-07ANTARCTICA $600: 2 species of these birds that inhabit Antarctica are the adelie & the emperor the penguin
#4539, aired 2004-05-06OUR FLAG $600: In 1840 the U.S. flag first flew over this continent during the Charles Wilkes expedition Antarctica
#4530, aired 2004-04-23THE 7 CONTINENTS $200: Population in summer: about 4,000; in winter, about 1,000 Antarctica
#4514, aired 2004-04-01HOT SPOTS $1,600 (Daily Double): On December 27, 1978 this spot on Earth reached a balmy record high of 7.5 degrees the South Pole
#4465, aired 2004-01-23UNSUNG HEROES $200: In 1912 Tom Crean made a solo 35-mile trek on this continent to save 2 of his mates Antarctica
#4451, aired 2004-01-05COME HERE OFTEN? $200: In 1998 it became the seventh continent to get an ESPN feed Antarctica
#4421, aired 2003-11-24THE SEVEN "C"s $800: One of these, known as the West Wind Drift, moves around Antarctica current
#4409, aired 2003-11-06FLIGHTLESS BIRDS $400: One species of this flightless bird lives at the Equator on the Galapagos Islands; other species live in Antarctica the penguin
#4367, aired 2003-09-09SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY $800: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew reports from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.) Nomad became the first robot to find extraterrestrial objects when it snagged these in Antarctica meteorites
#4344, aired 2003-06-191901 $1200: Robert Scott set off to explore this continent, where he named a peninsula for King Edward VII Antarctica
#4318, aired 2003-05-14DOWN TO EARTH $400: 100 million years ago this continent was connected to Antarctica; in 50 million more years, it'll hit Asia Australia
#4302, aired 2003-04-22EXPLORATION $800: In 1897 Roald Amundsen was first mate aboard the Belgica, a Belgian ship exploring this continent Antarctica
#4281, aired 2003-03-24SCIENCE & NATURE $200: Today, there are only 2 continental glaciers: one on Greenland & one on this continent Antarctica
#4240, aired 2003-01-24GOIN' "SOUTH" $200: In 1912 Robert Falcon Scott's group was second to this location, & sadly perished on the return journey South Pole
#4231, aired 2003-01-13"I" EXAM $200: In March 2002 it was reported that B-22, one of these the size of Delaware, broke free from Antarctica iceberg
#4228, aired 2003-01-08SOUTH OF THE U.S. $1600: Though very close to the very icy Antarctica, Tierra del Fuego means "Land of" this (the Land of) Fire
#4218, aired 2002-12-25THE THREE $1600: The three countries closest to Antarctica Argentina, Chile & New Zealand
#4216, aired 2002-12-23U.S. HISTORY $600: The base camp Richard Byrd dubbed Little America in 1929 is on this continent Antarctica
#4208, aired 2002-12-11SOUTH OF THE EQUATOR $600: In 1947 Edith Ronne & Jenny Darlington became the first women to winter on this continent Antarctica
#4187, aired 2002-11-12A CATEGORY FULL OF HOLES $1000: The hole in this develops every spring over Antarctica & lasts for a few months ozone layer
#4175, aired 2002-10-25DOWN UNDER $800: In 1912 Aussie explorer Douglas Mawson led an expedition south to explore the east coast of this continent Antarctica
#4038, aired 2002-03-06FLIES $200: The largest land animal native to this continent is a small wingless fly Antarctica
#3940, aired 2001-10-19U.K. DEPENDENCIES $500 (Daily Double): Britain's territory on this continent has no permanent residents & has been governed out of the Falklands Antarctica
#3928, aired 2001-10-03AFTERMATH $200: In 1912, in the aftermath of the "scramble for" this continent, Britain & France controlled most of it Africa
#3922, aired 2001-09-25MARS $400: Meteorites from Mars have been found on this cold continent at the bottom of the world Antarctica
#3906, aired 2001-09-03TRUE STORY $300: Dr. Jerri Nielsen gives her account of discovering that she had breast cancer while "ice bound" here the South Pole
#3880, aired 2001-06-15AFRICAN WILDLIFE $800: Most of these flightless birds are found in or near Antarctica, but the jackass species is found off South Africa Penguins
#3858, aired 2001-05-16AROUND THE WORLD $800: It's the continent where you'll find Queen Maud Land & the Queen Maud Mountains Antarctica
#3855, aired 2001-05-11SSSSSSSSNAKES!!!!! $200: Snakes are found naturally on every continent except this one Antarctica
#3839, aired 2001-04-19GLOBAL NUMBERS $500: Number of continents completely south of the Equator 2 (Antarctica & Australia)
#3805, aired 2001-03-02THE BIRDS & THE BEES $400: It's the only continent without bees Antarctica
#3760, aired 2000-12-29JUST DESERTS $200: This whole continent is considered a polar desert Antarctica
#3756, aired 2000-12-25GUINNESS RECORDS $400: The longest pizza delivery route (9 hours) is from Christchurch, New Zealand to Scott Base on this continent Antarctica
#3734, aired 2000-11-23THE MOSTEST $200: In 1999 Guinness assigned this record to Vostok, Antarctica Coldest place on Earth
#3700, aired 2000-10-06THAT'S AMAZING! $400: In 1983 a record low temperature, -128.6 degrees F., was recorded at Vostok on this icy continent Antarctica
#3667, aired 2000-07-11WAY BACK IN 1999 $200: In August one of these, the size of Rhode Island, threatened ships between South America & Antarctica an iceberg
#3646, aired 2000-06-12LITTLE PLACES $200: It was Byrd's base in Antarctica Little America
#3629, aired 2000-05-18WAAAY DOWN SOUTH $200: Antarctica's largest human community, McMurdo Station, is maintained by this country United States
#3629, aired 2000-05-18WAAAY DOWN SOUTH $500: In Antarctica, Mount Erebus occupies an island at the edge of this ice shelf Ross Ice Shelf
#3623, aired 2000-05-10PENINSULAS $800: This continent's northernmost tip lies on land once called Palmer Peninsula by the U.S. & Graham Land by the British Antarctica
#3617, aired 2000-05-02ANIMALS $100: The beak of this flightless bird of Antarctica can be black, red, orange or bright purple penguin
#3615, aired 2000-04-28FOUR $500: In a 1939 article for National Geographic, Lincoln Ellsworth described his 4 expeditions to this continent Antarctica
#3564, aired 2000-02-17ON THE MAP $200: Not counting Antarctica, it's the continent that reaches the farthest south South America
#3534, aired 2000-01-06POLAR EXPLORATION $400: Edward Bransfield, a possible discoverer of Antarctica, had to battle these birds to get ashore Penguins
#3461, aired 1999-09-27BIRDS $100: Only the Adelie & emperor species of this bird actually breed in Antarctica Penguin
#3450, aired 1999-09-10AROUND THE WORLD $800: The Amundsen-Scott research base is located at this famous point on Antarctica South Pole
#3440, aired 1999-07-16CONTINENTS BY VOLCANO $200: Erebus Antarctica
#3421, aired 1999-06-21PENINSULAS $1,000 (Daily Double): The peninsula at the northwestern edge of this continent has been claimed by England, Chile & Argentina Antarctica
#3410, aired 1999-06-04BODIES OF WATER $1000: The Weddell Sea, bordering this continent, was named for James Weddell, who charted it in 1823 Antarctica
#3386, aired 1999-05-03SCIENCE & NATURE $1000: Alha 81005, the first meteorite proven to have come from the moon, was found on this desolate continent Antarctica
#3374, aired 1999-04-15THE 1950s $300: The U.S. & Argentina were among the 12 countries who signed a treaty to preserve this continent Antarctica
#3343, aired 1999-03-03THE 20th CENTURY $200: On December 1, 1959, 12 nations signed a treaty setting aside this continent as a preserve for scientific research Antarctica
#3342, aired 1999-03-02NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC $1000: The dry valleys offer some unusual views of this continent Antarctica
#3243, aired 1998-10-14CAPT. COOK $200: In early 1774 Cook came within 300 miles of discovering this continent Antarctica
#3180, aired 1998-05-29BRAIN MAUL! $200: It's the tallest land mammal north of Antarctica Giraffe
#3161, aired 1998-05-04LANDMARKS $1000: Paradise Bay, seen here, is on this continent that got its first ATM in 1997 Antarctica
#3154, aired 1998-04-23THE GLOBE $200: The globe's remotest island is Bouvet Island in the south Atlantic, 1,050 miles north of this continent Antarctica
#3153, aired 1998-04-22GUYS WHO FOUND THINGS $400: This naval commander discovered a mountain range in Antarctica while aboard the plane (Stars and Stripes) seen here: Richard Byrd
#3139, aired 1998-04-02GONE WITH THE WINDS $600: Guinness lists Commonwealth Bay on this southern continent as the world's windiest place Antarctica
#3133, aired 1998-03-25WORLD HISTORY $800: In the 1770s this British sea captain circled Antarctica but ice packs kept him from sighting land James Cook
#3106, aired 1998-02-16ICEBERGS $400: This 5-miilion-square-mile ice cap produces huge bergs, including one measured at 200 X 60 miles Antarctica
#3097, aired 1998-02-03THE BEE $200: Bees are found on every continent but this one Antarctica
#3093, aired 1998-01-28EXPLORERS $200: On Jan. 17, 1997 Borge Ousland became the first to cross this continent alone & unsupported Antarctica
#3079, aired 1998-01-08ANTARCTIC EXPLORERS $400: In the 1950s this New Zealand mountaineer blazed a trail for Sir Vivian Fuchs, the first to cross Antarctica Sir Edmund Hillary
#3070, aired 1997-12-26INTERNATIONAL POTPOURRI $100: On average, the icy layer on top of this snow-covered continent is 7,000 feet thick Antarctica
#3061, aired 1997-12-15WORLD GEOGRAPHY $600: The Atlantic & Indian Oceans are separated by a line from Antarctica to Cape Agulhas on this continent Africa
#3051, aired 1997-12-01EXPLORERS $200: In 1820 Fabian von Bellingshausen may have become the first to see this continent that he thought was just ice Antarctica
#3041, aired 1997-11-17BIG ISLANDS $400: Over 700,000 square miles, or about 84%, of this island is covered by an icecap Greenland
#3032, aired 1997-11-04SOUTH OF THE EQUATOR $100: Scientists believe the west part of this continent would be an archipelago if the ice were removed Antarctica
#3028, aired 1997-10-29"C" THE WORLD $300: Henry Kissinger described this long, narrow country as a blade "pointed at the heart of Antarctica" Chile
#3027, aired 1997-10-28BATS $100: As you might guess, it's the only continent a bat doesn't call home Antarctica
#3023, aired 1997-10-22ON THE MAP $400: The Ross Sea, which reaches far into this continent, is the southernmost bay of the Pacific Antarctica
#3018, aired 1997-10-15CAPES $600: No point on any continent is closer to Antarctica than this Chilean cape Cape Horn
#3005, aired 1997-09-26FUN FACTS $200: In 1996 an iceberg the size of Rhode Island broke off the coast of this continent Antarctica
#3004, aired 1997-09-25LAND FORMATIONS $500: 3 of these we've never mentioned are Quandary in Colorado, Ulugh Muztagh in Tibet & Lister in Antarctica mountains
#3001, aired 1997-09-22TRANSPORTATION $200: The icebreaker "Nathaniel B. Palmer" has carried scientists to study the Ross Sea off this continent Antarctica
#2980, aired 1997-07-11SCIENCE $400: In 1996 scientists mapped a large lake on this continent covered by over 2 miles of ice Antarctica
#2957, aired 1997-06-10VOLCANOES $500: Mount Erebus in this continent's Victoria Land region was discovered by Sir James Ross in 1841 Antarctica
#2952, aired 1997-06-03FAMOUS FIRSTS $100: Arriving in 1947, Edith Ronne & Jennie Darlington were the 1st U.S. women to spend a year on this continent Antarctica
#2932, aired 1997-05-06DISCOVERIES $300: The 1820 discovery of this continent is claimed by both sailors & sealers Antarctica
#2890, aired 1997-03-07GEOGRAPHY $500 (Daily Double): Explorer James Clark Ross named 2 of this continent's volcanoes Erebus & Terror, for his ships Antarctica
#2812, aired 1996-11-19WORLD EXPLORATION $100: In 1935 Lincoln Ellsworth became the 1st man to fly across this continent Antarctica
#2776, aired 1996-09-30EARTH SCIENCE $100: There are 2 major ice sheets on Earth; one covers most of Antarctica & the other most of this island Greenland
#2771, aired 1996-09-23ISLANDS $100: This Danish island has the largest ice mass outside of Antarctica Greenland
#2757, aired 1996-09-03WORLD HISTORY $500: In this mid-1930s this U.S. naval officer chartered the Edsel Ford mountains in Antarctica (Admiral) Byrd
#2736, aired 1996-06-24GEOLOGISTS $200: In 1957 Sir Vivian Fuchs led the first crossing of this continent; it took 99 days Antarctica
#2672, aired 1996-03-26WORLD GEOGRAPHY $800: At 16,800 feet, Vinson Massif is the highest point on this continent Antarctica
#2648, aired 1996-02-21THE PLANETS $200: Meteorites believed to be from this "red planet" were found in Antarctica in the 1980s Mars
#2621, aired 1996-01-15THE 1840s $200: In January 1840, Charles Wilkes first sighted this continent Antarctica
#2610, aired 1995-12-29"A" ON THE MAP $200: Continent on which you'd find the Filchner Ice Shelf Antarctica
#2572, aired 1995-11-07EXPLORERS $1000: In December 1928 this future U.S. admiral established Little America in Antarctica Byrd
#2572, aired 1995-11-07WORLD GEOGRAPHY $500: This continent's Polyus Nedostupnosti, the pole of inaccessibility, is Guinness' coldest place Antarctica
#2509, aired 1995-06-29WORLD GEOGRAPHY $800: Don't be deceived by this continent's Deception Island; it's an active volcano Antarctica
#2351, aired 1994-11-21THE AMERICAN FLAG $400: The U.S. flag first flew on this continent in 1840 during the Charles Wilkes expedition Antarctica
#2118, aired 1993-11-17SEAS $400: The Wedell Sea, off this continent, is said to have the clearest waters of any Antarctica
#2116, aired 1993-11-15WEATHER $200: A high of 120 degrees or more has been recorded on every continent but this one; it's barely broken 60 Antarctica
#2103, aired 1993-10-27SCIENCE $1,400 (Daily Double): The 3 continents through which the Prime Meridian runs Europe, Africa, and Antarctica
#2056, aired 1993-07-12"LITTLE" $800: It's the U.S. base on the Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica Little America
#1956, aired 1993-02-22GENERAL SCIENCE $400: In September 1992 the so-called hole in this layer over Antarctica measured 8.9 million square miles ozone layer
#1953, aired 1993-02-17WORLD GEOGRAPHY $700 (Daily Double): Mount Erebus on Ross Island is the largest of this continent's active volcanoes Antarctica
#1907, aired 1992-12-15PEOPLE & PLACES $600: Reaching this site in 1912, Robert Scott wrote, "Great God! This is an awful place" the South Pole
#1889, aired 1992-11-19EXPLORERS $600: U.S. explorer Charles Wilkes was the first to designate this a continent, & has a land there named for him Antarctica
#1837, aired 1992-09-08WORLD FACTS $200: The world's lowest measured mean temperature, -70°F., is at Plateau Station on this continent Antarctica
#1781, aired 1992-05-04EXPLORERS $600 (Daily Double): Nathaniel Palmer in 1820 is believed to be the 1st explorer to sight this continent Antarctica
#1748, aired 1992-03-18FLIGHTLESS BIRDS $200: Contrary to popular opinion, only 2 of the 18 known species of this bird inhabit Antarctica penguins
#1724, aired 1992-02-13WORLD GEOGRAPHY $400: Enderby Land & Wilkes Land on this continent are claimed by Australia Antarctica
#1486, aired 1991-02-04SCIENCE $200: On June 1, 1831, James Clark Ross discovered this when a compass needle he was holding pointed straight down Magnetic North Pole
#1426, aired 1990-11-12SCIENCE $200: In 1985 a hole was discovered in the ozone layer over this continent Antarctica
#1408, aired 1990-10-17ISLANDS $400: This continent's largest island is Alexander Island in the Weddell Sea Antarctica
#1359, aired 1990-06-28ANTARCTICA $100: The mountains of the Antarctic peninsula seem to be a continuation of this South American range Andes
#1359, aired 1990-06-28ANTARCTICA $200: They pop out of the eggs at Cape Royds, the world's southernmost rookery penguins
#1359, aired 1990-06-28ANTARCTICA $300: The treaty the U.S. signed in 1959 banning this in Antarctica expired in 1989 nuclear testing (territorial claims)
#1359, aired 1990-06-28ANTARCTICA $400: The 2 continents that are smaller than Antarctica Europe & Australia
#1359, aired 1990-06-28ANTARCTICA $500: The largest animal found naturally on the continent is this type of seal elephant seal
#1327, aired 1990-05-151983 $500: NASA verified that the meteorite found under the ice in Antarctica came from this celestial body Moon
#1321, aired 1990-05-07THE 20th CENTURY $200: Sightseeing flights to this continent were stopped in 1979 after a DC-10 crashed into Mt. Erebus Antarctica
#1301, aired 1990-04-09NAME'S THE SAME $800: An island in Antarctica & an island in N.Y.'s East River, both named for our 32nd president, not our 26th Roosevelt Island
#1242, aired 1990-01-16EXPLORERS $200: James Cook went completely around this continent between 1773-5 but never saw its land Antarctica
#1193, aired 1989-11-08GEOGRAPHY $800: Only Antarctica has a larger ice sheet than this island Greenland
#1180, aired 1989-10-20THE ANIMAL KINGDOM $400: A tiny wingless fly is the largest land animal native to this continent Antarctica
#1170, aired 1989-10-06LEFTOVERS $200: The world's largest glacier is on this continent Antarctica
#1102, aired 1989-05-23WORLD GEOGRAPHY $100: Even without its ice, this continent would have the highest average altitude Antarctica
#1063, aired 1989-03-29WORLD GEOGRAPHY $800: Technically, this entire continent is a desert Antarctica
#964, aired 1988-11-10MOUNTAINS $600: Mountain ranges on this continent include the Queen Elizabeth, Queen Alexandra, and Queen Maud Antarctica
#947, aired 1988-10-18THE '80S $200: The 1st fossil bones of a mammal found on this continent were dug up in 1982 Antarctica
#878, aired 1988-06-01ANIMALS $300: Every year Arctic terns fly over 11,000 miles south to winter on this continent Antarctica
#796, aired 1988-02-08DINOSAURS $600 (Daily Double): The only continent where dinosaur remains have never been found Antarctica
#753, aired 1987-12-09THE EQUATOR $300: The 2 continents which lie entirely below the Equator Antarctica & Australia
#728, aired 1987-11-04MAMMALS $100: Bad news; rats now live on all continents, having finally spread to this 1 Antarctica
#719, aired 1987-10-22WORLD GEOGRAPHY $200: After Antarctica, which has none, this continent has fewest number of countries Australia
#697, aired 1987-09-22EXPLORERS $1000: Both the 1st sighting & the establishment of this land as a continent are credited to Americans Antarctica
#622, aired 1987-04-28WOMEN IN HISTORY $100: Guinness says the 1st woman to set foot on this continent was Karoline Mikkelsen in 1935 Antarctica
#620, aired 1987-04-24ANIMALS $100: An insect related to the housefly, but wingless, is the largest land animal native to this continent Antarctica
#567, aired 1987-02-10GEOGRAPHY $300: The 5th largest continent, its name comes from the Greek word meaning "opposite to the north" Antarctica
#562, aired 1987-02-03WORLD GEOGRAPHY $200: Australia has claimed over 45% of this neighboring continent Antarctica
#495, aired 1986-10-31ANCIENT AMERICA $200: At height of glaciation, the amount of ice in N. America exceeded that on this icy continent today Antarctica
#295, aired 1985-10-25FARAWAY PLACES $500: This term is used for not one but several invisible surface points in Antarctica South Pole
#1, aired 1983-09-18WORLD GEOGRAPHY $50: Only nation to cover an entire continent Australia

Final Jeopardy! Round clues (11 results returned)

#6430, aired 2012-07-27ANTARCTICA: This country that explored the Antarctic interior is the most northerly nation to claim territory on the continent Norway
#6374, aired 2012-05-10OLYMPICS HISTORY: Besides Antarctica, the 2 continents that have never hosted the Summer or Winter Olympic Games Africa & South America
#6164, aired 2011-06-02THE TONY AWARDS: There has never been a Tony Award winner for Best Musical set on either of these 2 continents Antarctica & Australia
#5738, aired 2009-07-15WORLD GEOGRAPHY: Other than Antarctica, the 2 continents without a landlocked country Australia & North America
#5326, aired 2007-11-05THE SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE: Referring to the Great Bear constellation, this area's name is from the Greek meaning "opposite the bear" Antarctica
#3556, aired 2000-02-07WORLD GEOGRAPHY: The land closest to zero longitude, zero latitude & zero altitude, Cape Three Points is found on this continent Africa
#3487, aired 1999-11-02SCIENCE HISTORY: In 1672 Christiaan Huygens sketched its southern ice cap Mars
#3223, aired 1998-09-16VOLCANOES: It's the only continent with no active volcanoes Australia
#2810, aired 1996-11-15PUBLISHING FIRSTS: In 1908 Ernest Henry Shackleton printed the first book on this continent Antarctica
#2628, aired 1996-01-24EXPLORERS: On March 18, 1912 he wrote in his diary, "My right foot has gone, nearly all the toes..." Robert Falcon Scott (in Antarctica)
#414, aired 1986-04-10THE CONTINENTS: Of the 7, this continent has the world's longest total coastline, over 96,000 miles North America

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